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  1. On Xbox, does the Jarvis House still give us sparkly multicoloured Unicorn blood?
  2. On Xbox One I don't understand how this is STILL a thing..
  3. On Xbox one. Why are we still getting multicoloured unicorn blood on Packanack and terrible frame rate/texture loading/lip sync on all cut-scenes? Legitimate question. I turned the game on for the first time in a long time last night and was blown away to see the same issues from way way back still in the game.
  4. So I saw the new trailer for this on Twitter. There was an axe kill and a pole kill that I'm sure I haven't seen before, how's that possible?
  5. No love for that awesome Ghostbusters Video Game from 2009? It played well, multiplayer was actually enjoyable and it was the Ghostbusters 3 we always wanted. Genuinely funny too.
  6. It interests me that they managed to fart out the kill pack but not swiftly release Uber Jason. Considering he seems done, what was there to lose?
  7. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/guidoworsley/video/52619340 This was a perfect bot betrayal. Completely unexpected window thorough.
  8. One of the first times I've ever taken a video games seizure warnings seriously.. 1st Video Here 2nd Video Here
  9. I'm quite enjoying that the knife just torpedos out from their tits.
  10. Bots that spawn with pocket knives don't appear to move until grabbed on hard mode.
  11. You bet I'm serious. The Halfway House at Pinehurst seems to be the biggest culprit so far. Second video here I haven't captured it yet, but you get some lovely sparkles if you go inside and hit the walls.
  12. Loving the new child friendly sparkly unicorn blood... Video here
  13. Just played a bot round. Councillors were bleeding sparkly rainbow blood and I got dashboarded before the round was over. Xbox One..
  14. Random question: If I install the Part 7 kill pack DLC on my xbox one, is it still instantly removing the disc exclusive DLC and vice versa?
  15. I'd like the tapes to fill in plot holes (yes I'm aware there's a ton of them, but still), for example Jason getting from being a melted boy in Part 8 to JGTH.
  16. You don't have to assume any of those things. Wes said "we will be announcing something new soon" And then they announced a new counselor, which is something new. End.
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