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  1. I knew that would be the work around before they even made it so suicides couldn't come back as Tommy. Either way it doesn't really matter. Not that hard to come back even without stepping in someone's trap.
  2. Well yeah if you're the last one left but if Jason is preoccupied by chasing someone else then by all means fix something
  3. I fix objectives with Vanessa all the time. Also nerves of steel is the solution to low composure.
  4. Rage buff didn't change all that much. Turn and burn with a dodge cancel and you can still run him around with anybody. Best to only engage when you're low on stam. Spray cancel doesn't hurt. 😉 Mask is way easier to get off post rage. Not that it's all that difficult pre rage... Meta perks: medic, thick skin, either nerves of steel or marathon.
  5. Almost 24 hour old post on how to exploit. Nice. This is one of the reasons why displacement is a better way to get up there. The other being that you don't have to wait for rage. Although it's a lot harder to do.
  6. You can't. You commit suicide so your friend comes back as Tommy.
  7. I beg to differ. I know quite a few that do that on a regular basis. Most likely against way better counselors than the 7 you faced too. But even the best in the world die occasionally.
  8. I always mute the counselors when I'm Jason too. Don't need some random trying to throw me off my game by talking shit.
  9. Like I said, it's common knowledge for us. It never dawned on me that the average player didn't know. Again, I think a detailed instruction manual would have been nice. There really shouldn't be any surprises like that for someone that's been around awhile.
  10. No. He won't be able to see your mic icon pop up if you mute him. Or hear your voice. And you won't be able to see his mic icon or hear his voice. Comes in handy for silencing annoying little children too.
  11. Tbh I think the ones that want all the juicy tidbits are already covered. But that's not to say the average player couldn't use a tips and tricks section. Nothing too over the top, just a few things that would help with combat. For counselors and for Jason. Honestly stuns me sometimes, the difference between the average player and the rest of us are night and day. Things like muting the Jason are common knowledge to us. Lol truthfully I wouldn't know where to start. Guess I'll have to think about it and see what I can come up with.
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