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  1. Right. And this is an epic, yet always overlooked opportunity to practice combat. You could literally stand there in front of those counselors and work on knife/slash combos until the end of time. And they'll never move. But they will heal themselves if they spawned in with a spray. So you can even practice cancelling out the spray use too. Since, if the spray animation doesn't finish in between slashes, the spray doesn't work....
  2. Well I've never heard of hackers spawning in as fan film Jason so apparently it was all just talk...
  3. I like how people keep suggesting fan film Jason's as if they're cannon. I think in that case I want 8 bit Nintendo Jason, graphically correct, complete with game correct 8 bit music score and Funko bobble head Jason with different skins for each version. I mean honestly, let's do this right if we're going to include a Jason from a fan film...
  4. In part 5 there is the Jason from Tommy's hallucinations, ghost Jason, and Roy. You can tell the difference between hallucination Jason and ghost Jason by the mask. Hallucination Jason has a clean mask with a single Chevron much like part 6 Jason's mask. Plus the straps are on the inside of the mask. Ghost Jason looks almost exactly like part 4 Jason right down to the bloody battle damaged mask. @:30 seconds of this clip for ghost Jason @1:40 for hallucination Jason I'm guessing the underlying story was it was just a hallucination at the beginning but the crazier Tommy became the more real Jason got until he's standing right over Tommy with all his battle damage from part 4 at the end of the movie. But I've never heard anything about that to either confirm or deny the theory. Could just be the difference between a bad make up artist and a good one I guess. 🤔
  5. Lose the sucker punch and you could demask with one hit They never escape
  6. Technically Savini Jason is made up for the game. A hell map would have been awesome. Also a map for retro Jason. They could've even used the bots to add zombies to that map to make it more authentic to the nes game. The hell map too for that matter. Could've re-skinned them as demons.
  7. Squaring up to a Buggzy with a machete a minute into the match? Grabbing when he should have slipped you a TK and slashed? Could've also went into combat stance and blocked your hit since you made it crystal clear what your intentions were. I'd be in shock if that Jason is over level 50...
  8. But there was a ghost Jason in part 5 😉 It was different than dream sequence Jason too. There were 3 Jason's including Royson. What is dream Jason from Freddy vs Jason? They wouldn't have put FvJ Jason in game or remake Jason because they never had rights to them. They've said that before no new content.
  9. A lot of whether or not combat will be successful will depend on the Jason you're using, your resources, and the skill level of both the counselors and the Jason. The best combat advice I can give anyone for dealing with kill squads is know your Jason, count the hits, and assume they're all running 20% thick skin. Thick skin doesn't add hitpoints. It simply lessens damage by whatever percentage. 16% and under doesn't add up to much benefit for the counselor. One more trap before limp, couple of extra broken window hops, and that's about it. But 17% and up will allow them to take more hits from Jason. Here's some damage values: Base weapon strength Jason (2,5,6,8,9) No thick skin: slash 20, knife 30, trap 50 3 slashes to limp, 5 slashes to kill 20% thick skin: slash 16, knife 24, trap 40 4 slashes to limp, 7 slashes to kill +Weapon strength Jason (3,4,7,Savini) No thick skin: slash 30, knife 30, trap 50 2 slashes to limp, 4 slashes to kill 20% thick skin: slash 24, knife 24, trap 40 3 slashes to limp, 5 slashes to kill Note that a counselor limps at 50 damage. Also noteworthy is that even without healing bonuses from medic and hypochondriac, one single use of a med spray will recover 50 hitpoints. So if you're running a base weapon strength Jason against 20% thick skin and you're just slashing because you're out of throwing knives, the counselor won't limp until the fourth hit. And they won't die until the seventh. Obviously it's not as much of a problem for +weapon strength Jason's. Although 2 hits are only **48 damage, so they won't limp until the third. And they'll die on the fifth hit. The reason all of the above mentioned damage values matter so much is because the easiest way to get the mask in a group is to take hits from Jason and counter attack when he's in rebound animation (animation after a swing connects until Jason resets to normal standing position). Jason can't block when he's in rebound animation UNLESS he hits something solid during the swing (environment, or BLOCKING counselor), in which case he can cancel the swing with a block. So that basically translates to this: if you don't block Jason's hit and he doesn't hit anything solid, you can hit him right after you take damage and there's nothing he can do about it. So if they're running a 10 strength counselor with an axe or machete (Tommy or Buggzy), it'll take them 3 hits from Jason followed directly by 3 light attacks from their axe or machete to get your mask. That's from 100% health from both parties. Tommy spawns with a med spray. Jason does not. **48 damage The 3rd slash from a base weapon strength Jason and the 2nd slash from a +weapon strength Jason. The reason this number is so important is because any small amount of damage prior to this point will push a counselor to limp one hit early. As well as kill them one hit earlier. So that's 3 hits to limp, 6 to kill (base weapon strength) or 2 hits to limp, 4 to kill (+weapon strength). Any small damage will do. One single broken window climb, or even flying broken glass from one window smash will push them from 48 to 50+ damage (limping). From the point of limping, the easiest way to get the kill is to get right up on the limping counselor, go into block, and slash them whenever they try to heal. Or whenever someone tries to heal them. This will cancel out the spray as well as get them one hit closer to death. Then immediately go back into block. Rinse and repeat until they're dead. But remember one important detail: Jason can't return to block until the full swing animation plays through, and he returns to his default position from before the slash. This will need to be practiced to get the timing right to maximize your odds of success.
  10. If you take damage or get grabbed you'll come out of it. Unfortunately that's easier said than done unless your Jason is cool enough to not kill you when you're defenseless.
  11. Actually she could have used the sweater @ 1:30, 1:50, and 6:45. But yes, you're lucky she didn't know that. I killed one the other day through the wall of the phone house. He was body blocking the phone box. I think he was trying to put us in timeout or something. Had them stun and drop him and I took care of the rest from the other side. Btw did you see my discovery with static range? Might help someone like you that enjoys stalk kills...
  12. My favorite way of killing Jason now is to catch a coward off guard. If he's hiding in the lake and I tea bag enough I can usually get him to poke his head out of the water. From there a heavy attack drops him to his knees and the x prompt comes up even though he's completely submerged in water and I'm swimming over him. Also the naughty Jason standing in the corner thinks he's safe. But little does he know it's still possible to get the x prompt and kill him through the wall. Or if he's not close enough to the wall you can get him on the inside because the x prompt will come up if you're close enough but still on his back side. Honestly if you're in range of the sweater right now with your mask off you're dead unless the dropping hit doesn't stun. Even if you're not in range all SG has to do is spam triangle and the next time you get in range, through shift or morph, you're automatically locked into the stun. There are exploits that will get you out of the stun of course, but that won't fly in a tournament setting because they're going to know them when they see it.
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