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  1. I'd like the tapes to fill in plot holes (yes I'm aware there's a ton of them, but still), for example Jason getting from being a melted boy in Part 8 to JGTH.
  2. Predict Mark's stats

    What? When was this discussed?
  3. You don't have to assume any of those things. Wes said "we will be announcing something new soon" And then they announced a new counselor, which is something new. End.
  4. But...why not just use XP as a currency?
  5. What's the diff between XP and CP?
  6. If something was happening tomorrow, it seems weird NOT to mention it in advance. People tend to make post-work plans on a Friday night, if you want people to play your game and up your gamer count it'd surely be better to let them know there's an update release so they don't make those plans?
  7. You're aware that you're not literally collecting skulls right? Like...there's no skulls on the map for you to collect. Unless I'm way off, the 'skulls' are just different objectives like 'kill everyone with being seen' etc.
  8. Walker Stalker (Walking Dead con) this weekend. Too late for tickets though. In fairness it was the most stressful and badly organised con I've ever seen, I was there with pre-paid tickets 4 hours in advance and barely managed to get into the building (as his photo queue was closing) only because the queues outside utterly collapsed into mania and my wife battled into the building. He's doing a book signing in Forbidden Planet (London) on Tuesday, and another in (I think) Manchester at some point soon. Maybe throw Forbidden Planet a Facebook message and see if there's anything available. Also this..
  9. Dammit, I'm in London meeting Bruce Campbell. Oh...wait...I'm in London...meeting Bruce Campbell! Nevermind.
  10. Without this part of the game, escaping from a grab is a redundant mechanic. It's a big part of the entire mechanics of the game, hoping you get caught in a space small enouh to offer you an escape opportunity.
  11. Slashing is a game mechanic used to kill councillors. So slash. Kill councillors. As we've all seen the kills a million times over, I've found saving the grab kills for the latter survivors actually makes them into a reward.
  12. I''m currently at work (UK time) is the event up and running already? Probably jump on when I get home.