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  1. HailWotan88

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

  2. the main problem of the game is not the lack of upcoming content, the problem with this game and its negativity is because it is broken, it has a lot of bugs, interaction lock glitches, and more. It is not playable and on pc is dead.
  3. that's actually a good idea, no one with brains would spend $40 on this game on its actual status
  4. maybe there are some people who just want to play 1 match per day? I do this sometimes.
  5. HailWotan88

    Dear Devs, Never Say Never

    even if they want they can't release new content because of the lawsuit, so there is nothing they can do, they could fix bugs and optimize the game but I think they don't want to do that anymore
  6. I think any company would do it better than Illfonic, they just suck at their job DON'T BAN ME PLEASE!!! do a better job if you want me to have a different opinion. I have games in my steam account that their developers update their game even twice a day, I see updates daily and bug fixes and they dont have the need to announce and mount a circus only for a little patch, they just release them and after they show the changelog
  7. Imagine if someone mods the beta version and adds elements of the current version, it would be perfect!!
  8. 300 players on steam right now 😭 game is DEAD
  9. HailWotan88

    We're Still Here

    I really need they fix the interaction locked bug in counselors, I would keep playing without problems if that bug is fixed, its literally the only thing bothering me in the game
  10. Now we know that the game is dying, could you please remove that 113 level requirement to have that nice feature? There are 400 players on steam right now, and there are less each day, today I felt so bad for you guys that I just bought the extra kills pack, I just wish I can enjoy them for last time before the game is dead, I want to use that feature with my new kills in every jason. Let us enjoy the game content already because it will be too late after. I have 164 hours in this game and it would be a shame if I'll never be able to reach that level (I will not).
  11. HailWotan88

    Not fun rolling Perks

    would you recommend me to use that legendary perk as Chad? I dont feel comfortable with that -5% decreased attack damage
  12. HailWotan88

    Jason grab need serious tweaking

    In the video I can only see that you are really bad at timing, grab is okay as it is right now. Practice more.
  13. HailWotan88

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    Please fix the interaction locks in counselors after using combat stance, and also change Victoria Sterling clothes!!