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  1. Just because it was "leaked" in an F13 FB group doesn't mean it's true. But still if it's true, and they used Hodder for the Myers mocap, then it'll never be the fan favorite that F13 is.
  2. There's supposed to be one more patch coming up.
  3. No not that I'm aware of. Check any campsite you're close to. There's certain picnic tables on Pinehurst, Crystal, Higgins, and Pack that can spawn PKs as well. Also, if there's a boat house on Pack small, one can spawn on the shelf in the northeast corner.
  4. There's one pk on every map. The other two randomly spawn in drawers.
  5. Yeah well Xbox and regular Ps4 barely work with a full lobby now. Could you imagine hosting Pack large with 20 players on Xbox? Your frame rate would be 1...😂😂😂
  6. Combat stance delay going away then, I hope?
  7. They get caught in a loop, not unlike the one where they open and close the same door. In and out of a broken window until they die. It happens 🤷‍♀️
  8. If they make a Halloween game and use Kane Hodder for Michael Myers mocap they're going to have a lot of pissed off fans. From the sound of it, whatever it was it was scrapped anyway...
  9. Standing stun and from melee only. And the difference between one strength and ten is a few seconds. Did you have anything new to add?
  10. Host the lobby yourself. It's easy to get host on console. Create a party. Start searching for a match. Bring up your "invite players" list. Wait with that list up for 2-3 minutes (you should still be able to see the timer in the top right corner). Close list. Within 30 seconds it should dump you into your own lobby. Then wait for players to show up. If nobody joins within 5 minutes or so the lobby might be broken. Close it and repeat the process. If your internet isn't good enough, you might not be able to host. If you're having trouble with frame lag, avoid big maps. Pack large is the worst for frame lag. Jarvis usually plays pretty well though. And all the small maps should be ok.
  11. Savini is second best. Part 3 can run and also has weapon strength. Plus part 3 isn't a slug in the water. Plus shift is ok, but if you miss, there's plenty of time to regain stam.
  12. No single ability to be honest. They're so much better when you combine them. Morph and shift are great by themselves, but combine them with stalk and you can do some pretty impressive things.
  13. The prompt never appears when you're host. Unless you turn back to look at the boat motor. I've never had that problem off host.
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