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  1. It's all about his inheritance nothing more.
  2. LaChappa The Hero

    Uber JASON Intro

    He will come from a time machine. EDIT: Apparently he will never come.
  3. You get right to the point. I couldn't have said it better myself!
  4. LaChappa The Hero

    They haven't fixed rubberbanding at all.

    It all makes sense now.
  5. LaChappa The Hero

    They haven't fixed rubberbanding at all.

    Devs are trolling us
  6. Definitely not a fan of this idea. I already met Jason players blocking with ease against a small group of counselors. People need training and they should be more alert. I think Jason isn't supposed to be "easy" to play.
  7. LaChappa The Hero

    Salt Mine trolling

    Yep... But on PC you have cheaters.
  8. Counselors should die of a heart attack when they are near Jason for too long.
  9. Yes or they should insta-kill when the knives hit the head of one counselor so Jason don't have to waste his time on Vanessa and Chad players. EDIT: Just kidding...
  10. Everyone would play Chad or Vanessa...
  11. LaChappa The Hero


    Thanks man! I'm working on it
  12. LaChappa The Hero


    I think counselors should be able to contact LaChappa through a radio so he can replace Tommy Jarvis during the match.