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  1. At what point does that become the Jason players fault for not getting out of that situation? Part 9 has the lowest hit points. 1 hit demask with Buggzy.
  2. • Jason has invincibility frames after stun. A little more would be better. • what? (What cars exploit?) • I thought they already increased Jason's hit points. What's wrong with part 2 and 6? What Jason really needs is invincibility frames after finishing an animation (raging through doors, breaking doors with a weapon) and we need meat shielding back. And speed up block just enough to make it useful again.
  3. I was originally going for maximum damage but it turned out to be minimum stun instead. @Ahab I was hoping friendship would add extra damage but it doesn't. Apparently if you're running multiple perks with the same type of positive effects, the program picks the highest percentage of a single perk. The positive percentages do not add up. I did get a few stuns in. The first hit from the axe always stunned part 3. But part 9 I couldn't tell since he was always in the demasking stun. The fire poker was interesting because it seems to do the same damage as the machete (at least close enough that it doesn't matter with Buggzy) but with my perk build it never stunned. The machete was down to about 1 stun in 8 hits. It's not really a problem just as long as you know the negative effects will add up against you.
  4. No problem. You're not being rude at all. If I had to name it I'd call it the "you're not going to get the kill if you come back as Tommy unless someone else drops Jason to his knees." Although it's not a very catchy name... Legendary thrasher epic slugger and legendary friendship. Not so much of a problem with the positive effects but the negative effects of my particular perks seem to stack up against you to the point that you rarely stun Jason. -2%melee stun chance on thrasher, -5% on slugger, and -3% on friendship. Apparently the negative effects add up against you even though the positive effects don't add up for you. Either way the math must be off because stun chance is reduced terribly.
  5. I couldn't get the first axe hit not to stun in heavy attack but I tested 3 weapons on 2 different Jasons heavy attack only. The weapons were axe, machete and just for shits and giggles, a fire poker. Part 3: no perks Axe: 4 hits to demask Machete: 3 hits to demask Fire poker: 3 hits to demask Part 3: with perks (legendary thrasher, epic slugger, *legendary friendship) Axe: 2 hits to demask Machete: 3 hits to demask Fire poker: 3 hits to demask I started testing part 9 Jason with perks on and quickly found out he's no match for Buggzy so I didn't test him with no perks. But here's what I tested with perks: Part 9: with perks Axe: 1 hit to demask Machete: 1 hit to demask Fire poker: 1 hit to demask I'd say based on the performance of the fire poker and machete which didn't always stun, damage doesn't appear to be tied to stun. Looks to me like the stats on the axe are off. And possibly the fire poker too. But Buggzy's a beast so I can't be sure. * I used legendary friendship just because of the -3% melee stun chance decrease. It was just me and Jason for all testing.
  6. I accidentally ran into a perk build that made it next to impossible to stun Jason and it includes legendary thrasher. I'm definitely going to be testing that out with Buggzy later...
  7. Thrasher sounds good but even epic or legendary thrasher doesn't put axe damage up to where a machete is. But I think Jason needs more hit points anyway. It's sad that he has equal or less (depending on perks) hp than the counselors.
  8. @Ahab I've killed 2 Jasons with their mask on. Unfortunately they've patched it. 8 and he doesn't drop to his knees. 9 and he's demasked by the next hit.
  9. @Ahab It easy for me to do my research. I have 2 PS4s and 2 copies of Friday. Talked my wife into playing Friday once. She ended up taking over my old account. Wasn't exactly fun starting over but on a positive note I can jump into a private lobby and test anything I can think of whenever I want. The stats on legendary thrasher word for word: +25% axe attack damage increased -2% melee stun chance decreased !1% incoming weapon damage decreased The interesting part is I also have a legendary sneaky perk with the following stats: +22% window and hiding spot speed increased -1% more damage taken !3% stumble chance decreased And if I put them both on the 1% more damage taken cancels out the 1% incoming weapon damage decrease. So even though the wording isn't quite the same and the math doesn't add up like it should, the 1% still cancels out the other 1%. Another point that doesn't add up is anything that says - melee stun chance decreased. I tested legendary thrasher epic slugger and legendary friendship looking for a different Jason hunting build. I ended up with what should have added up to -10% melee stun chance but I couldn't stun Jason to save my life. No matter what weapon I used. Fun fact: tanking 10 bear traps will demask part 8 Jason
  10. @Ahab Counselors do all have equal hit points. I wasn't referring to in game performance just testing I've done. I can't seem to find all of my test notes at the moment but here's what I could find. Everything listed is from full health on a fresh counselor (no fear, match just started) Broken window: No perk: 4 to limp 9 to die Legendary thrasher: 5 to limp 10 to die Epic thick skin: 6 to limp 12 to die Bear trap: No perk: 1 to limp 2 to die Legendary thrasher: 2 to limp 3 to die Epic thick skin: 2 to limp 3 to die I have partial info for throwing knives: No perk: 2 to limp 4 to die Epic thick skin: 3 to limp 5 to die and weapon slash (non weapon strength Jason): No perk: 3 to limp 5 to die Epic thick skin: 4 to limp 7 to die I'm pretty sure + weapon strength Jason takes epic thick skin weapon slash down to 3 to limp 5 to die but I'll have to find the rest of my notes for confirmation and for the rest of the legendary thrasher stats. In any case legendary thrasher isn't as good as thick skin (and they do not stack up) but it is good enough to be worth using situationally.
  11. Marathon adds about a hundred feet worth of stamina onto a Sprint (same distance for all counselors). Vanessa and Tommy are the only ones it benefits unless you have a no fear build since it's about worthless when Jason's around. I like using it for Deb and the Chop. Every little bit helps for them. Isn't one of them called quiet swimmer? I've never bothered testing a swimming perk but I'd imagine that's what it's supposed to be for... I think they did this for balance. For instance I have a legendary thrasher perk. It has +23% axe attack damage increase and -2% melee stun chance. The legendary bonus is only a 1% incoming weapon damage decrease. My epic thrasher perk is +25% axe damage and -0% melee stun chance decrease. The epic looks better on paper and that 1% bonus doesn't sound like it does anything. But in fact the 1% incoming weapon damage decrease is nearly as good as my +19% damage resistance epic thick skin. I can tank a bear trap without limping, crawl through a few more broken windows, or take a few extra hits from Jason before I die. It's not as good as running epic thick skin and thrasher but it's good enough that I'll use just the legendary thrasher to free up a perk slot for a situational perk (lead foot or my dad's a cop) or marathon perk for Deb or the Chop...
  12. They only scream if they "see" Jason. If I spawn in the phone house and I think Jason is going to morph in I'll hide in a closet or under a bed. After he sets his trap and morphs away I'll run out and tank his trap while his morph is recharging and then either get back in my hiding spot or run away. If I ran thick skin and medic I could tank 2 of them and heal myself, wasting about half of most Jasons traps, and pretty much guaranteeing an escape to the police as long as the counselor that's putting the fuse in doesn't mess up the mini game.
  13. I like where the legendary perks are. I like that if you don't build them right it hurts you instead of helping you. I think they just need to Nerf epic perks so they're not better than legendary.
  14. Legendary thrasher adds enough damage resistance to put you almost to thick skin. Even 1% damage resistance allows me to tank a bear trap without limping, crawl through a few more broken windows, take an extra throwing knife, take an extra hit or 2 from a normal weapon strength Jason. I'm pretty sure the legendary bonuses are all better than they seem to be. Unfortunately the positive effects don't stack up. But the negative effects of all the perks do seem to stack up.
  15. Not in the last 2-3 weeks. What perks are you running? Something legendary with -stun chance I bet. I accidentally had 3 of them with -stun chance stacked up against me and I could hardly stun Jason with anything.