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  1. 🤣 I very seriously doubt that. News flash: No one cares...
  2. Yeah that's old news. Nobody does it though, so hopefully it stays that way. Just like some of the forgotten map glitches that still work.
  3. No. Bot lobbies are easy asf now. I don't need a friend to sit there with me through bot matches to "help me out." I like online the way it is.
  4. I can get you entire teams of tournament players if you'd really like to test your skills.
  5. Teamer practice? Just play online. You can easily get into a lobby where most of the counselors play like bots.
  6. So cheaters, people that are better than you, cheaters, & people that are better than you. Edit: and cheaters Makes sense. This seems to be everyone's thought process: Don't get good. Just find a lobby where people suck worse than you do. That way you're the troll...
  7. Nobody would play beta for longer than five minutes today without uninstalling. That would be the ultimate toxic cesspool. Add the exploits of today on top of all the exploits that have previously been patched, then turn team killing back on. Oof...
  8. Exactly this. Everyone is ok with it as long as it's justified in their minds. Meanwhile we have another thread on how Jason is weak. 🤦‍♀️ Read back through... ^^the original complaint... Spoken like a counselor main.
  9. Wait, he was worried about a Chad calling the cops by himself? 🤣 Did he end up going 1/8 because of the cop call or what? I really don't understand why he would be that upset.
  10. Safety triangle is getting a car running and wedging it into someplace like between Pack lodge stairs and the side of the house. Then you get out of the car and stand there the whole match in your "safety triangle" where Jason can't get to you because the car, the stairs, and the side of the lodge are blocking Jason from getting through.
  11. So safety triangles must be a legit strategy too then. Good to know... the things pub players are ok with and the things they complain about are mind boggling to me. I guess my major concern with what @hab007GE is saying, is that if he put the trap there before Jason arrived then how did Jason know who to message? And how exactly is he going to "blue screen you EVERYTIME?" Do you guys play together often? Last time I checked you could only do it once.
  12. Ahh so now we're nitpicking the definition of exploits again? I'm pretty sure that counselor bear traps were intended to trap Jason, not make it impossible for him to set his own traps. I'm not defending what he did but I will point out that it really isn't any different than what you were doing. Btw I'm pretty sure naming and shaming isn't allowed here...
  13. My question is: at what point can we stop saying Jason needs a buff, and start saying inexperienced player needs to learn how to play Jason? Right now we're at the point where a Deborah can barely get a demask if she uses every weapon on the map... I feel really bad for anyone that has trouble playing Jason in public lobbies, unless you're playing in AP servers. US and CA servers are a cake walk 99.99% of the time. The few times I've played in EU or SA severs it was about the same, minus the yellow ping. Is it possible to lose the mask? Yes. Is it relatively easy to keep the mask if you know what you're doing and keep calm through the match? Yes. What part of that isn't balanced?
  14. 🤦‍♀️ I like how you cover up your name so you don't end up looking just as guilty as honkey. You say "blue screen cause Jason gets butthurt." So I'm assuming you were trapping his phone house as counselor, so that he as Jason, couldn't set traps there. I'm guessing that's about what started all that... Gtfoh with that BS. Sounds like you know exactly how to blue screen lobbies. What are you bringing that shit to the forums for?
  15. Right, so you'd be perfectly fine 5 minutes after witnessing a brutal murder...
  16. At the beginning of every match the counselors all witness a brutal murder. Should they really start the match with no fear?
  17. Pack large and we escaped to the cops, right? Were you a Nessa or the Roy?
  18. How much damage did he take before that though? One Buggzy could break two weapons and still not get the mask with the new rng. How many times are you guys getting hit in a match?
  19. 🤷‍♀️ I do every time I play part 3. But I'm usually set to random too.
  20. It is actually a thing. The first ten seconds or so are pretty quiet and compared to the other Jason's music it's a lot quieter in general. Also it's harder to judge how far away he is if you don't have line of sight.
  21. Can't say that I blame them. You know why they run Retro skin right?
  22. That's because -sense is just recharge rate, -stalk doesn't matter because nobody stands still in stalk that long, and -stun resistance is such a minimal difference that it goes unnoticed. Every other Jason varient has real weaknesses. But then again, at least one of their strengths are also better. The only thing part 3 has going for him is weapon strength combined with no weakness. He's the perfect starter Jason and it doesn't take much skill or thought to be good with him. That's why most people use him. I seriously doubt you've come up against enough real tryhards in quick play to even be worth making these whiney ass posts though...
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