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  1. Jason Taunt Pack?

    Can we just not have an automatic knife to the guts for anyone who teabags over Jason? That'd knock that on the head pretty quickly.
  2. It's not a mistake though. After Part 8 anything other than a little boy is a 'mistake'. You can't assume the damage done to him in JGTH is reflective of the same damage done to him from 2 upwards because that movie simply doesn't fit into ANY continuity. To say that this reversal now 'fixes a mistake' is redundant, the character even existing at that point is a continuity mistake.
  3. traps (grendel)

    I want X, and The Grendel. I want everything that's ever been a part of Friday the 13th in this Friday the 13th game. I want the choice of experiencing any movie in the franchise. I want the Part 5 halfway house map, Part 6 Forest Green (and jailhouse and RV), Tina's house and the party house next door from Part 7 (maybe even a van), I want the boat from part 8 as much as I want a Manhattan alleyway map, I want the Part 9 map to be a scaled down version of the town from JGTH with the morgue, restaurant and Voorhees house on different sides. I want a Grendel map, and if they can ever get hold of the rights I'd love to see Elm Street and the remake Jason.
  4. I disagreed with the poll results also. They've gone to painstaking detail to replicate the movies, and then decide on a whim to 'continuity' fix one of the Jasons. Which makes no sense as at this point Jason has no continuity. Part 8 he regrew clothes, but they didn't continuity fix that, Part 9 he should be a child again after the end of 8, if we're 'continuity' fixing. It makes no sense to force continuity on a series which is famous for having very-loose-to-no continuity in later installments, especially after spending years making sure every other Jason is as close to a frame by frame match of Jason as possible. Admittedly the continuity of this Jason goes out the window with his big comedy viking axe anyway.
  5. I was Jason the other day, two councillors had the blue car up and running, Mitch was heading towards them saying "wait for me, don't worry about Jason I have a pocket knife". So as he was running I throw darted him and slashed his fucking balls off. The other guys were like "dude, you DID say you had a knife" and because they'd stopped for him in the car I managed to shift directly in front, smash it, and when they came out bats at the ready I went on a slash frenzy, stopping only to grab the most weakened of the two if we were directly in front of the car so that the knife animation left me in the way of them driving forward. I slashed one to death, and the last got a grab and a kill animation, as Tommy no less, and as I'd slashed through the game the animation felt new and earned even though I'd seen it a thousand times.
  6. I still don't know why there's only one game mode option. The best way to sort out most of the community complaints is through giving options, really simple options to that don't overhaul the entire game design. I've been championing a 'realism' mode for a while now, where the councillor map has no councillor dots on it, nor any items icons, and the player menu doesn't tell you who's dead or alive, maybe only one rifle on the whole map (and electric boxes on the map for councillors, as it seems weird that the councillors don't know where the generators are). All things that you wouldn't have in that real situation, it would be a great option for private matches. And then for public matches you have the option of an item heavy map, or an item light map, so players get to choose their level of challenge. These options wouldn't mean entire game overhauls, just fiddling with smaller details would make a world of difference.
  7. Not being able to drown anyone in the stalls in the main toilet building on Crystal Lake was a total let down for me.
  8. So not only does this download auto delete the disc clothing as mentioned, but now my Halloween clothing pack is called 'disc exclusive clothing' even though the graphic is the Halloween thumbnail and it links to the Halloween pack in the store.
  9. Offhand, are there any openly gay characters in F13th? I don't remember there being any.
  10. Private matches in groups of randomers via "find group". Basically any group that's all adults and requires mics.
  11. I'm a shit Jason and I've killed entire lobbies in my last 3 games with shit grabs and without double trapping. Yeah I've had the odd game where I killed only 2, but my good game/bad game ratio as Jason hasn't altered in anyway since the patch. I think the grab range needs extending a 'little' bit, but that's my only real gripe at all.
  12. As one of the first to jokingly ask for Crispin Glover's dance moves, I can't really complain that we actually got them. Yes the dancing is immersion breaking in the moment, but again, at least it has a direct link to the series, similar to Retro Jason. I rarely see them used in private matches though, as people are too busy caught up playing the game, whereas bright pink Kenny is unmissable.
  13. Done! The bridge had it, well done!
  14. Trying to get the achievement for performing all kills, but can't seem to find the head smash where Jason drops a councillor to their knees amd repeatedly smashes their face off of a fence or wall. I've seen videos of it on the fence at the Higgins Barn, but ever kill I do there appears to be the one where Jason bounces their head off of a corner once?