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  1. Every time you hit jason in combat stance you still become interaction glitched, but they patched out the small spot in pinehurst where you could gleefully faze thru the wall and wind up outside, and the big weapons glitch. And you can still drop an item to exit the sweater animation.
  2. Another tip: on console if you start searching for a match and open your invite window and leave it open til 1:30 then close it, it will make you host. As host they cant break thru your block with multiple hits. Ive had that happen where one hit takes down your block and someone else can sneak in a stun before you can block again.
  3. No it's not hard to enter combat stance. She was legit trying to kill me because ive killed her a few times as Jason and she wanted revenge. Here is another tip: its much much easier to enter exit combat stance and block, when you are host. Night and day difference. If you know your friends are going to try to kill your Jason, be host.
  4. Touche, but i doubt they'll ban anyone for anything at this stage in the game's life cycle.
  5. Edited to add new link to vid without music. If you dont block quit bragging about not being killed.
  6. When the update first dropped, i sweater stunned a maskless roy and hit him with a bat, he fell on his back instead of his knees.
  7. I find getting back in the drivers seat fixes it for me. Also if you exit the car and someone else starts driving it, it will drag you across the map until the car escapes.
  8. Its easy to get out of it by taking a CS swing and then mashing x on an item window etc.
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