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  1. Yea, this works too. Essentially anything to make the apperence of Jason seem a bit more stalker-esque and eerie. The occasions where the councillor doesn't see him are clearly not an issue, but it's simply when he's (seemingly) going to pop up on someone elses camera, it seems that nobody wants Jason to pop up in a cloud of smoke. I mean, can you teleport out of interior areas? What if that guy was hiding under the bed at the end of the gameplay footage and then Jason decided to pop to another area of the map? Would he just poof out the room right in front of him?
  2. Sounds great in theory, but you have to assume the councillors can move the camera 360 around them at any given moment like any third person game, so they're going to be seeing Jason popping up behind them or to the side of them, etc. As much as I'd love to not see Jason teleport at all, my idea is more of a visual comprise, just making his appearance a bit more of an atmospheric thing instead of "POOF!". Jason's sillouhete came stalking out of mists a couple of times, off the top of my head he specifically did it at the start of Freddy vs Jason.
  3. So I'm watching the gameplay trailer and everything's looking ace except, unfortunately, the teleporting. Now I'm not against the idea of it at all, it makes perfect sense, however the execution seems a bit off and I think I know why. Jason had a teleportaion technique in Mortal Kombat, and it was a lovely flowing motion where Jason stalks into a mist. Evidenced below. In a game where Jason is jumping and high kicking, his teleportation looks elegant and within character. Here however, Jason appears to be BAMFing all over the map like Nightcrawler, including directly in front of the councillers. My suggestion is to also add something along the lines of a walk into/out of a mist or fog as an animation. Something that seems a bit more ominous, especially if he's able to appear in front of characters. This way a player sees a sudden increase in fog that Jason steps out of (much like he did in the movies) and less like him just popping up infront of them like Genie from Aladdin. I know it's unfinished footage, and I don't mean to complain as the game looks and sounds great. But it is my one little niggle that I don't feel needs an overhaul as a mechanic, but perhaps an aesthetic refinement? Perhaps it's just me.
  4. Proximity makes sense as it's the more realistic option, but also if people want to subvert it and jump into party chat then they can, which in reality gives them both options to use. Whereas forcing them to all be able to talk to each other from all over the map means they will only ever have that one way of playing the game. I do like the idea of placing 2 findable walkie talkies in the map though. When they're found those two holding them can communicate, but only those holding them. Perhaps even make them lootable if those councellors die. "Mike? Mike are you there...? *crshghgh* "....Mike's dead"
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