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  1. Personally, I will not be giving them anymore of my money. I will not be supporting Gun or illfonic at all in the future. Even if they decided to pick the game back up and start creating new content again down the road. Which they have stated they will not. Well see. I could care less at this stage at this point though. I can see why you think why on earth would people waste their money on a collectors edition of this game though.
  2. Xbox sale ftw please. Also in b4 lock. ?
  3. Jason might not be able to die but greed has him frozen In liqiud nitro like in Jason X. Greed on all fronts. ? Money. Sad.
  4. Course, they did follow this up with good ol Roy, smash hit that was. So JJ did take a fat nap and the one that put him in the coffin (Tommy) is the dumbass that woke him up. Just an observation...
  5. Yeah would have been nice. Sadly that ship has sailed.
  6. RadikalGamer

    Victor Miller Email

    eh regardless its all a CYOA scenario no matter how you slice it on every end of the spectrum. Regardless of the fact the gun/illfonic will not be making new content for this game or not, sometime in the future it will get taken back up by someone in some shape or form considering its success, all there is to do now is wait. All anyone can do. There are many things that Gun/illfonic have been instructed by legal counsel not to talk about which is standard in any legal proceeding and I think they should follow whatever legal advise they are getting, they are not lawyers. The best thing they can do is leave it to the professionals on the legal side as not to get burned by anything. Best thing they can do and seems they are doing. The success of this game though after all of this clears up going to spark some company to come along and snatch the rights up and continue or make something different with the fthe13 game regardless though, too much money to be made, especially after seeing sales and the outcry from fans after the company that currently holds the game said they will not release any new content. Its a no brainer, after everything settles it would be idiocy for some other company not to pick things up or start new if they have too. Id play a different version of Friday the 13th on any platform, why not? Especially considering the circumstances. Just have to be patient. My rule of thumb is...never say never. Trust me. @The Doctor Yeah but he got a severe amount of backlash about the game. Truth be told. Take a look at the top banner in red at the top of the forums.
  7. RadikalGamer

    Victor Miller Email

    Honestly, I think one reason he "may" have written this email the way he did is because of all the backlash he received from negative people when the game was included with the lawsuit, I think he was scared and wanted this to be as public as possible so maybe some people would back off with the extreme negativity. Just my thoughts.
  8. RadikalGamer

    Victor Miller Email

    That was me that gave you the thanks @BrokenFattHardy honestly.
  9. RadikalGamer

    Victor Miller Email

    We'll constructed @BrokenFattHardy indeed.
  10. RadikalGamer

    Victor Miller Email

    Personally, I have supported them by being a customer on all three platforms, bought all digital content on all three platforms, DLC etc. I have gotten my moneys worth. However somethings just do not mesh with how everything has went down. I am done complaining about it, but I will let others speak their mind when they feel the need and give a respected "You speak the truth." When they present the truth in a constructive way. I can support my fellow gamers as well as Gun/Illfonic at the same time. As for me I was upset at first maybe took it across the line a few times in the forum with how I took my opinions to an aggressive level. I'll admit to that. Those days are over. I am not perfect. It is what it is and it's time for me to let sleeping dogs lie. However that does not mean that I do not support the gamers, things they would still like done and Gun/illfonic for their work on a game that has so much potiential and that I have really enjoyed. Hell, that is the entire point, and I know for a fact why so many people got/are upset...If we didn't love the game we really wouldn't give a rats behind honestly. I just needed to be more constructive with how I put forth my opinion on things and which posts and people to respond to. Some people get paranoid, some are awesome, some people just do not get what you are trying to say and take it the wrong way over the internet. Some people you embrace in the community and some people you learn to stay away from. Its just life and lessons learned. Do I agree with the gamer base entirely? No. Do I agree entirely with Gun/illfonic/the team of moderators, staff and admins? No. I was wrong when it came to how I put forth some of my views in the beginning though and I can admit that. It is about being constructive. As some as you know I like to post Gif's....It's like Bill Bixby...."My mother always said, getting angry never solved anything." --Good advice. (which btw on a side note no hulk movie has come close to doing the original series any type of justice besides the 2008 version with Edward Norton and they even ended up cutting a lot of that out as well in the end for final release.)
  11. RadikalGamer

    Victor Miller Email

    You speak the truth sir.
  12. RadikalGamer

    Do you like Cake or Pie? Poll.

    No it's fine, it is an old movie, I am sure there are plenty of people that can't remember it or remember seeing it but cannot place the name.