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  1. I've watched both videos carefully and I know every known glitch in the game. Abduction is a glitch where Jason grabs a counselor and morphs away. And yes, I'm sure the devs know about it. Infinite shift on console is not possible. There was a time recently where Jason had super shift but that was patched out. So unless this video was from that time, then you're mistaken. I can easily end a morph with a grab to fake a shift. I do it all the time. Or turn stalk on count to 5 and turn it off. There's lots of ways to trick counselors into burning up all their stamina. Edit: I see it was live streamed after the patch for super shift. I also know a few people that were in that lobby. And I know what the Jason was doing. That wasn't shift. 1:04:00 morph 1:04:29 shift start 1:04:33 shift end 1:04:49-1:04:57 was a morph stalk and a missed attempt at abduction Then by 1:05:03 shift would be recharged. By 1:05:27 stalk and morph would be recharged And every 30 seconds after that he could trigger stalk shift or morph to get the vhs static. That wasn't all shift
  2. Right but after the disaster they've had with this game the odds are they won't do another one. Maybe they will do a Summer Camp Slasher game. That way they don't have to worry about licensing. Then they could just add killers like dbd did as dlc.
  3. Stick to the ways they stopped him in the movies or don't even bother making one. But honestly I don't think they're going to make a Halloween game. Sure as hell won't be anything like f13 if they do. This coding is such shit that they'll never reuse it. What are "the demon masks"?
  4. No. The way they coded damage is that hits that don't stun do a lot more damage than hits that do. If you take stuns away then every hit from every weapon will do Max damage towards mask removal. Also why the rage buff is partially a nerf.
  5. Well they're tracked to 1313 kills and 1000 matches as counselor or J anyway. But beyond that you're shit outta luck.
  6. The trick to that is: Strafe shift: changing up your speed and making erratic quick turns. Try jog turn Sprint turn in short bursts. Regular/Quick/no start up shift: just a well timed quick turn left or right. Works best with nerves of steel. Jog straight away from them and turn at the last second. You can even use combat stance and dodge at the last second. That's my favorite move when I'm trolling with dance emotes. Average Jason doesn't know you can dance in combat stance.
  7. True but a lot of that has to do with the amount of experienced counselors vs the amount of experienced Jasons. It's easy to be sitting at one thousand plus legit matches as counselor. Not so much for Jason. People that play Jason a lot can get extremely good. Even with Jason's current weaknesses. But you also have to be willing to learn new techniques and strategies. Even then you're still going to get your ass kicked occasionally. People will escape. I've had a car out before shift plenty of times. People will also occasionally get the kill. At the end of the day it's still 7 or 8 v 1. No amount of buffing can adjust for that every match. But the number of Jason deaths can definitely be limited a hell of a lot more than they are right now just by people not playing poorly. And no matter how much they buff Jason some of that isn't going to change. Whoever came up with the 1:75 match thing has clearly never played an online game before. There's way too many ignorant people on one end of the spectrum and too many skilled people on the other end.
  8. They're counselors. Not a swat team. Plus they won't even rebalance Jason now. They're sure as hell not going to mess with rage or roll it back to where it was before. Everyone complaining about how the rage buff is too op but still saying Jason is too weak are kind of contradicting themselves. Been a lot of that going on here recently. There's nothing wrong with block. The reason quick block sucks in QP is there's a delay entering and exiting combat stance. You can still do block slash in QP. You just have to enter combat stance earlier. Knife slash still works too. Again a little more delayed. The biggest problem with QP is the counselors perks. Swift attack being the biggest problem as a female counselor running Swift with ping can easily put Jason on his back before he has time to react let alone wait for the combat stance delay to end so he can block. Then there's ping spikes that will throw off even a perfectly timed grab, slash, or block. But honestly the old system had it's problems too. Only Jason's hosting the lobby ever had instant block. If you were off host in a public lobby you still couldn't quick block like you can on host. And even if you were on host you still had to deal with frame lag. You can host a full private lobby on a large map if you want to explore the joys of frame lag today. As far as any other combat, I don't see a problem right now except for people not thinking enough about what they're doing. Or most importantly, what might happen next. I know guys right now that can cut down a Jarvis running 20% thick skin so fast he won't have time to react. It's all about strategy.
  9. I've survived the last 6 minutes as Jarvis stuck on the island by myself at Higgins against a level 150 J6 after he cut down my sweater girl. No exploits either. Rage buff doesn't mean shit if you stay away from Jason and Dodge cancel stam hits when he whiffs a shift grab. All about timing strategy and a little luck. If there's more than one counselor left there are strategies to get out of spam grabs too. But in any case the whole point of the rage buff was to give you a reason to escape and a punishment for unnecessarily beating on Jason. Now your going to say something like: "but I like to survive the night"... Good, then don't beat on the Jason early in the match and you won't have any trouble with that. You will only have to kite him for 5 minutes post rage if you don't beat him down early for your own amusement...
  10. It's a good thing when a minus defense/low hp Jason gets stunned though. They can damn near sneeze their masks off anyway. So before you complain just remember what's going to happen if they fix this. You know, since there's nothing wrong with mask hp anyway...
  11. The first clip is pt 6 Jason. Hes plus morph so his morph recharges in 20 seconds pre rage. The second clip is a pt 3 Jason thats effectively using shift stalk and morph to run you out of stamina. Infinite shift is only possible on PC.
  12. Set your Jason to random and play each Jason to their strengths and weaknesses. And remember that stun resistance doesn't work so it's neither a strength or a weakness. Practice makes perfect.
  13. Don't get me wrong I don't completely disagree. Lots of times the Jasons die just because they don't know enough about combat. But the fact that I can one hit any Jason's mask is completely stupid.
  14. Killing Jason is a challenge to who? Little 5 year olds that shouldn't be playing the game anyway? It's absolutely the easiest win condition for anyone with some common sense.
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