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  1. The only thing that's a bug is being able to get in the car with a trap on your leg. Are you really complaining because the glitch of being able to drive away without tapping out of the trap first didn't work?
  2. I play competitive. I've played Jason in leagues and tournaments against the sweatiest of the sweaty tryhards. REAL pro counselors. Not just some random in pubs that knows how to window hop. They can be a pain in the ass. No doubt about it. But they are killable. Play better.
  3. It's really not that hard if you can keep your cool.It can be time consuming if they're on a good run, but it's definitely possible. Try not to be predictable. That's the first challenge. Work on shifts. That's the second. Finally, learn combat. Slash, knife, slash=limp no matter how high the thick skin.
  4. Learn from it instead of getting pissed off by it. When you're good enough to take out one of them, you'll be able to handle anyone.
  5. ☝️☝️Exactly this I mean, I could do it with Lachappa just as easily and still Stn pubs more often than not. It's not really about the stam, the speed, or the luck. It's whether or not the Jason knows what he's doing.
  6. Vanessa, Chad, Buggzy, Jenny (no fear build), and Tiffany can all do this with ease. Medic, thick skin, and nerves of steel are the preferred perks for running Jason solo. Medic, thick, and hypo if you're running in groups. Nobody that's any good runs stam regen perks unless you're running no fear Jenny build. And crouching doesn't help with stam regen at all. That's not true. If they're running solo and surviving Jason's consistently, then they're most likely highly skilled. Jason can slash too I mute the entire lobby when I play pubs 🤷‍♀️ Again, lobby muted so... The only reason I play anymore is to survive the night or die trying. Escape and kill are too easy. The thrill of the chase is literally the only thing left that brings me entertainment. Btw, emoting and teabagging are simply to get under the Jason players skin because it generally causes him to make poor choices and makes him more likely to mess up. This is a solid tactic for anyone that doesn't want to be shift grabbed. It's usually not necessary in pubs because most Jason's short shift, so all you really need to do is pause for a split second and then continue the jog. Always good for the "pro-troll Vanessa" because stupid Jason's help conserve stam by playing poorly. 😎
  7. I haven't seen anything noteworthy in public lobbies in a long time. They're pretty sad most of the time. 🤷‍♀️
  8. "150" doesn't mean anything tbh. Not 4 years in and mostly double XP, anyway. Judging players by counselor choice is like me judging Jason's by cutscene. If I see weapon swap and a full blood skin, I can say there's an excellent chance the Jason's a sweaty tryhard that thinks they're way better than they actually are. Even though that's usually true, it doesn't mean they're all bad.
  9. Higgins large and Jarvis are two of the best maps, wdym? Jarvis for competetive play anyway. I can get why it wouldn't be fun for playing solo in pubs. But still, even for a small kill squad, it's a decent map. And who doesn't appreciate easy escapes on Higgins large?
  10. The lawsuit? That saved the game tbh. From what I've seen, the Grendel map would play like shit anyway. They should've stuck to basics and made maps for 6 and 7 before taking Jason to space. I would've rather seen a Hell map for Savini than the Grendel map.
  11. I mean that. Honestly I think you're looking in the wrong place. Check the threads in here over the last 4 years, let alone recent topics of discussion like: "Anybody that plays Vanessa is garbage and you can't change my mind..." Knowledge left this place a long time ago...
  12. You guys clearly aren't playing with the right Vanessa's. We use them to solo phone and Tommy box in competitive play so the rest of the lobby can work on car escapes. The good ones will give you a killer headache by the time you're done with your J match.
  13. An inexperienced player is going to fail against experienced players more often than not. Learn to be better or set your preference to counselor. I'd happily accept the challenge of chasing Jason around the map. If it comes to the point where he's blindly allowing escapes to save his own life, by allowing the hunter to become the hunted, then he's already lost. Kill threat does not equal end game, unless you let it...
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