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  1. Man, why`re you so stubborn? I understand that teleport can be done by pressing the keys on the keyboard. But!!! Without the help of a macro it`s impossible to do it several times in a row on the keyboard, as does the player in the match. Don't be a fool. Listen carefully to what the player playing for Vanessa says at 10:57. He says on russian that his MACRO stopped working when I started to slash him.
  2. Dude, this is a macro on the keyboard! I know what I'm talking about. And I know a lot of players who play with this macro on the keyboard. Btw, in addition, smart cheaters can use another type of teleport in the game. These cheaters call this type of teleport "teleport at certain points on the map." Cheaters calculate these points in the private matches and test it, and then use this teleport points online against normal players. This information is known to a very small number of players. Let the game developers pay attention to it. Here you can see what I'm talking about https://youtu.be/5BROnwDERIo?t=435 I got random shitty Jason this match and Vanessa with a sweater uses two types of teleport in the match: 1) teleport - macro, 2) teleport at points. Watch the video to the end.
  3. He talking about this shit (Chad with teleport macro) https://youtu.be/DOXlmDDUfVw?t=388
  4. Not only Savini. Most of them use Part4 Jason, then Part7 and then Savini Jason.
  5. I'm tired of waiting. Already I want to see the result.
  6. @mattshotchaWhat about deactivating Stalk and Sense when Jason enters the combat stance? Are you going to fix this ?
  7. He doesn't need repairing. I probably know this player. He prefers to fight Jason. The updated Rage doesn`t allow to fight vs Jason until the end of the match and this player is offended that Jason is no longer a whipping bag.
  8. The developers did everything right with Rage. More fun play against Jason with rage as for me. If you're always playing for Chad, I'm not surprised you're unhappy now. Good luck with other games.
  9. @Kev In I play on PC right now. All fine. Full lobby every match. The lobby is looking fast.
  10. Are u kidding? Pfff! Now the balance is as it should have been.
  11. If Jason in a rage and the mask is not removed from him, he can be stunned with any well-stun weapon.
  12. Thank you GOD and devs for last hotfix. Now I can kill Jason every match. May be a bit more buff for Jason ?!
  13. Just played vs Jason Part2 with an infinite shift (PC). Nice one, devs! Applause!
  14. @mattshotcha I like this patch note. But what about cheaters on PC with: 1) an infinite shift for Jason? 2) fast break free, fast repair, teleport for counselor? Did you fix it? %)
  15. Exclusive Savini Jason brought a lot of problems in the game. I would say Savini Jason - the problem of the game. And this problem is not solvable. Why do you need too powerful Jason. It's boring. P.S. Fix the Jason's block on PC. Why offline game (with bots) the block works instantly, but online there is a delay in 1-2 seconds ??
  16. Wait! Two Morgan in the match? When you spectating the players, Morgan shows up as Vanessa.
  17. Please, reduce the time of firearm (shotgun, flare gun) ejection after the shot. It`s too long.
  18. Idk, man! Now there is no such thing on PC. There's just no sound when you throw a knife in a tree. I don't remember when I heard that sound. About your report. It's strange that ROCKY was so toxic. He's from Germany. I played with him sometimes. He was an proper player always. Bugs in the game broke many players. Now there is a small number of loyal fans, wishing that the game lived :(( Today, my friend - very good F13`s player left the game, because he was tired of playing with endless bugs and vs cheaters. At the moment, all players on PC don`t care about the salt mines. Don't know what the situation on PS4 and Xbox. %) P.S. And please don`t equate all russian-speaking players with the Russians. They can be Ukrainians and Belarusians, who also speak Russian, but they are different nations.
  19. It never happened. The sound is heard only when the knife has got the conselor. After the last patch on PC, there are often no sounds, when removing throwing knives from the walls of houses, opening/closing the doors and jumping into the open window.
  20. Yep, you`re absolutly right! Today I have already sent 13 reports on cheaters from http://jasonkillsbugs.com. I hope the developers will look at what I sent them and the cheater`s steam profiles will be banned. Normal play is impossible even in the daytime. %(
  21. Devs`ll fix it. But by that time the game will lose a lot of players. And already has. :((
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