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  1. So if I use the same counselor with no perks, equipped with the same weapon, and hit Jason x amount of times... I should be able to see the difference between stun resistance as a strength/weakness, right? So higher strength yields higher stun chance, when equipped with a high stun chance weapon, right @mattshotcha?
  2. It was never coded in. There is no such thing and there never was. To make up for this wasted strength/weakness slot I vote getting rid of -shifts slow speed. They can keep the 40 second recharge to balance it out.
  3. Yes there's a way around it. But it takes a glitch to beat a glitch.
  4. This is 100% false. You saw my sense range video with part 2 Jason, right? And part 3 is -sense, so shouldn't he be the worst? Like I said before, it's simply recharge rates.
  5. I spammed sense off and on while standing at max sense range, not in direct line of sight, with the counselor standing under a light. I did it 50 times in a row. It's literally 1/10. A little bit less actually. It'll go 1/10 twice then the third set of ten it won't work at all. And that's 15% legendary. It's trash. Sense avoidance builds are garbage. I wish they weren't but they are. You can put that under facts.
  6. Fact. Plus sense means nothing except recharge rates. Noise pings are negligible and debatable, but part 7 supposedly can see noise pings better than any other Jason. But as far as the actual ability is concerned, plus sense, minus sense, and base sense are exactly the same with the exception of recharge rates.
  7. Oh one more fact to add to the list. You can use combat stance to find counselors hiding under beds. If there's one close by, Jason will turn towards the bed they're hiding under.
  8. No. You survived the night on baby Jason's that didn't know what they were doing. I do the same thing all the time jogging along 10 feet in front of them. Try that on a Jason that knows what he's doing and you wont stay hidden for a minute past rage. Edit: The best you're going to get is 1/10 chance to not show up on sense unless you're hiding in a tent with heavy sleeper. Even then it's 1/4. So 10 seconds is more than enough time to find anyone within rage sense range, which is a little bit over half the length of Pinehurst map. And that's if you're standing under a light. Get in a dark spot and Jasons sense range is even farther. With fear, he can spot you from the full length of the map.
  9. Spam sense. Then sense avoidance is completely useless. Best I could get was 1/4 sense avoidance with home body heavy sleeper and level headed while hiding in a tent. Level headed only removes you from Jasons sense 1/10 times if you're standing in the open. Bots don't count because they can have super human thick skin too. Also noteworthy is that sense avoidance perks don't have anything to do with stealth or composure. Buggzy running sense avoidance perks can avoid Jason's sense as long as he's standing still.
  10. You're actually going to make me test this? 🤦‍♀️
  11. Hit Jason. Instant stam boost. Or use firecrackers. Either way is fine.
  12. There's plenty of time to do it that way. That's how I do it. And if you have a counselor swim out there early in the match and drop off a shotgun on the shore of the island there's plenty of time to swim back too.
  13. People bowl in leagues. That's the least strategic thing I can think of. Hey, as long as we're having a good time, right? 🤷‍♀️
  14. I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit on this one. 1: Why would you even attempt it in the first place last year? Considering it hasn't been a thing for years, that just doesn't make sense. 2: Even if you did try it, his mask would have popped when you went to drop him to his knees if he was over 100% damage. That's not to say you couldn't demask him, drop him and kill him during the sweater stun though. But not with his mask still on. The only reason it was ever possible is because certain stuns couldn't demask but counted towards reaching the damage threshold needed for the kill. But again, that was all fixed years ago.
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