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  1. Your faulty button is probably pretty similar to spamming the knife throw button. It would be a simple test on a good controller or mouse. Pick a + knives Jason and run through all his knives the normal way. Then do it again but this time spam the knife throw button every time you throw one. See if it actually increases the number of times the knives get stuck mid flight.
  2. This is actually part of the r2 cancel bug. If you time it just right as you're locking a door, you can make it look like the door is locked when it actually isn't. Hopefully this info saves them some time. We don't need them chasing phantom bugs and breaking something else that they didn't need to touch in the first place.
  3. Its just situational really. It's not that people don't know how. This would be pretty far down the list of things to fix if you ask me...
  4. To be completely honest if you want to go through every single thing that Jason and counselors can do that they shouldn't be able to do then there would be pages and pages. Seeing as how they broke more than they fixed recoding to get rid of the roof glitch, I very seriously doubt they'll be able to fix every single problem with exploits. But if they could get rid of super shift and r2 cancel and fix the cars, I think we'd be sitting pretty good. Edit: and fix the environment kills Can't forget about that one 😉
  5. I like to look on the bright side. This is the most epic opportunity to work on my shifts. Absolutely no one should be able to miss a shift grab/slash by the time they get a hotfix for super shift.
  6. Counselors can now r2 cancel any animation (opening drawers, opening doors, window animations, etc) on PS4. If you do it while diving through a broken window you dont take any damage. Even from a second story window. You don't need a weapon to do this either.
  7. Not only does shift kick in at the same time as sense but Pt 3,5,7,8 all have faster shift recharge than 6,9 and Savini.
  8. All base shift Jason's shift recharge rates are faster than plus shift recharge rate. Also sense and shift kick in at the same time. How was this overlooked??
  9. Not so much biased towards the rules. Just that anything they do to help average Jason out turns into a major buff to a competition Jason. There are things that Jason can do now that average players don't know how to do. Competition Jason's are night and day different from anything you'll likely see in quick play. Also Tommy box locations aren't as random as you'd think. Tommy86 is working on a guide right now that will help with that. The rage buff would have killed competitive play except for the fact that matches generally don't last that long. I think the best way to go would be to bring meat shielding back and remove the off host combat stance delay that prevents quick block. Lol I didn't intend to drag this out into a huge debate so I'll stop now. But I think small steps would be more beneficial than giant leaps.
  10. No. League/tournaments have rules so Jason can't body block the shack. Or hide in the lake. Also usually only 2-3 counselors can actively engage him in combat at once. No gang bangs. Also these guys are exceptionally skilled at quick block. You're lucky if you even get the mask off most of the time. To put it another way: if you get Tommy called (even this is unlikely most of the time), get the mask off, get Tommy and sweater girl together and actually get the kill, then you've definitely earned it. But on the other hand, you get more points from escaping than you do from killing Jason anyway. So as it currently is, you would only go for the kill as a last resort.
  11. It's easy asf to kill an off host Jason. Even easier if he doesn't have much experience. Doesn't matter if it's 5 minutes or 15 minutes. If the Jason isn't experienced but the kill squad is, then he's as good as dead.
  12. In quick play I have no issues with beating Jason into rage and surviving until Tommy gets back. Or beating Jason into rage and dying to come back. I really don't think it would change anything. In competitive play it would make Jason even more over powered than he already is. Most competition Jason's can clear a lobby before rage now. And that includes the time it takes to Tommy box. Which would not even be an objective for them if all they had to do was end the match before rage. Again I think it's going to always boil down to skill. As long as it's possible, it's going to happen regularly.
  13. Slugger and thrasher are plenty of you're using an axe to take the mask off with Buggzy or Tommy. Easy one hit demask if the hit doesn't stun. Potent ranger if you want to do it with Tommy using a machete. But yeah it's not that hard without the perks. It only takes on extra heavy hit...
  14. Lol it never left. I do it all the time. People just forgot about it when it became easier to hide on the roof. Spoiler alert: next time check outside by the chimney 😉
  15. Idk I kind of like the challenge of not beating on Jason unless I need stam. So I'm ok with it as is. But I'm speaking strictly from a league/tournament point of view when I say that. In competitive play, you're either going to escape long before rage, or you'll most likely be dead before rage kicks in anyway. Very few matches play out to 15 minutes. For quick play it really depends on the skill of the players. I've survived the night more often than I should have against plus shift Jasons. Even with lower Stam/speed counselors. As long as a kill is possible there will be plenty of kills in quick play. The range of skill is just too broad. That's not to say they don't need to make it harder though. I'm just not sure how they can. Rage mode sure didn't help that much. You may not be able to stun him in rage but the mask pops right off.
  16. Lol rage mode doesn't kick in until there are only 5 minutes left if you don't beat on Jason
  17. Yeah no need to hit him with a flare gun. Line of sight, another counselor, even shooting a flare up in the air in the general direction will mark him on the map. He stays on Tommy's map/ mini map from the time Tommy spawns in until Tommy makes contact with him. A coordinated group can easily use that to their advantage. It actually is possible to get Jason off the driver's mini map after he's been spotted.
  18. Machete spear trident -good Pig splitter Axes (any varients) -ok Shears -bad
  19. Every weapon gets stuck. The pickaxe also has a pretty short range which can be bad for combat. But I do like the new pickaxe kills. Lol pt 2 is the only Jason that I still have set to his default weapon.
  20. You're not still using the default door breaking technique (hold swing) I hope. There are much faster ways to knock down a door... Shears are by far the worst weapon. Range isn't bad but they get stuck in everything. Plus the kills aren't even that good.
  21. Actually the spear is the fastest at breaking down doors. But the machete is the best weapon for breaking down doors because it gets stuck the least. The worst weapon is the shears. They get stuck quite frequently.
  22. I knew that would be the work around before they even made it so suicides couldn't come back as Tommy. Either way it doesn't really matter. Not that hard to come back even without stepping in someone's trap.
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