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  1. I will check this out for sure! Thanks!
  2. Just done watching "Never Hike Alone" and wow! It blew my mind, loved it! Especially the end I will probably rewatch it, way too great and well done!
  3. Thanks! I will try to stop by on Thursday, I'm usually off on that day
  4. Ok, I just tried with the energy save mode and it didn't work ? oh well, no biggie, I guess they'll fix it in the future!
  5. Hello Kristin On what console are you playing?
  6. Console: XBOX ONE GAMERTAG: FireKitten14119
  7. Thank you DamonD7, I forgot to add last night, I'm playing on the Xbox one and my name in there is FireKitten14119. Hopefully, my mic issue will be fixed soon, even though I don't mind playing the game without the mic, but I find it more interesting when I can speak with other players and plus it's a way to practice my English hihi!
  8. Hello there, I have the same problem as well Got the same problem in here! My mic works fine in other games, I can even use my mic to send audio message, or with Cortana, but since the Update my Mic doesn't work anymore. I could care less about the little glitches in the game, but this, it's really annoying!!!!
  9. Hey there, I'm Michelle and I'm from Quebec. I've started playing the game last week on my Xbox One and I totally love it! Been a fan of the Friday the 13th movies since I was a child, so I'm happy to have this game. Alas, there's just one thing I hate about the game, my mic just won't work in game chat Anyway glad to be here!
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