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  1. I think I'll just leave this here... Considering there's absolutely no valuable information on how it's done in this clip... @Slasher_Clone If the devs can't make Jason more feared, I sure as hell can. This doesn't need to go away. It needs to be the new meta for breaking down doors...
  2. Don't forget less stunable means Jason will take more damage. Non stunning hits do more damage than hits that stun. The one hit demask depends on the hit not stunning.
  3. -defense Jason's definitely have less health than base defense Jason's @Slasher_Clone I'm not sure about slower block entry. I know there's a few things that apparently never got coded in. From what I understand, +/-stun resistance doesn't work at all. Although pt 5 Jason seems, to me anyway, to glitch the sweater stun and not drop to his knees the most. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not. Also noteworthy is that the shears are the worst Jason weapon due to getting stuck the most often.
  4. Pretty sure my friends wouldn't give up medic thick skin sucker punch or swift attack for anything. Not that I wouldn't try to find an interesting way to use a new psychic perk, but I doubt I'd switch mine up either. Guess I'm just not into a large selection. I honestly can't think of anything I would change as far as perks go...
  5. Congratulations on the promotion. Lol btw what happened to all the other members? The list is looking awful short... ^^this^^ No A good way to throw off the +sense Jasons... I like this part.
  6. Lol better at what? Breaking doors? Not for my Jasons... pt 3 is the best but all the others are pretty much equal. Although I'd put pt 5 in second place for knives and pt 2 in third for traps. Pt 4 is always going to be on the bottom of the list for me because his weaknesses drown out his strengths.
  7. With the new grab animation the counselor has enough time to open the pocket knife and whittle a flute out of a tree branch before Jason can actually kill them...
  8. Actually this still works even if Jason doesn't fall on his back and in my opinion isn't all that much of an exploit in the first place considering 99.9% of the time Jason is dead if his mask is off and he's within shooting range, subject to the stun chance of the weapon that drops him, of course. As far as I can remember composure is completely thrown out the window as soon as the counselor takes some damage. Also worth noting the true no fear build only works on Jenny. And she's pretty easy to catch so... Have you ever tried reaching into the pocket of your wet jeans while treading water? And after you retrieve the pocket knife then you'd have to open it... I'm good with the pocket knife not working in water. That's not too unrealistic. This I like... Maybe this... and possibly this...
  9. Best to worst in my opinion: #1) Pt 3 (Savini) #2) Pt 5 #3) Pt 2 #4) Pt 8 #5) Pt 9 #6) Pt 7 #7) Pt 6 #8) Pt 4
  10. That only works if Jason hasn't already killed a few people before you escape. Even if you wait to call Jarvis til after you escape it wouldn't be guaranteed that you would come back.
  11. Exactly. Thrasher, slugger, one hit demask, and sacrifice. Lol I was doing it that way before rage. It's also not a bad tactic for getting the kill on a really good Jason. Still unnecessary for QP though. I can get the mask off in 30 seconds or less with any counselor in most QP matches.
  12. Nobody wants to adapt at this stage. It's not like the game just came out yesterday. And with the whole no new content thing I can understand why they would rather move on. But honestly six months from now the players that do stay will adapt to extreme defensive kiting and they'll still be running the clock out on shitty Jasons. Good players will find a way to out play bad players no matter what the devs do. It'll be same shit, different way...
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