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  1. Counselor damage is dependent on the Jason used and the counselor perks, not the weapons. 2 handed weapons all swing about the same speed. The range is pretty close to the same. Single handed weapons all have better range and are also pretty much equal in size and swing speed. The spear/trident are both about equal as well. The only notable difference between Jason's weapons is how often they get stuck in doors/walls. The machete gets stuck the least and the shears get stuck the most.
  2. I don't know what you're smoking but please share 😂
  3. They'll be playing on PS10 and Xbox 7x before this lawsuit is over. The only way you'd ever see all the unfinished content released is if someone ever picks the F13 game up and re-releases it as a "PS4 classic."
  4. For breaking down doors: the machete is best. It doesn't get stuck nearly as often as any other weapons. Spear is probably second best, although difficult to master. For combat: the spear, in the right hands, is probably the best weapon. If you run into someone that really knows how to use it anyway. For everyone that doesn't, any single handed weapon will do. Just for the increased reach and lower swing arc. 2 handed weapons swing high and have a shorter reach, making it pretty hard to defend incoming attacks. The best grab kills are 1 handed choke (works nearly everywhere), (and for speedy kill animations) head punch, back breaker, and body slam. Although I'm sure all the experts above would disagree, all the while stuck in a 30 second kill animation while trying to prevent that cop call from going off... P.S. Shears are garbage. Every other swing is bound to get stuck in a door, they're long enough that you have to take an extra step back to break an open window, and the kills suck.
  5. No. Never had a problem with this. Ever. Swear 😶 I'm not saying it can be done. But if it could, theoretically speaking of course 😉, there would probably be 4 different ways to do it. 3 intentional and 1 unintentional. I don't think it would be easy to patch out. Again theoretically, since I've never seen it before...
  6. That's a mashup Jason It's not the one you picked 🤦‍♀️ He doesn't run because it's not part 3 It's a loading screen problem Edit: it's part 8 Jason with retro part 3 skin and music
  7. Ok well your friend took a picture. My friends have spent hours trying to get in there and cannot do it.
  8. Combo. Learn to combo. Quick toss a throwing knife then slash. If shift is charged, immediately shift in a small circle, exit shift with a slash,and repeat throwing knife>slash. Even with 20% thick skin and a non weapon strength Jason that combo, as listed above, would do the following damage: 24+16+16+24+16. That's 96 damage, probably faster than the average kill squad Jarvis can react. If he's taken any damage at all beforehand, he's dead. If not the next hit, even if blocked, will do the trick. It's very easy to practice on the bots...
  9. I'm guessing that picture is probably from before the update.
  10. Battle build Buggzy Max thrasher max slugger with max value -stun chance. What we did was 1 flare gun head shot to the mask (close range) followed by two non stunning heavy axes. All testing was done on Barney skin part 3 Jason. I'm sure that part doesn't matter. Anyway, the third hit demasked once out of 4 tries. One thing I noticed was that one of the heavy swings stunned the other 3 times we tried it. I don't know if that was the difference or not.
  11. Block if they're gangbanging. Don't grab in groups. Slash>block still works in quick play, especially if you're already in combat stance.
  12. Part 6 Is -defense Only 85 hit points My testing was done on part 3
  13. Was that a -defense/-hp Jason? All of my testing was done against part 3 Jason. So full 100 hit points.
  14. Shotgun and post rage flare damage has been reduced. 30 damage from a post rage flare. Shotgun is roughly 15 damage.
  15. I see the villagers are already grabbing their pitchforks... @mattshotcha as promised, here is my initial overview: I spent most of the night testing mask damage, picking @Tommy86s brain for ideas, and just trying to wrap my head around the new mechanics. It is definitely harder to get the mask based solely on the new 4 hit minimum requirement and strength nerf. Although we were able to get the demask in 3 hits, once out of 4 tries, with damage build Buggzy. I'm not sure if that was some strange anomoly, or if we just hit the exact right conditions based on our experience level and overall knowledge of game mechanics. From what I can tell, 1 heavy machete hit from 10 strength with no perks deals around 45 damage post update. Light attack seems to be roughly half that. We did not test lower strength counselors much, but mathematically speaking it should take more than 5 heavy hits with a machete to demask a base defense Jason with any counselor 5 strength or under. Considering how easy it is to dodge or block a heavy attack, that honestly doesn't seem bad. The biggest problem I've seen is that weapon stuns do the same damage as non stuns. You used to trade standing in stun for up to 10 seconds for the comfort in knowing that the hit did little damage and basically wasted weapon durability. Since this is no longer the case that will undoubtedly be the biggest adjustment. And most likely the greatest complaint from Jason players. Although I completely understand the concept in why they did that. This way extra rage damage due to the fact that no hit stuns is taken completely out of the equation, and now we're left exclusively to balance tweaks. Base defense Jason's still have 100 hit points, -defense/-hit points Jason's still have 85 hit points, as tested by trap damage. Traps still consistently demask on the 9th/10th trap respectively, so must be immune to any mask RNG or "chance" to demask. Block damage seems to have an interesting damage multiplier, or reducer rather, that I don't quite understand yet. Although that feature will likely go unnoticed in quick play lobbies as block is nearly useless there due to input delay. Overall I'd say the update didn't hurt anything, but I'm not sure if balance is correct or not. Is it the end all be all answer to unskilled/low level Jason deaths? Probably not. But you can't really balance to someone that doesn't know how to play. We'll need to play some matches both in quick play and in private against average/above average skilled Jason's before we know for sure if the balance is in a good place. Also noteworthy for anyone interested, the car can in fact no longer be put through the map with throwing knives and those certain out of map spots are no longer a thing.
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