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  1. These are all things, that are annoying me but one thing happening in the past time is really getting on my nerves: Every host chooses Packanack small. It is so annoying to play always on the same map.
  2. I absolutely agree with you. Both is important but I could never play with a Jason that can't run.
  3. I voted no because I don't think that the perk is so much overpowered. I used it myself some time ago but swapped it for better perks. Medic is not useful for the most games when Jason shifts to your position and grabs you. And I noticed that even with this perk I almost never used the spray for a second time. Moreover you can find a new spray at nearly every cabin what makes medic a bit useless in my opinion. Now I'm going with more stealthy perks.
  4. I've unlocked weapon swapping but I think the game would be more successful if low-level-players could swap Jasons weapons, too. You have to reach a specific level to unlock new jasons and that's ok, but then, his weapon should be able to swap. Even in the movies Jason uses different weapons and it would be boring if it wasn't like that. So why it's different in the game?
  5. I buy every DLC because I want to give something back to the developers so they can produce more content. The game is absolutely great and I want to support it in every way.
  6. Hi everybody, I'm Kristin from Germany. I've been playing F13 since the launch and I'm at Level 128 currently. Mostly I play as AJ or Part 3 Jason. It's sad to see that so many players in the lobby don't play the game anymore as it was planned. They're just running around being fools. Hopefully I'll find some nice players here. Greetz and have a nice day!
  7. Steam: Dieter Jarvis It would be nice to play a game with you.
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