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  1. Ban me from the site if you want to censor playfulness.   I am going to continue to have fun here and banter with other members otherwise.  Censorship is offensive.  In all my posts you can clearly tell I am engaging in light hearted joking and fun, making fun of myself as well in the process with reporting one of my own posts.   I have already stated in a recent post I am done with posting on this site because of nonsense like this from moderators and its clear Kodiak just got you to do his dirty work for him.  It sad really,  members and moderators on this site used to be able to joke around and deal with a little bit of what you called "trolling."    Requesting you just ban my account for good, I think it serves both sides best.  

  2. Its been great here on the forums for those of you that know how to take a joke and have fun with it. I have been gone for quite some time and wanted to check in but it seems the powers that be still do not appreciate my humor, so as soon as Kodiak hops on (actually he had Jpops do this for him and give me another warning point instead of banning me off this censored platform, which I have asked 3 mods including the both of them to do in the past.) my post will likely be gone as well as a possible ban, (I can only hope.) either way, I am saying good bye, whether I am banned or not. I wanted to leave you all with a few humor posts before we parted ways. See you all on the playing fields, and thank you to all those from the good ol days that know how to laugh! Stay cool! You will always hold a special place in my heart @Slasher_Clone 😛 ...Not really... I am loved by those I make laugh and disliked by those I challenge but still make laugh at the same time, the Irony!
  3. haha...I reeled you in with eight responses, you already made yourself look like an idiot for responding past your first post. 8d fren, watch you post again to this one too! haha! 🤣 "Isn't a productive way to spend my time." Btw...but you did it anyways.
  4. Fear not Fren, they are "working" on fixing this issue per a twitter post they made.
  5. Yeah I was 101 on Pc still am, they will get it fixed in due time, not the first time this has happened. Funny thing is I haven't played on any of my platforms in almost a year and the first time I do, this happens, can't beat the luck I guess. Ah well....
  6. It's much appreciated and I know it can be a tough job. Thanks for picking up the slack and hanging in there! Edit: I really do means it! 😎
  7. You delete the post I made about thanking you for your service to the forums?  It wasn't just about you I was thanking all the other mods as well.  If so why?  It was listed in the off topic section. 

    1. RadikalGamer


      Do we need to ask permission before we off topic thank people from now on mods etc?  My post was legit.

    2. RadikalGamer


      Great to see ya!  🤪

  8. Nah so far it just seems to be xbox 1 players from all the posts on the forums, playstation and pc are working fine for myself as of writing this response.
  9. This we agree on. Patient or not, people will have to wait it out till then. 🤩
  10. The player base is used to waiting things out for this game.
  11. Xbox one is screwing up for a ton of people for this game, level 0, not loading into games etc. You are not alone, trust me.
  12. Yeah it is happening to a ton of people....Double XP weekend no less...
  13. Yeah I have the game on Pc, Playstation and Xbox1--I am experiencing the same problem (I am not reporting it here I am just responding to the OP comment to let them know Xbox 1 users are having this issue as well). Sucks that it is happening on a double XP weekend, I haven't hit 150 on my Xbox 1 and was getting pretty close...also for me at least for the last few hours I can't load into actual games, I can load into lobbys but the games are not loading. Pretty sweet. Sad my first post in sometime on this forum is something like this.
  14. Personally, I will not be giving them anymore of my money. I will not be supporting Gun or illfonic at all in the future. Even if they decided to pick the game back up and start creating new content again down the road. Which they have stated they will not. Well see. I could care less at this stage at this point though. I can see why you think why on earth would people waste their money on a collectors edition of this game though.
  15. Jason might not be able to die but greed has him frozen In liqiud nitro like in Jason X. Greed on all fronts. ? Money. Sad.
  16. Course, they did follow this up with good ol Roy, smash hit that was. So JJ did take a fat nap and the one that put him in the coffin (Tommy) is the dumbass that woke him up. Just an observation...
  17. Yeah would have been nice. Sadly that ship has sailed.
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