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  1. I get it I am not asking anyone to join me I love the game. I am really upset that I have paid for something that is not working.
  2. This game is great I just wish the bugs would be fixed. I love the game I just can't play it till it gets fixed.
  3. HNot sure if this is thd right place on the forum so if it's not I apologize and please point me in the right direction. I am glad to see the game progressing and the community growing. With that being said my question is why with every update and every patch does the game seem to become more and more buggy? I have been playing since day one and I figured a year later most of the issues would be ironed out. Below are a list of recent bugs that have in my opinion rendered the game unplayable. 1. The car rubberbanding. It has gotten really bad where Jason will hit the car then it looks like on my screen I am climbing into a cabin window then next thing I know Jason has grabbed me next to the car. 2. Escaping in the car and it registers as a suicide so far I have had this happen to me as a passanger and as the driver but never when in the back seat. 3. Trying to escape in the boat when Jason flips the boat and tries to drown I go off the map but do not die though ths game registers me as drowned. Once someone leaves in the boat I float to the top where Jason can then kill me again. 4. In the 4 seater after installing the battery the hood stays up making it impossible to see while driving. 5. The flare gun will bounce off Jason's mask and not stun him while Jason is Savini Jason. This happened twice both times on the Pinehurst map. 6. Pocket knives seem to not work when Jason grabs me as Adam and Mitch on multiple occasions last night Jason would grab me while I had two pocket knives and still be able to activate a kill. 7. The car getting stuck on a road with nothing in its way after rolling backwards from Jason stopping the car. 8. As Jason in rage mode breaking through a door where the sound is activated but the door is still visible Jason walks through but then can not walk back out. Then if you try to break it down using your weapon your weapon gets stuck and Jason is glitches in that cabin. 9. As Jason when you grab a counselor out of the car as part 2 Jason on the jarvis map he gets stuck carrying the couselor around the map until someone hits him not allowing him to enter a kill. 10. When throwing a knife as Jason it makes the sound but the knife just spins in front of Jason never going anywhere. This may have been fixed or a one time thing as I have only had it happen 3 times but in the same match. 11. Crystal Lake small the gas spawns behind a chair and you can not grab it. 12. Random pocket knives at campsites can not be picked up. 13. When Jason stops the car he glitches on top of the cars roof. We actually have a video of Jason riding on top of the car to the exit. These are the most recent glitches that in my opinion have taken the fun out of what is my absolute favorite game. I am not salty or trying to complain I am simply trying to do my part as a fan to bring up the issues that could potentially ruin the experience for people new to this game. I know all of these issues will be fixed and I know it takes time. My question is there an end in sight? Do you have any idea when most of these issues will be fully resolved and is there anything I can do as a user of this game to help in that process? Is there somewhere I can submit videos and photos of the above listed issues to help you in your trouble shooting? Again this is my absolute favorite game and I just want to get back to having a good experience playing my favorite game.
  4. Hey my name is Matt and I am slashoholic! I love the Friday the 13th Franchise and am a hige horror freak! I bought the game on day one. I woukd have been a backer however when I found out the game was in production the kickstarter had already been closed. I have put in 1000s of hours playing the game and am close to 100%ing the game on ps4. My favorite Jasons to play as are part 2 now with weapon swapping and part 8. My favorite kill is still the bird bath. I have purchased everything I can for this game and spend hours playing mostly with friends in private games. I look forward to seeing where this game goes in the future.
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