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  1. Just logged in for first time since i posted. still same issues, sometimes buttons just stop working, firecrackers still don’t work, shooting jason while he was holding a teammate didn’t stop him from killing the guy, still got points for “saving” him. I’m not looking for an argument i’m just venting because this game has so much potential wasted down the drain. maybe one day.
  2. Still just as glitchy as i left it, firecrackers don’t work, glitched out kills when playing as jason, framerate issues, complete game failure, terrible perks (some of the best ones are awful), etc... But hey, at least we have dedicated servers after years of begging.
  3. heyday


    I finally figured it out. I didn’t think you’d get salt when your game crashes or when the host rage quits even when it’s not me. i hope they fix this.
  4. heyday


    Well this isn’t the right forum to post this, i tried bug reporting, but the slider where i select which one i want is too broken and this is the only one i could click. Anyways, all of a sudden i can’t join any match at all after a steady 30 minutes of playing, and i can only host matches. No one ever joins after waiting for another 30 minutes, and it consistently takes only 17 seconds exactly before putting me in these lobbies from the “Quick Play” button, where it usually would be an average of 2 minutes to put me in a game with a full amount of players. Never had this problem before and first time posting so help would be greatly appreciated.
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