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  1. Lots of people know how to do it. Some of us aren't stupid enough to tell everyone. Get this information to the wrong hands and watch it disappear. Likely before the counselor way ever gets fixed.
  2. Somethin Cool

    Is there a trick to the Jason stuns?

    Lol I had to. Poor thing needs guidance...
  3. I haven't seen anyone use a glitch spot other than the Packanack roof for a long time and I'm pretty sure it's getting patched out in the next update. No reason to go back to the stone age...
  4. Lol I just want it balanced where nobody has an excuse to complain. Let Jason be able to hear both if he's in range and then it's his own dumbass fault if he doesn't check the map and misses out on up to 6 kills... P.S. no true American hero would be caught dead showing up to battle pure evil with a single shot shotgun. But apparently fuck realism...😆 Edit: is it too late to swap out Jarvis for Kane Hodders SWAT team guy from part 9? He could show up with some real guns, blow Jason to pieces, and say: "he wasn't nothin but a big ol pussy" as the screen fades to black. No sweater girl necessary...
  5. Somethin Cool

    Share Your Experiences

    That Jason was a noob. FYI you could have killed him around the 6 minute mark and again around the 8 minute mark while he was standing in the water if your sweater girl knew what she was doing. Random qp kills are pretty fun though.😁 My ultimate so far was killing a 150 Jason that was up to his neck in the lake. I was astonished when he dropped and the kill prompt came up.
  6. Depends on the car. My mom's old Escort key worked in my Mustang...
  7. But they used to think it was funny when they made the host rage quit...
  8. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I'm not hand waving anything. I'm just tired of the tipping of the scales in general. It should have had a noise from the beginning and it should have had a range from where the noise could be heard. Same way with the car. The loudest starter in the world shouldn't be able to be heard through a wooded area or inside of a cabin on the far end of the map. And rain should lessen the area that Jason can hear either one. This way a good Jason would still be required to check the map and the counselors would still have a chance to escape.
  9. I'm guessing he's a tournament player. They're the only ones I know of that think Jason is just fine. Of course they play in private matches with Jason on host where Jason can block and slash easier. And most of their Jason's are in the top 1% with that particular skill set (they call them good Jasons, we call them slasher Jasons in qp). And most of the time Jason wins in that setting so by their logic anything they do to make Jason stronger in qp will over power him in a private lobby. But seeing as they haven't exactly confirmed what they're doing to "buff" Jason, I'm not sure what all these "new" people are complaining about.
  10. Neutral speed can't catch up to the boat if he gets behind it. He can keep pace but that's it. Like I already said it's a waste of a perk slot but epic motor boating will out run a +water speed Jason. If the counselor isn't a complete idiot there's no reason he can't play ring around the lake until Jason loses interest. Doesn't exactly work at Jarvis or Pinehurst but those maps are better suited for escaping to the police or killing Jason anyway.
  11. The boat not making a sound is hand holding the counselors. A skilled counselor should still be able to get away most of the time. The middle ground would be a boat that makes a sound when it starts but you can only hear it if you're in range. Cars should be the same way. I say screw tipping the scales either way and just make it fair for everyone...
  12. I'm confused. Are you saying a boat starting shouldn't make a sound or are you saying a good counselor should be able to escape even if it does? Which bad players hand holding are we talking about here?
  13. Jason is not quite balanced enough in qp. Nobody ever said anything about making him un killable. It just shouldn't be as easy as it is. Difficulty settings won't work because you're further dividing a dwindling player base. I am a Jason killer and I find it way too easy considering I can knock Jason's mask off in one or two hits. But I also play as Jason a lot.
  14. You can hear the boat start on PS4 although last time I was Jason at Jarvis it didn't make noise when it started so I'm not sure if it's glitchy or not. I wouldn't be surprised if it was.
  15. I see the bad Jason hunters are already complaining. @Strigoi how are more machetes going to help against a Jason that's harder to stun? Machetes rarely stun now... There's already an easy mode. Play against a noob. Very easy to escape from, troll, or kill. That will only change as they get more experience. But my question is where's the fun in that? The game isn't called crappy hunter kills the Jason. You're supposed to earn the kill if that's what you want. It doesn't make you good just because you can chain stun a mask off while two of your buds suicide so you can say you killed Jason. Sounds like you'll figure that out with the next update...