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  1. Dude let it go. They already said they're not going to make it a kill zone.
  2. Who cares if they leave the match before dying? If they're that salty then I've done my job. 😂 I'm just happy if no one is left alive at the end of the match when I'm Jason.
  3. Let's talk realism for a second... Pt 2: Jason defeated mask on Pt 3: Jason defeated mask on Pt 4: Jason's mask was broken by a machete hit to the face by Trish Jarvis right before Tommy killed him Pt 5: technically killed mask on since mask didn't break until Roy was already dead. Pt 6: Jason defeated mask on Pt 7: Jason's mask was broken by Tina Pt 8: mask was destroyed by toxic waste Pt 9: Jason defeated mask on Jason X: Jason was defeated mask on Freddy vs Jason: Jason defeated mask on F13 reboot: mask was destroyed But how about this for a Jason buff? I think they should make it so that upon seeing Jason demasked for the first time, every counselor Jason encounters gets the same jump scare they get from seeing a dead body. Since Jason's so cute and all I think that's pretty reasonable. Plus they can reuse the already existing jump scare from seeing dead bodies, because no new content, right? Edit: the low composure counselors (say 5 or less) should probably get that same jump scare even from seeing Jason with his mask on for the first time. And also again if they see him with his mask off for the first time. That alone might make some people trade up speed for composure.
  4. Why not just give all -traps Jason's one more trap and call it a day? Nobody's complaining about running out of traps if they start with 5 or 7 of them. And balance wise no -traps Jason should have as many as base traps or +traps Jason. They have less traps for a reason, and that's to balance their stats. Pt 4 with 7 traps would be almost as OP as pt 4 with +shift. **That's not to say that the negative shift speed and duration shouldn't be buffed up to normal shift speed and duration on pt 2 and 4. The only thing that should be negative about J2 and J4s shifts should be the cool down.**
  5. Jason still takes damage on hits that stun. Just not nearly as much damage. Also worth noting that Jason also takes minimal damage when blocking, and also from firecrackers and flares. Also @gmintz09 heavy attack and light attack from a counselor do different amounts of damage. It's a general rule that light attack can be expected to do roughly half the damage of a heavy attack. So if a 10 strength counselor (no extra damage perks) with a machete hits you with a non stunning heavy attack he does 75 damage. If the same counselor hits you with a light attack you can expect roughly 37 damage. There are a couple of different perk builds for 10 strength counselors that can do 100 damage from one non stunning heavy hit from an axe with a 10 strength counselor. Epic or legendary Slugger, thrasher for Buggzy and epic or legendary potent ranger for Tommy are good examples. One non stunning hit with either build is plenty to remove the mask from any Jason even if he hasn't taken any other damage. Base defense Jason's have 100 hp. -defense and -hp Jason's have 85 hp. So it's probably a good idea to play cautiously if a Buggzy or a Tommy come at you with an axe or a machete. Especially post rage when Jason can no longer be stunned. Every hit you take will do maximum damage from then on.
  6. I'd rather have them just fix block for server lobbies so that Jasons block works as good as it does when hosting a private match. (Small descriptive words in plain English for the devs 😉) That and double hp would be plenty. Maybe even too much.
  7. I think if they just double his hit points that would be a reasonable fix. Heavy hits are pretty easy to dodge and really hard to get the timing right to effectively remove the mask from a Jason that knows what he's doing. It'll make the top tier Jason players next to impossible to kill but I guess that's a good thing. If they go any farther than that I think it'll be too much of a buff to Jason.
  8. Yes you can now shift out of the sweater stun without worrying about being dropped to your knees afterwards. That is, if you get the timing right...
  9. Wouldn't really matter. As soon as you hear the music you'd know exactly which Jason you're dealing with.
  10. No they're glitching. Might not always be intentional though. You have to have a less than full lobby and invite a player. They accept the invite and join up on the loading screen and then you get random counselor/mutt Jason.
  11. Hopefully they'll fix the audio audio failures when they're done with the bugs and glitches. My first car was a 76 Buick Electra limited. Everything new is a compact compared to that. Rice burners are ok but I prefer American muscle.
  12. Bugs and glitches are bad ^staying on topic^ 😉 The 3100 was a decent engine back in the day. Depending on how old it is it should be good. I put almost 275,000 miles on my 91 Sunbird before I got rid of it and technically it still ran good. Wasn't a whole hell of a lot left of the body but they were prone to rust. Lol when I think big old station wagon I think Caprice but I don't think they ever put a v6 in one that I can recall. So apparently one man's big old station wagon is another man's compact wagon. Cavalier wagon?
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