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  1. even early access games save your graphic settigs perfectly, this is a shame.
  2. Hello, this is old but I couldn't find anything in the forum about this problem, whenever I open the game the graphic options restart to "high", according to my GEFORCE EXPERIENCE app, it advices me a better config to run the game optimal. Is there any way to change the graphic configuration and save them forever?
  3. honestly will all respect to Gun Media, they would be very stupid if they never release Uber Jason, it would be like very hard work thrown to the garbage, the content is done and it is even in the files of the game so long time ago, nothing would fucking happen if they release it now, Victor Miller has nothing agaisnt this game, la lawsuit is over,, he doesn't give a shit about this game and what gun media releases.
  4. I think that could not be considered new content, they said no more DLC, this does not look like a DLC, this would be more like a "fix on gameplay mechanics" or polishing the gameplay mechanics.
  5. Agree, I think a balance should be done between Jason and counselors combat before this suggestion I just made, I didnt made this suggestion for buff counselors
  6. Hello, I started to played again after a very long break with this game, I had a few ideas while I was playing as Jason and as counselor. My idea is: Jason slashing with his weapon would not kill the counselor but he would make him crawling on the ground, screaming, and being able to move slowly, he can be executed , if Jason is close to him then he has the option to press the interaction key ("E" on pc). That would trigger a nice animation of Jason executing the counselor on the ground, but if for some reason the counselor is left alive crawling there is the option of another counselor close to him to "revive him" that would remove the state of CRAWLING to WOUNDED, that would not be instantly, it would take the time that takes a counselor starting the car with the keys, you know, holding the interaction key and waiting for a circle to complete, after that he could be healed with an spray.
  7. now try to find a tommy that knows how to play, and remove jason's mask
  8. Well, it is obvious salt mines didn't work at all, I still see many quitters, in every match there is at least one quit at the beginning, so my idea is: When somebody quits while his character is alive, his account gets a sanction for 30 minutes, They will not be able to join any match for 30 minutes. You still can keep the salt mines system, it wouldn't affect.
  9. I use nice kills always, I will never use that shit of choke or headpunch, I am unique, I know
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