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  1. Just because it was "leaked" in an F13 FB group doesn't mean it's true. But still if it's true, and they used Hodder for the Myers mocap, then it'll never be the fan favorite that F13 is.
  2. There's supposed to be one more patch coming up.
  3. No not that I'm aware of. Check any campsite you're close to. There's certain picnic tables on Pinehurst, Crystal, Higgins, and Pack that can spawn PKs as well. Also, if there's a boat house on Pack small, one can spawn on the shelf in the northeast corner.
  4. There's one pk on every map. The other two randomly spawn in drawers.
  5. Yeah well Xbox and regular Ps4 barely work with a full lobby now. Could you imagine hosting Pack large with 20 players on Xbox? Your frame rate would be 1...😂😂😂
  6. Combat stance delay going away then, I hope?
  7. They get caught in a loop, not unlike the one where they open and close the same door. In and out of a broken window until they die. It happens 🤷‍♀️
  8. If they make a Halloween game and use Kane Hodder for Michael Myers mocap they're going to have a lot of pissed off fans. From the sound of it, whatever it was it was scrapped anyway...
  9. Standing stun and from melee only. And the difference between one strength and ten is a few seconds. Did you have anything new to add?
  10. Host the lobby yourself. It's easy to get host on console. Create a party. Start searching for a match. Bring up your "invite players" list. Wait with that list up for 2-3 minutes (you should still be able to see the timer in the top right corner). Close list. Within 30 seconds it should dump you into your own lobby. Then wait for players to show up. If nobody joins within 5 minutes or so the lobby might be broken. Close it and repeat the process. If your internet isn't good enough, you might not be able to host. If you're having trouble with frame lag, avoid big maps. Pack large is the worst for frame lag. Jarvis usually plays pretty well though. And all the small maps should be ok.
  11. Savini is second best. Part 3 can run and also has weapon strength. Plus part 3 isn't a slug in the water. Plus shift is ok, but if you miss, there's plenty of time to regain stam.
  12. No single ability to be honest. They're so much better when you combine them. Morph and shift are great by themselves, but combine them with stalk and you can do some pretty impressive things.
  13. The prompt never appears when you're host. Unless you turn back to look at the boat motor. I've never had that problem off host.
  14. Title of the next one will read: "Does turning on the game count as trolling?"
  15. That's a host problem. Shouldn't be an issue off host.
  16. I would imagine it was a combination of shift stalk and morph. It'd all happen relatively fast during rage if you alternated between shift and morph when one cool down or the other was halfway charged. I know there are ways to cancel vhs static but as far as I know there's no way to bypass cool downs on console.
  17. Most likely ping related. We get a lot of swing throughs in private matches if the host has bad internet or our ping is high.
  18. In their defense, the hacked lobbies didn't start until around last patch. They probably didn't even know it was possible. I'm sure they've looked into it and came to the conclusion that it's not a cost effective fix at this point. If you read between the lines you'll see that they're not investing anymore time and money into it after the patch. I mean, sounds like they're shutting down the forums AT next patch. That leaves no room for future complaints even about the upcoming patch. We get what we get with the next one. Honestly though, you kind of knew the higher risk of hacking being a PC gamer. It's certainly not unheard of on that particular platform. That's why I do all my gaming on console. And it's not like the hackers have always gone unpunished. You've had 3 years of relatively unhacked play on a game that's been dead since they announced no new content. It sucks that they can't fix everything. But overall, if it wasn't worth your investment, you probably wouldn't still be here. It's definitely a shame that hackers are going to end up killing it for PC though. I'm honestly ok with any way it ends now. I can safely say that I've had a blast with it while it lasted. More so than most big budget games I've ever played. I personally wouldn't rule out at least checking out their next project. Hopefully they'll take what they've learned from this one and make improvements.
  19. I get the frustration but how much money do you think they're going to throw away on a game that's been dead for years? Sounds to me like their budget was just about used up at the last patch. And still, they're releasing one more patch in a final attempt to take care of some bugs and increase playability. They could have pulled the plug any time after the lawsuit and just walked away. Even if they did take care of the hacked lobbies, there's no guarantee that the hackers wouldn't find a workaround as soon as the patch dropped. And how many other bugs would potentially turn up? They could spend an eternity trying to fix every problem this game has and still there would be someone complaining about something. They're not going to get new players. Nobody in their right mind would buy a game that has been dead for years. If you were running a business, when would you cut your losses? Would you risk going bankrupt trying to patch every glitch, bug, and prevent every single hack on one single game that's been content locked for years with no end in sight to the lawsuit? Or would you fix what you can, move on, and try to learn something from your mistakes for next time?
  20. While we're speculating: Take a close look when they go in for a close up on Kane doing mocap. On the right there appears to be a head on or behind a tripod. Jump to conclusions, and maybe it's just a camera man behind his camera. Could be, I guess. But pretty far up, isn't he? And no mask? Maybe it's more than just a head. Maybe even a full dummy (could even be an actor...kinda grainy picture...) wearing black, appearing to be hung up...on a hook, possibly... I can maybe make out raised up arms tied together at the wrists. Legs hanging down... And look at the table between the tripod and Kane. There's an awful lot of chainsaw shaped silhouettes on that table. Could be a coincidence I guess. I'm sure at least some of them are computer screens. Maybe all of them. I know it's not exactly a clear picture. But damn, that's got a pretty good Texas Chainsaw feel to it, doesn't it? I don't even know if they're still working on it, or if it's the project that's been scrapped because they couldn't make a deal with the rights holders. This could all be included with that for all I know. I just feel like it would be a major slap to the face of horror fans if they didn't at least try to get Nick Castle to mocap Michael. Or even Courtney. Kane's just not it for me. Not even close. Michael has to have a certain walk and movement. Courtney studied it and worked with Castle and still didn't quite get it right. Close enough, but still... Mess the simple stuff up and you'd ruin it for the pureists.
  21. What was your ping? You go from driving normally to simulated winter driving when your ping is yellow. Good luck if it turns red. I don't usually have too much trouble in pubs. You just have to slow down if the car starts sliding around.
  22. I'm perfectly fine with that as long as they get rid of the stupid combat stance delay.
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