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  1. I can think of 5 off the top of my head that I know still work at Pinehurst And I could probably come up with a few new ones that nobody has seen yet if I really cared enough Every map has at least a few that don't include bed glitches Hell you can even escape in the car via boat exit The possibilities are endless If you really want to get down to it, it's possible to purposely blue screen an entire lobby... @Fair Play As for Jason I'm pretty sure I can get him out of map on every map in the game He can ghost, abduct, double tap, break down doors and place traps from the other side of the map, insta break doors, beds, and cabinets, slide...the list goes on....
  2. Yes and no. Only if it's a trophy that doesn't specifically say online and only if you can unlock it in one match. Things like 666 and 1313 kills will unlock if it happens to come up in an offline match (say you were at 660 kills or 1310 before the offline match started), but you can't kill 666 bots to unlock the trophy. Basically if you can't get it done within 8 kills, it will be reset to where you were before the offline match started.
  3. Don't forget about fire pokers. I can one hit -defense/-hit points Jasons with a fire poker too. πŸ˜‰
  4. You can only get trophies/achievements offline if it's something you can finish in one match. So technically if you're within 8 kills of the PhD then you could possibly unlock it. Otherwise it gets reset to where you were after the match ends.
  5. 😏 I haven't tried most counselor out of map glitches for awhile. I might have to revise my list. I do know most of the nasty ones on Pinehurst still work. Some of them used to be pretty annoying.
  6. It's not new. Just becoming a little more popular now. @TimDuke 01 getting on Pack roof isn't an issue anymore because you absolutely need Jason's help to do it. @Fair Play I don't know that day will ever come. There's a pretty healthy list. Luckily most people have forgotten the worst ones. There are so many on Pinehurst alone that haven't been fixed...
  7. They do that now though. I see more people DC when grabbed than I see suicides. But I agree suicides should give Jason cp/xp.
  8. False If you mute a player they cannot hear you and you cannot hear them. It goes both ways.
  9. What health spray exploit? Little known fact: Jason can slide too But yeah like everyone else says... Pitch them a TK early or late in the slide. Also sliding only works if their ping is higher than yours. Otherwise it just looks like they're running.
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