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  1. RadikalGamer

    DLC Challenges

    Good point. I guess they could somewhat. It costs money though on their end. With no DLC revenue coming in anymore I do not see how that could happen. Who knows though.
  2. Yeah but xbox one charges 10 bucks a month to even play this game online. As steam does not charge anything to play this multiplayer game online, so I do not see xbox getting rid of xbox live or getting rid of charging people to play online. That clashes with the cross-play. I would love it to happen though, but I do not see it, at least not with xbox and I think would purely boil down to a money thing.
  3. This was set up as a poll. There are currently no polls on this. So this is not a rehash. People commenting I cannot stop. I tried to post the poll by itself, but I guess I cannot do that without leaving a comment section open for comments on the poll. I do not think I can just submit a poll solely. I could be wrong but it wouldn't let me do it. Not a rehash or a weekend deal though. A poll because people are curious. To my knowledge no poll has been put up for this. Edit-If you look at the post I quoted you on you were replying to someone else that said this poll was rehashing the same subject over and over, it was never meant to be a topic open for discussion like the others, ...again just a poll. I am not hear to rehash the same threads over and over again just to be crystal on that point.
  4. See ya. I would rather not have that kind of negativity around the forum anyways. Coming in and bashing the devs and saying peace out? Really? Come on man. Edit: To the mods you guys say you are keeping an eye on this @Kodiak they just put another confused emoticon next to this post, they have been doing it all over my posts. I have mentioned this to you all before.
  5. I will they started it though Kodiak. I'm done though, I'll adhere to your warning on my end. @Kodiak
  6. Check my IP mods or whatever you need to do I have one account. This person will not stop harassing me.
  7. You have that the other way around. You are tagging my posts and harassing me...but hey mods? I'm done with this one playing by the rules, Note they quoted me first. Already asked you to stop once. Last post to you please stop leave me alone @Slasher_Clone
  8. I have one account. Paranoid much? Mad I put your pms on ignore? You aren't even supposed to be quoting me or mentioning me in pubic posts anymore. That was made clear to me by the mods last night. So just stop.
  9. But yet so many on here do it. If they have been here a month longer than you they make sure you are aware of that and that somehow makes the special.
  10. They understand. They just hope if they bitch and whine about it enough, it will change things. Not this time.
  11. This was a poll as stated in the Op there is no other poll.
  12. I do not know you, but I do agree with this particular post you have typed up here. Kudo's for speaking your mind. If something happens and the game goes offline "if" mind you, I think we all want to have access to everything we have already payed for offline if we cannot have the multiplayer aspect after a certain time. I guess we will see what happens in the future. Good post though.
  13. RadikalGamer

    This is truly a last resort for me.

    Sorry to hear about your tribulations. How does go fund me work and how much of a donation can you make?...err maybe I need to ask that somewhere else, not sure but giving it a shot, never used it either for myself, or donations. I usually just paypal....? Message me if you can let me know.