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  1. So, in the movies, Jason was blind, deaf, and needed lots of naps? Funny, I don't remember watching that one...
  2. Try tapping A/X to break free from stun/animation locks. Works as Jason and counselor.
  3. Kinda makes me curious as to who could get the most kills as J tho... 🤔 I bet a really good Jason could rack up quite a few kills in 20 minutes.
  4. Yeah well it was originally intended to be a one off. And the story was perfect for that. The sequels were just to get asses in theater seats. The new one isn't bad. But at the same time, it isn't great either. Hopefully the next one doesn't suck.
  5. This doesn't surprise me... Because Rob Zombie's Halloween was garbage. That whole white trash, redneck, sister molesting, 7 foot Myers pile of shit was just hard to watch. Honestly most of the Halloween sequels are garbage as well, so I'm not just bashing Zombie. The original story was perfect. In the original Halloween, there was no reason Myers was the way he was. That's what made it a good story. He just snaps one day and that's it. They throw everything they've got at him and at the end, he just gets up and walks away. You don't need a backstory. There doesn't have to be a reason why he did it. Or why he targeted his victims. Or why he doesn't speak. That's what makes the original character scary. He could be anyone. It could be any reason he snapped. It's the embodiment of the fear of the unknown.
  6. Rob Zombie's Halloween was a steaming pile of shit. People were literally walking out of the theater and asking for their money back. I almost did it myself tbh. He damn near ruined the franchise. Would you like him to ruin the game as well?
  7. If you have 2 pks and a spray, what are you doing in a cabin? You're best odds of survival are outside in a big open place. Especially in pubs. Pub J's are so short shift happy they'll never catch you.
  8. No damage during the escape animation. If you're going to hit them to cancel the animation, hit them with a combo. The first hit won't do damage but the follow up will definitely limp them.
  9. Thick, medic, nerves, and hypo. In that order. All other perks are situational or useless.
  10. I won't play a Smurf account unless it has medic and thick skin. They're not that hard to get. Play challenges, roll some perks, and you're usually good to go. If not, dump the account and start over.
  11. Because block damage is minimal, but not zero. You can still demask in block. There's 2 shotguns on every map. Tommy will spawn in with one. 3 close range shots and a wake up hit or two from Tommy is all it takes. There's also flare guns and firecrackers. Any stun will allow for a well timed wake up hit to cause mask damage on even the best quick block Jason's. That's why they don't just stand there in block...
  12. I'm sure you're breaking their hearts with your bad review four years later... The hacked lobby thing does sound shitty tbh tho.
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