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  1. As much as I loved playing this game and met some cool people playing it, it was doomed from the start. Launch day melted their servers cause they miscalculated how popular it would be after it was live. Took them FOREVER to get the servers improved and getting bugs worked out. With that they promised dedicated servers, all bugs fixed, a mode called "Paranoia" that they advertised and NEVER finished for release AND the final Jason to be released in Uber Jason/Grendal map. ALL of that could've been done AND added before they were served with a "cease and desist" from all lawyers and judge involved but they dragged their feet in it all. Granted all online multiplayer games are FAR from perfect but all this content could've been issued and all bugs could've been fixed in the meantime. When @wes mentioned that it's bad for business to just pick up out of nowhere and continue support on a game, I think it was bad for business to have said that where other posts have mentioned how games YEARS after it has gone away gotten DLC's or updates. I'm sorry @wes but that statement just killed not only your game but possibly your company as well. Many of us stood by while both Gun and Illfonic worked on this game to get it all corrected but yet we were given empty promises and false hopes. IF this suit is settled in the next couple of months, who is to say you cannot take what you have done to this point and release it with the appropriate permission and bug fix it as it is played. I am just as upset as the next person and I hope that either 1) The developers go back and do what is right to us that have not only backed them but supported them and put out one LAST big update and have the dedicated servers up and running or 2) someone else picks up the license and not only re-releases it but does with it where Gun/Illfonic couldn't. I wish both companies nothing but the best of luck and thank you for bringing Jason BACK to the video game home console for us fans to enjoy. With out this game, my darkest days would've been much darker and my evenings wouldn't have been as much fun. IF this game goes dark for good, one suggestion I have @wes and @ShiftySamurai is that make the counselors playable on "Offline Bots" mode, I would think that it ISN'T considered "new content" just a bug fix. Yes it's cool running around with Jason killing the AI bots but it would be fun to run from AI Jason and try to survive.
  2. This seems like a cop-out cause you know the game can continue and you CAN finish the content you started for later release once the case is settled. I feel, like everyone else about this, your decision about never releasing content again in s as you put it bad business. Just st as with many this game gave me the release from everyday struggles and frustrations. I REALLY hope you reconsider this decision once the case has a settled.
  3. Hello fellow counselors! Not sure what to put: from NJ, been playing since launch, fan of the franchise, play on Xbox One, gametag is MikeTheGoon6664, musician and likes to eat and drink!! See ya’ll at camp!!
  4. Will this fix the bug where the bloody skins on most Jason’s looks all distorted and shiny-like? Doesn’t even look like blood splatter, more like a digital mess
  5. Actually it does not take awhile to reach 113 if you: a) play all weekend on double xp weekend & b) do as much as you can to earn the xp as a counselor or kill everyone as Jason. I play basically on the weekends and MAYBE once during the week and I’m maxed out.
  6. First it’s 6 months, then Shifty replies and you tell him a year........can you make up your mind?!?
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