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  1. Offhand, are there any openly gay characters in F13th? I don't remember there being any.
  2. Private matches in groups of randomers via "find group". Basically any group that's all adults and requires mics.
  3. I'm a shit Jason and I've killed entire lobbies in my last 3 games with shit grabs and without double trapping. Yeah I've had the odd game where I killed only 2, but my good game/bad game ratio as Jason hasn't altered in anyway since the patch. I think the grab range needs extending a 'little' bit, but that's my only real gripe at all.
  4. As one of the first to jokingly ask for Crispin Glover's dance moves, I can't really complain that we actually got them. Yes the dancing is immersion breaking in the moment, but again, at least it has a direct link to the series, similar to Retro Jason. I rarely see them used in private matches though, as people are too busy caught up playing the game, whereas bright pink Kenny is unmissable.
  5. Done! The bridge had it, well done!
  6. Trying to get the achievement for performing all kills, but can't seem to find the head smash where Jason drops a councillor to their knees amd repeatedly smashes their face off of a fence or wall. I've seen videos of it on the fence at the Higgins Barn, but ever kill I do there appears to be the one where Jason bounces their head off of a corner once?
  7. Having different councillors wearing different seasonal outfits is an issue, one we already have with Tiffany in an almost thong-bikini and others in Halloween outfits, that's just part and parcel of selling seasonal DLC unfortunately, you can't remove it from people afterward. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that we NEED Xmas/Winter DLC, just simply that any DLC released in the future is more low-key and doesn't remove the atmosphere with wacky broad humour, Xmas is just the next big seasonal event.
  8. This is a subject that has come up a few times and one I think should merit genuine discussion. First of all I love the game and don't want this to come off as a whine or complaint, but it is something I'm hoping to see addressed but am worried that it won't be. This game is painstakingly faithful to the franchise, and that's half the reason we all love it, but the recent Halloween DLC among a few other niggling things are worrying me that this is about to change. You see the Summer Camp '84 clothing perfectly suited the franchise (Chad's tiger prints aside) and made for good aesthetic addition, then the Halloween pack came along, and now I can't play a game without all LaChappa's being dressed as Andre the Giant and Kenny in bright pink police shorts among other things. This is beginning to unravel all the hard work you guys have put into the franchise immersion. I've heard complaints about Retro Jason's inclusion, and whilst I understood them I actually didn't mind him as at least he was a faithful recreation of a piece of the franchise history, I was actually more bothered about Part 9 having a big woodman's axe when his incarnation only ever held a machete. But with Xmas around the corner I can see Chad dressed as an elf, Tiffany as a Reindeer, LaChappa as Santa or a giant Snowman or something and I'm concerned, especially when there are so many other low-key, effective, immersive options. Options like winter coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves, maybe a few Xmas lights, trees or egg-nogs placed in the cabins, seeing breath leaving mouths. At a push perhaps one tacky Xmas jumper, snow if it's possible but it's probably a really big ask. It's the same for Valentines Day, etc. We don't want Chad dressed as Cupid, Tiffany in lingerie (as much as it pains me to admit that), etc. Or at least I assume we don't, I guess the replies will see. Whilst all these things make me laugh the first time I see them, it's a fleeting cheap laugh that won't last the same way that your dedication to atmosphere will. Again I'm not looking to complain, I love the game, but I hope to see more 'Camp Crystal Lake' councillor shirts from the movies, and less 'Bugsy as a giant turkey for Thanksgiving!'
  9. I hate hate hate the whining about spawn killing, and this is as someone who has died early. If you spawn in a main cabin, or you see a car on your map or a fuse icon....RUN. Straight away, just run. It's this kind of whining toxicity that ruins the game for me, even when 'looking for group' they all state 'No spawn killing' . Admittedly this would be sidestepped a little bit if there were things to do during the wait period such as being able to customise councilors, roll perks, etc.
  10. Exactly man. Just now for example, game starts and the phone is on packanack. I (Jason) morph over there, trap the phone, trap the four door twice, and still someone's running around on the second floor. I corner him he leaps out a window, I catch him outside...dead. to be fair he took this well. Then I morph over to the two door, see a guy head towards it, hear my theme, double back and I catch him in a cabin doorway, kill him. He quits, he was the host. Why didn't either of them just. away from the objectives instantly?
  11. GuidoWorsley on Xbox. Getting a bit sick of seeing or hearing 'no spawn killing, wah' at the start of every round or in the 'Looking for group' tags, or even 2 minutes into a match. Not that it matters to me as I'm rarely Jason and am a bad one at that, but it would be cool to play with people that understand Jason is meant to kill, and as annoying as it might be to be killed, it's literally the point and purpose of the game (and, you know, movie franchise).
  12. I think they should add a 'realism' mode where the map has no councillor dots on it, nor any tems, also the player menu doesn't tell you who's dead/alive. All things you wouldn't get in a 'real' survival horror situation. Also maybe put electric boxes on the map for councillors, it seems weird that the camp councillors don't know where the power is?
  13. Let go with one hand long enough to open a door or whatever, then back to two handed carrying. Like you might do in real life.