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  1. You do know that you can place between 3-4 traps at a single objective like the phone in such a way that the counselor(s) will have to step on every single one them to fix it, right? If you can't prevent the objective from being completed by the fourth trap, I don't think trap placement should be your biggest concern...
  2. Just for a bit of closure: Knockdown stuns are identical regardless of counselors strength or which Jason you're up against. Also noteworthy: it doesn't matter what weapon you use. Stun times are not tied to damage at all. Standing stuns are in fact different, but considering the 10 strength standing stun doesn't last any longer than a knockdown stun from any counselor, I wouldn't exactly say it's beneficial. Even a standing stun from 1 strength would allow enough time for a high luck counselor to start a car. The only real difference would be getting a call off, police or Tommy, since that takes about 10 seconds. Flare guns, shotguns, and firecrackers, all have the same stun duration regardless of whether it's a standing stun or a knockdown stun, and those stuns are not tied to the counselors strength stat. I mean, sure it could help. But considering how many firecrackers, flare guns, and shotguns spawn on the map, I definitely wouldn't pick a high strength counselor just because of an increased standing stun time. There are a lot of variables that go into pulling off a standing stun anyway. It's just as much luck as anything else. Especially if the Jason is playing on host.
  3. The only thing that I think that makes Jason ridiculously easy to kill is shotguns. 3 close range shotgun hits plus 1 hit from 10 strength machete or axe= demask. And nothing but the axe/machete hit can be blocked. Obviously block delay is the biggest problem right now. Followed by whether or not the Jason is playing on host. The only way to prevent Tommy is by standing right in front of the radio the whole match. But then you're allowing everything else to get done. Even starting with the power off is only going to slow a good kill squad down. I play competitively. Every team I face is not only trying to kill me, but pushing all other objectives at the same time. When I say it doesn't matter, I say that from experience. 1 shotgun, flare gun, or firecracker stun will allow for enough time to get the call off. Even if you're standing right by the box when they fix it. There are ways to avoid the kill most of the time. But relying on the counselors not getting the call off is a crutch at best.
  4. You also told me twice that strength stat effected shotgun stun duration as well... Sometime when I'm bored I might actually test it. I'm thinking about testing high damage weapons Vs high stun chance weapons. Machete stun against bat or pan stun. If there's any truth to this at all, there should be a difference in stun times.
  5. So we have an almost 3 year old thread from the forum and a wiki link that tells me nothing but the definition of strength? Nice... Even if what Tommy tested in 2018 holds true today, which I doubt, you're talking maybe 1 second difference duration between 1 strength and 10 strength. not counting mashing A/X/E, of course. And you'd need to consider how crude some of the testing was back then. Not to mention all the updates between then and now. I mean, nobody knew stun chance was a strength based stat until recently... Btw the major difference between starting a car on a stun, or not, is the luck of the counselor that's actually starting the car.
  6. Sorry, I'm done wasting my time. Trust me theres no difference in stun duration between a 1 strength and 10 strength. There's a difference in stun chance, but that's about it.
  7. 🙄 Wrong again... Edit: btw I never touched the Jason controller for either test.
  8. I mean... You knew I was going to test it...
  9. Jason doesn't need to see the tower. Roll the dice and see if you get the right box. Are you guys seriously so bad at the game that you care where the radio spawns? I honestly can't remember the last time I've gone for the Tommy box in pubs. Don't grab in groups and save some throwing knives for Tommy. Best Jason advice you're going to get.
  10. If Jason allows it to get to that point then he's already shit the bed. Might as well do whatever it takes to put him out of his misery. I don't see a problem with it.
  11. The only time trapping the shack isn't a waste is if you morph on the shack while the counselors are inside. Then set one or two at the doorway and force them to eat a trap to get out. Other than that it's completely useless against good players.
  12. No. That's not how that works. Strength has nothing to do with stun duration. This is just wrong as well. Buggzy is still stronger than Fox. Just because you can't get the mask off before the 4th hit, doesn't mean you're not doing more damage.
  13. The full 20 minutes. Well minus the few seconds it took him to morph on me at the start of the match. Some Jason's aren't too smart...
  14. Go into combat stance and turn sideways so your weapon is flush against the door. Don't forget to cancel the animation with block when you hear the door break. Follow immediately with sprint for fastest results. https://youtu.be/DPH9goW6jNE Because everyone is doing it and the whole playerbase would complain if they took it away. 🤔 Like breakable walls? Yeah, that'd be shocking, right?
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