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  1. Try having someone call the cops at Higgins barn while someone else enters the closet by the phone.
  2. *Rowan LaFontaine* That's not my vote. That's just her last name fyi
  3. 1) knife cancel would allow Jason to break the box even if you're body blocking it 2) leagues and tournaments don't allow body blocking 3) the ones that do allow body blocking also allow abduction 4) knifing the car is also illegal in most competitive play 5) all Jason has to do in that situation is stand in front of the car. Once it starts, it immediately breaks, and then Jason is able to pull the driver out the passenger side. There's a counter for everything in the game. Like the loading screen says, sometimes you have to think outside the box...
  4. In competitions Jason usually kills most if not all of the counselors. Even well coordinated teams average losing more than half the lobby. You can consider yourself lucky to get more than two counselors out alive most of the time. But in any case the points system for league matches isn't about the Jason so much. It's more about what the counselors can do. The Jason's goal is mostly to keep the opposing teams points as low as possible. In most leagues the Jason doesn't score any points at all except maybe bonus points for wiping the lobby. You'd think it would be easy for a coordinated team to escape or kill even the best Jasons. After all Jason is weak right? And 7 vs 1 should favor the counselors. But these Jasons are some of the best in the world and are highly skilled at combat and controlling multiple objectives at the same time. Most of the problem in quick play is everyone wants to run small maps, and usually with their favorite sub par Jason. And then there's the bad tactics. Like not even attempting the Tommy box. Or not collecting throwing knives as they go. And then the Jason runs right up to a group of counselors armed with machetes and axes and tries to grab kill them all...πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Hell, I can't tell you how many times I've seen objectives go untrapped only to have the Jason rage quit because someone called the police 2 minutes into the match. They want to half ass a match and then they cry about it because they happen to try it in a lobby with tryhards. "This isn't a competitive game" "It's a novelty game" "I don't see how it could be competitive" πŸ˜‚ That all depends on the players. Not the game mechanics. Certainly not the glitches. If you do everything right and still die, I can understand your complaints. But if you half ass it and die like most of them, I don't feel a bit bad for you.
  5. I have a life and a job. One match a week really doesn't eat into the night life ya know... πŸ˜‰
  6. Don't knock it til you try it. There are leagues and tournaments on Xbox and PS4. Play with or against one of those teams once or twice. See how good you really are. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it... Edit: @HuDawg here's a list of points for one of the leagues I'm in. Should give you a little bit of an idea of what I'm talking about. So what happens is you go by the rules and you face the opposing teams Jason and their team faces your teams Jason. Highest scoring team wins... POINTS SYSTEM (may change) COUNSELOR Start the Car = 1 Car Escape = 2 each Start the Boat = 1 Boat Escape = 2 each Full 4 Seater Car = 2 Full 2 Seater Car/Boat = 1 Call the Cops = 1 Cop Escape = 2 each Repair a Power Box = 1 for each only once Kill Jason = 4 + 1 for each survivor Call Tommy Jarvis = 2 Survive the night = 3 each Repair all Objectives = 5 Remove Jason's Mask = 1 Sweater = 1 Team Escape/Survive = 5 BETRAYAL = -2 for each JASON Kill all counselors within 10 minutes = 2 Kill all counselors = 2 Allow zero fully repaired/started objectives = 5
  7. It is absolutely a competitive game. If you're part of a competitive community. Our Jason practicing slash block. A short example of combos.
  8. I can't remember the last time my team didn't get the cops called. And guaranteed it gets done within the first half of the match. While the car(s)/boat is getting fixed and Tommy is being called. So after all that, the kill is the only thing left. So we grab the sweater while we're waiting for the police to arrive. Because like you said, Jason is forced to go into defense mode. If he's busy grabbing knives he's less likely to be wiping out the remaining team members, buying us valuable time for the police to arrive. If the kill presents itself in the meantime, it's worth points too. It absolutely is competitive, if you have a group of like minded individuals setting up rules and organizing events like we do. Not to toot our own horn, but out of the 30+ league matches my team has played, I'm pretty sure we've only lost 4 times. And that's not against public lobby skilled Jason's. We're talking about the best quick blocking, combo throwing Jason's that have ever played the game. That's not even counting tournaments, which are usually Jason oriented. But trust me, when my team enters one, we do very well. So naturally, you can imagine my boredom in quick play, which results in the untimely death of Jasons, as well as countless times of running out the clock, and even the occasional escape or two. Now, your first thought is probably going to be "then why play public lobbies?" My answer to that is for the same reason anyone else does. To have fun with my friends in a more relaxed setting. We don't go all tryhard tournament level in quick play. It's mostly just me and a few friends I've made from opposing teams having fun and bullshitting while playing the game. But we also don't make it easy on the Jason's either. And I'll be damned if I'm going to let some kid that barely knows how to play the game kill me and my friends while he's getting help from his teamer pal, while talking shit about how great he is the whole time. I can promise you that if you're helping Jason in one of our lobbies, for any reason, you're going to die and so is the Jason. And we don't care if he's a level 5 or 150.
  9. Now that depends on the Jason. Some of them are pretty damn hard to kill. Edit: phoning the police with legendary my dad's a cop is the easiest escape in the game. Someone is guaranteed to get out that way.
  10. But it IS fun. So is running the clock out. Escape...not so much. I was over that a long time ago. On another level for sure 😏 That you are πŸ˜‰ It is for me
  11. I play for fun... You will go for a swim or bounce around the map "collecting knives" and give up all remaining kills just to say you've never been killed as Jason and you think I'm the tryhard? πŸ™„ I prefer a Tiffany and Fox but I'll take what I get. Sweater Deb is my personal favorite. You can blame the game mechanics all you want until you get killed by Tommy and Debbie. Then it's all on you... 🧐 You're such a stud You're my hero πŸ’ž You know as soon as they activate the sweater they're invincible and can no longer be run over, right? If I see a Jason hunter hunter in my lobby, I become a Jason hunter hunter hunter... 😎
  12. Honestly I'd be ok with the only changes being increasing Jason's HP by 50% and giving us back our beloved meat shield. Let them do damage from grab saves. If they can get past their team mate, that is...
  13. Nice work. I have so many things I've been meaning to test lately. I've probably forgotten half of them. Funny thing is I've never once lost a pk like that. I must be really lucky or something...
  14. Idk about cancelling a swing with firecrackers whilst in combat stance, I was just saying it's possible to throw firecrackers in combat stance. To be honest I've never tried it. Although I'd imagine it would work considering swing is possible and throwing firecrackers is also possible. πŸ€”
  15. What? No that's a horrible idea. I hunt Jason all the time. I can tell you I'm waiting for two things. 1) the Jason that's dumb enough to morph to the shack as my partner and I are grabbing the sweater (easy kill). 2) the Jason that's going to try to sneak attack us the first chance he gets (easy kill#2). What the Jason should be doing, demasked or not, is collecting throwing knives in an effort to keep us at a distance. Also to use up our resources (sprays) and for tk-slash combos. By the time we meet up at the shack we've already collected everything we need. There's no reason to loot cabins at this point. Even if you've managed to keep your mask, we've undoubtedly done some damage before our Tommy candidate died. So by this point the shotgun and the axe from the shack will easily get us the mask. I would never waste a first morph on breaking doors close to the shack. Better to go for the Tommy box instead. Most maps will tell you exactly where the box is in the cutscene. Or at minimum will tell you where it is not, either way will increase your odds of finding the correct box on the first morph. If you're not into Tommy prevention, it's probably best to collect some throwing knives as you go and save some for combos for when Jarvis spawns in.
  16. Assuming you buy the complete set, watch 1,2,3, and 4. Use discs 5,6,7,8,9,10,11, and the remake as coasters.
  17. Because full price these days would break the bank for everyone right?
  18. So say they're actually catering to the beginner player. Why wouldn't raising Jason's HP be a good idea? How many of you have put a low level Jason out of his misery just to move on to a more challenging match? I know I do it all the time. Wouldn't it provide a better experience to the beginner player if he had half a chance to keep his mask?
  19. No I never got a response. I would imagine it's because they have no intentions of wasting the man power to look into changing damage values.
  20. I guarantee you that he isn't doing anything with the Friday the 13th name as long as the lawsuit is ongoing. And I'll even add that depending on who wins the lawsuit, he may not be doing anything at all. Don't get me wrong I like 6, and I grew up on Kane Hodder as Jason, but they really should have stopped at part 4. I get that 80s kids want to see Jason make a comeback. But honestly I don't think anyone today will pull it off.
  21. PC is almost guaranteed to be hackers. Nobody is paying $$$ for Savini when they can get every hack in the game for $50. But honestly I'd say no you can't really ban them for it. How would you know who has a legit account and who doesn't?
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