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  1. Just started playing again this week. Previously I wasn't able to join through profile on the random LFG posts. Now... I can't join the same matches my friends are in with a spot open without specifically getting an invite. Even when I get "confirmed" for a LFG match, it still won't let me join the match (unless I am just missing on where to look for that beyond the posting player's profile) And I still can't join off profiles in the LFG posts. Hardwired network connection, Xbox Live ports forwarded correctly (unless they added new ones I wasn't aware of), and console is telling me open NAT. Next step will probably be to uninstall then reinstall. Any suggestions or am I doomed to try and catch my few friends who haven't gone over to the dark side (Dead By Daylight) or play with the under 13 set on quickplay matches. Anyone else on Xbox not being affected by these symptoms? Thanks for any help in advance. Red
  2. Never have had an issue with trolls or others coming back once they have been kicked. Guess the parties I have been with are lucky in that regard. I also seem to be having an issue with the "I'm interested" process. When a host confirms my interest request, I see that I have been confirmed but I still don't get an invitation, the "join game" option is still greyed out on the host's profile, and I do not get a notification that I have been confirmed. The notification issue may be a setting on my end since I don't like things popping up while I am playing a game or watching a movie. I would have assumed that once a host confirms you that either an invitation would automatically have been sent or it would allow you to join from their profile. No such luck. It is sounding like the host still has to personally invite each person to join game even after confirming an interest request. For now, I am just glad to know that it is a recognized problem and I'm not going crazy (at least no more than I already am). When I didn't see it in the list of currently known issues, just kind of threw me for a loop. Thanks to those who have replied so far.
  3. So ever since the last patch, I've been having issues with going through the "join off gamertag/profile" option when trying to join private matches through the looking for players posts on the game hub. The option of "Join game" is always greyed out even if the looking for players message had just been posted. The option to join friend's games, if any are online and a slot is open, is not greyed out and works as normal. At first, I thought it might be a cable modem/router issue (including strict/moderate NAT). My xbox is saying my NAT is open though and stayed that way through running the network tests. Also have all the necessary ports forwarded for Xbox Live service on my Comcast modem/router. Other players have acknowledged on the "looking for players" multiplayer hub that they are suddenly having a similar issue. I thought making a post to see how many other folks were having this issue may help either realize a solution (if it's affecting certain ISPs) or bring more attention about it to the devs. My internet is through Comcast with an average 120 - 150 mbs. Would have to get the modem model number when I get off work today. As I said earlier, have only had this issue since the last patch. Up until then, joining advertised private groups through the game hub had worked fine. I'd be okay just having the bug acknowledged so those of us affected know that the devs are aware, even if a fix (be it on the dev's end or Microsoft's) may take awhile.
  4. So the not being able to join off profile from the game hub on Xbox One isn't even mentioned for the latest patch. As many people as I know that this is affecting, that's pretty disappointing since the game is most 80% multiplayer. The "I'm interested" method is totally useless unless both parties understand how it works.
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