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  1. HailWotan88

    Why don't you people ready up?

    I only ready up when the lobby is full
  2. I don't want a new patch because they will break the game more and more, I'm afraid of their updates. I just want sprays back and interaction lock fix
  3. lol this is not new content, these are screenshots from the developer build that was sent by error in the last update, they fixed it quickly, if those kills are in the game files they could release them without problems I think, but they don't want.
  4. everything is fun until a bug breaks your game and you die because of that, bugs ruin all the fun
  5. yes there are 418 people who still care
  6. HailWotan88

    Friday the 13th: The Game: The Movie! (fan fiction script)

    I forgot to say that your query and logline is also on the executive folder, budget is not necessary, it really depends on the country and culture, for example in hollywood obviously you won't do that, but in other countries where the industry is more "independent" where the writer is at the same time the director and the productor, they deliver executive folders to companies to help him to finance their project.
  7. HailWotan88

    Friday the 13th: The Game: The Movie! (fan fiction script)

    Mostly it is recommendable to describe details (ambience of the scene) only when it is the first time you show them on the screenplay, same with the description of characters, the second times are not necessary to describe unless it changed in something relevant to the story, and what productors, agents, maganers read for first time when you sell them your story is the executive folder you make specially for them that contains the synopsis, budget, and more things. Agree with the DP, they are underated sometimes, like in the halloween movie (1978) Dean Cundey made an awesome work, the photography is so clean and well maintained, those subjetive shots are great. Also I like how the screenplay of that movie is written, describing camera movements sometimes.
  8. HailWotan88

    Friday the 13th: The Game: The Movie! (fan fiction script)

    yeah there may be some directors that prefer to work with scripts written like that, and that could help the actors giving the desired intention, but all my teachers and professional writers who gave me classes told that writing literarily was wrong in a screenplay. I specialized my degree on DP and sound design, I never liked to be director lol.
  9. I don't give a shit about SP, it is boring, I only play multiplayer, it is the real fun of the game.
  10. HailWotan88

    Friday the 13th: The Game: The Movie! (fan fiction script)

    is this script copyright registered? I have a degree on cinematographic and audiovisual arts and I would love to work on this movie. But I am not from USA. I see many errors on the script, you shouldn't write literary things, it is not a book or a poem, scripts should be written describing only what is visible on the screen you imagine, "lies pristine and eternal, as it has for untold centuries", how do you translate untold centuries in that scene? do you put a signboard on the forest saying it is eternal? lol. This script s written like if it was a novel, but if you want people to take this serious you must translate it to cinematographic lenguage. Remove things like "But there's something menacing about this quiet beauty" this is not something you can make people understand by just watching a picture, it is very literary, you must describe lightning and sounds, appearance of characters, their clothes, their names, their age, etc.
  11. we should really do something, like someone in reddit said: "I think we should all message Kotaku, Polygon, IGN, and other gaming outlets so they can cover this. Its pretty shady for Gun to do something like this and blatantly lie to its consumer base. This is borderline false advertisement."
  12. HailWotan88

    The Worst Recent Glitch

    I will never be tired to say that the worst bugs for me are the interaction locks, and that bug is not on this list wtf
  13. my thoughts on combat in game: lol
  14. They said there was impossible to add even a rock because of the lawsuit, and they removed sprays, that would count as adding content so I will report GunMedia to the police.