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  1. So I’d been casually playing Ft13 and I’m generally a good player when it comes to being ‘salty’... I never leave games, I never leave as the host, I never leave as Jason. I don’t ever really do anything to tick the game or other players off, other than being kinda nooby at playing Jason, which is why I stick to counsellors. Earlier, I’d been playing three games. All three games the host left. I then noticed I couldn’t join any games, I got the “You are put in low priority matchmaking”. I took no interest in this, I didn’t know about the Salt Mirns at that point. Skip ahead it started letting me join sessions again, so I play with my boyfriend and after a few games I was in a pissy mood, hosts had still been leaving or we were just never winning. I spawn in the main house, bad connection (glitching everywhere) and the room was dark, run into Jason because I couldn’t see, escape, run down the hall, team mate locks me out of a room and hides (bad team play), Jason comes, grabs me and kills me. Mid kill I leave. I stop playing for an hour. Come back and now I’m forever in the Salt Mines it seems, FOR ONLY LEAVING ONCE. (Obviously I’ll get out eventually) i completely understand the need for the Salt Mines, after being in games with a host leaving it does get frustrating. But leaving during a Jason kill? Leaving once out of your entire gameplay time? I think punishing someone severely just for doing it once is a bit much. Yes it puts myself and other people in place, letting us know not to do it again. But it could be done better and less buggy. (Like me getting in the salt mines for the host leaving the first few games).. Im getting salty now but who couldn’t after only doing something once. I play plenty of other games with penalties like League and they aren’t as severe at punishing people, I’d left plenty of games and never got the penalty. Does anyone have any idea how long I’ll be in these salt mines for??
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