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  1. There are only 4 pocket knives in any match and that includes Tommy's. Sounds to me like it's time to unload your own arsenal. Throwing knives snd slash. Those sprays don't help if they're already dead.
  2. "Spruce green" is a generic name and there are probably a hundred shades of it. I don't think it's game breaking if his coveralls are faded a bit. Which also probably depends on where you have your gamma set.
  3. Jenny has 8 luck. She can start the car on a stun. No she really doesn't need the flashlight since she has zero fear.
  4. No fear Jenny= 10% preparedness, 10% nerves of steel, and whatever other perk you choose to run. Smart people run 17+% thick skin.
  5. Nobody knows how it works, let alone how to use it effectively This is just not true. They have to be in static range or in line of sight of Jason or they get no static at all. And no other cue that Jason is nearby... Only if they're in line of sight of Jason's mask will they give off a scream This describes almost every quick play match right now. Unfortunately you can't force anyone to play the game right...
  6. Stalkery much? You forgot one: "What color is Wes Keltners neighbors cat" The answer to this and so many other questions is: Who cares?
  7. What counselor and what were the parameters of this test? I have killed oodles of Jason's and never once has the sweater failed to go off...
  8. Spam triangle. Don't just press it once. No... This is false. Fear level has nothing to do with being able to use the sweater. Just because you can't see an item, doesn't mean you can't use it. This goes for the sweater as well.
  9. Medic thick(17+) and hypo/swift/nerves are the only perks worth running. Stealth perks are garbage. If you care about stealth, run AJ and escape before rage. But even then, run medic thick and hypo/swift/nerves.
  10. Most QP Jasons don't even trap the phone. This would change nothing. Read the guide when it comes out and apply what you learn if you care that much. But remember, just because you trap it doesn't mean they won't be able to fix it and get the call off.
  11. Unfortunately the tower is RNG for every map. Power grids split the maps into 3-4 sections. You need to learn which box controls which houses. Of those houses it helps to know which houses can be potential radio spawn locations and which ones can never be. Even going in cold you're going to have a 25-33% chance of hitting the correct box on the first morph. One out of three doesn't sound too good right? However, there are ways to help increase the odds of hitting the right power box on the first morph. Cutscenes can help tell you where a tower is (or isn't) for every map except Jarvis and Pack small. Higgins Large, for example, will pretty much cover the right half of the map in the cutscene. So if I don't see the tower in the Higgins cutscene, my first morph is the box at Blair's cove. At Jarvis, all the pro Jasons usually go for the box that controls Elmwood (south central) since there will never be a tower in the cutscene. The phone house can also help narrow down the search, since the phone house cannot also spawn the tower. The only exception I believe, being Blair's Cove on Higgins large. At Pinehurst for example, if you don't see the tower in the cutscene and the phone is at Turtle Pond, then there's only one house left on that grid that could possibly spawn the tower. So it's best to pick a different grid. @Tommy86 is currently working on a Tommy box guide that goes into great detail to increase your odds of hitting the correct box on the first try. Power grids are broken down on each map varient, as well as listing odds of each box being the correct one. Also included are video clips containing each cutscene tower for all applicable maps, for reference. It'll be made available on the forums as soon as it's finished. I've been privileged enough to get a sneak peek of the rough draft for most maps, and I must say this guide is very well done.
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