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  1. omg just a thought watch a youyube vid on how to make a game maybee you will learn something cause its been a year and seems you havent learned anything ,,or maybee take some of that money we gave you and hire some fucking help
  2. yeah i got tons of salt because your game kicked me and my party ...it has also crashed very often so i get punished with salt mines because you broke your game wtf ,,,thats what bothers me most ,,i think you guys owe us something we did pay you for this game its not a free game
  3. the crash of fatal error happens alot on PC and i have a gtx 1060 6gb SSC a fx8350 and 24gb of 2133mhz ram so im not on a pile of crap PC...im afraid im gonna end up in salt mines cause of the crashes,,,ive deleted the game cleaned out user local data ran Ccleaner and reinstalled game still get the fat error sometimes 20 times in one night sometimes 0 times a night ,,,please try n see whats that all about,,,i dont wanna be in the salt mines because of the game crashing while im jason
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