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  1. If you're so skilled then you shouldn't mind the challenge of a Jason that can't be stunned. If you can't still run the clock out on an unskilled Jason then you were never good to begin with. Sorry...
  2. Nah sounds like you glitched an environmental kill and he got away from you. Since he was technically dead, he was able to spawn back in as Jarvis. Since he was glitched and still alive, his counselor was still on the map too. In that case just go for the Jarvis because the counselor is already dead.
  3. I think trophy stat tracking is visible on everything but PS4. But still doesn't count any higher than the trophy. PC might count past the achievements. I'm not sure. Anyway it'd be nice but it's a little late for that I think.
  4. Forgive me if I save my applause for when it's actually fixed...
  5. I don't believe in sucker punch. Never use it. The only Jason I've ever had trouble dropping to his knees without it is part 5. Dropped a part 7 without it the other day using a machete. I don't want my machete hits to stun. Bats axes and wrenches usually stun without it. If I'm engaging Jason by myself I'll try to dodge cancel. If I'm engaging Jason with a teammate I don't need it anyway. Plus once Jason enters rage it's completely worthless. I can't waste a perk slot on a perk that might not be any good for half a match.
  6. Not for me. 😎 I've got some pretty decent legendary perks. Perfect 20% thick skin, medic and nerves of steel. Also thrasher and a few others that I don't use. I have 2 perfect sluggers depending on your outlook. One with 0 negative stun chance and one with -10 stun chance. Both perfect depending on whether or not you want that stun. But I rolled epic thick skin, medic, and nerves of steel on both my second and third accounts before level 15 so maybe I'm just lucky.
  7. Apologies for the long post but I've unlocked the PHD trophy 3 times with this list: GRAB KILLS: Back breaker, bear hug, body slam, choke, eye gouge, head crush, head punch, head rip, head squeeze, head stomp, heart punch, jaw rip, knee snap, neck twist, two handed choke WEAPON KILLS J2: can opener, headbutt, throat hack J3: crotch chop, head chop, stunner J6: knockdown, spear impale, shish kabob J7: dismember, eviscerate, machete stab J8: chin strike, double tap, fire axe throw J9: chest stab/head chop, decapitate, how to peel a coconut Map specific (LARGE MAP ONLY): Crystal Lake: repair shop (back room): corner slam Higgins Haven: barn fence: face smash Barn closet: seek and destroy Graveyard fence: impale Hiding spot kills: bed, closet, outhouse, sleeping bag Enviro kills: big tree impale, bird bath, cabin wall back breaker, cabin wall head punch, cabin wall head slam, campfire, chair, coat hook, corner slam (can be done on desk, Higgins porch, Pack porch, rock, shuffleboard, table, or tombstone), door slam, drowning, fireplace, small tree arm rip, toilet, tree stump, water pump, window (I used second story closed window at Pack large) I only used Large variants of Crystal Lake, Packanack, and Higgins Haven for all kills. And I used the original Jason's with their original weapons for the Jason specific kills. Also online only. Kills against the bots are not saved after the match and therefore don't count. Also worth noting is that it didn't always pop the trophy the first time through. I had to go back and do some environmental kills and map specific kills over before it would pop. Not sure why that is.
  8. I think they loosen up the slot machine when they're doing double XP. I haven't rolled shit for good perks lately.
  9. Not all epic perks have no negative effects. Legendaries are the same way. I have quite a few perfect legendary perks. Keep on rolling...
  10. 17+ thick skin is what you want. As long as you have no negative of more damage taken on any of your other perks then you get your OP health. Medic is better than hypo because you can get 2 uses of spray. For the last slot run whatever suits your play style or whatever will boost your counselor the most. Personally, I run nerves of steel on the fast ones and marathon on the slow ones.
  11. Neither did the movie the map is based on.
  12. I think that guys been on there for awhile. Also could be from PC where they can keep track of that kinda thing. I'm pretty sure one of them said at one point that they quit keeping track of the player stats because it was bogging down the servers.
  13. I don't think they keep track of any of that...
  14. The only objective I try to push on Jarvis or Pinehurst is killing Jason. It's the least risky way to survive on either map.
  15. You can still run the clock out if you play conservative
  16. Add me. PSN Somethin_Cool111 I'm busy today but tomorrow I'll get you in a private match. You can test your skills and try to demask me on wake up with heavy attacks. You, me, and we'll get a Chad with a ball bat to stun me. All you'll have to do is demask me on wake up.
  17. Don't sugar coat it. Tell us what you really think...
  18. And you've been playing since launch and you're a god at this game. I've heard it all before... What platform you play on?
  19. Because the Jason is uneducated and doesn't step past the swing. Instant morph/shift can only be done after the invulnerability frames are over. However Jason can move before the invulnerability frames are over. So all he needs to do is side step your swing, twirl around on your whiff, grab you, and stop your clock (assuming you don't have a pk). But 99.9% of Jason players don't know that so that's why wake up demasking works as often as it does.
  20. Lol or Jason simply walks past the swing. But thanks for the tips.
  21. I hit the timing perfect too. But that only matters if Jason doesn't move
  22. If you get the timing for the hit right you're either going to miss or the Jason doesn't know what he's doing. It'll work on qp Jason's for sure. They don't know any better...
  23. You just turn towards the weapon do a little twirl and grab the counselor on the whiff. Or slash, block, or whatever. Hardly anyone ever gets the timing right to actually deal damage against a good knowledgeable Jason anyway. I had so much trouble that I gave up. It's not worth messing with imo...
  24. 😏 It'll be different to see lobbies without glitchers. Bet there will be more rage quitters and teamers though...
  25. Here's one of my favorite tournament matches. I was just filling in for another team and even though it was a mixed group we all worked pretty well together. It was a survive the night tournament. Counselors goals are fixing objectives and surviving and you can't escape or kill Jason until the 2 minute warning. Jason gets points by preventing objective completion and killing counselors. Pretty intense and a whole lot of fun...
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