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  1. Thanks, I’ll give it a shot and see what happens!
  2. Lambo

    What the....

    Dang...my bad...I’ll see if I can delete it!
  3. Lambo

    What the....

    Dammit....my power just went out!!!! Maybe I should go outside and see what the problem is!!! j/k but my power is out!
  4. Howdy, I play on Xbox 1, this morning I had the morph cursor on my map now tonight, it’s gone! Are there any Xbox folks that have this problem? That is one of things I thought was going to be addressed in the update? Just a tad irritated about it...but I’m still gonna play!
  5. Hello everyone, huge fan of the movies and even though I only have been playing for a short while I really enjoy the game!!!! I was really digging the new content and play modes. Then Victor Miller: “he never paid any attention....he was making lawsuits and trying to make that young game drown.....look what he did to them.....look what he did to themmm...Aaaarghh!!!!”
  6. Thanks, I’ll check those out!
  7. Hi everyone, Lambo here I play the game mostly/only single player, on Xbox 1. Haven’t played for very long, but I’m a huge fan of the movies and have really enjoyed playing the game!!!
  8. It really sucked to hear about the legal stuff going on and that there would be “no new content”. I hope it is only temporary?! However, because of above mentioned, is it possible, for us to get the Savini Jason? To compensate for the “no new content”. Well thanks for all you’ve done and have a good day!
  9. I’m not sure if I’m the only one having this problem, my vc 2.0 seems to be defaulted at vc1.0! Not sure what’s going on or what to do?!?!? I see that the cursor on the (morph) map is getting fixed for XB1! Sweeeet!!!! That should make things better!!! Overall enjoying the game!
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