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  1. Hello, mate. The developers are aware of all your problems. Some of them are still being investigated. Others try to fix it.
  2. Yes, I understand. Anyway, thank you for answering. Good luck to your team. I hope everything will work soon.
  3. The sad thing is that the developers have almost started the weekend and we may have to wait for the fix.
  4. @mattshotcha By the way, fatal errors are back in the game. I got 3 errors in 5 minutes. I asked my friends. They have the same sh*t. PC. PS4 has the same problem now. Assuming that an attack on the servers has started, i.e. blocking game profiles. The number of players in the game has fallen (Steam).
  5. I have the same thing. On July 7, I sent a report via JKB. On July 15, the developers answered me that the problem was being investigated. So, it's been a month and I still have the error "Database login failure". I`m blocked in the game by hackers! There is still no response from the Support team. Probably still investigating... %) My team has the same error a month. I can play from my other account without any problems at the same time. My friends also play from other accounts, but they can't play from the main accounts bcs of "Database login failure". @mattshotcha Don't you think that's strange? 😉
  6. To be more accurate, if Steam does not display the number of players, then the game online has less than 300 people. The exact number of players can be found here: https://steamdb.info/app/438740/graphs/ Next one. You got a private lobby. Wait a while and try to find the lobby in a few minutes. Yes, it takes about 5-10 minutes sometimes, but I get the right lobby. Idk why should to stay in a private lobby when the servers are working stably %). There is no point to stay in the lobby and waiting for players (30 min) when the servers are running well. I always leave of such lobbies (without ping) and try to find for a normal official server for me (EU).
  7. @4epuxa Write in english. Administrators will not translate your posts. If you want to report any information about hackers hacking servers, send a report via http://jasonkillsbugs.com/ The same with your perks.
  8. 350 ppl in the game (Steam). I think it works now %). Updade: A few minutes later: 0 online 😡
  9. Lisez le premier article du sujet. @mattshotcha Thank you for the info. I hope everything will be fine. Look forward to getting back into the game. \m/
  10. Confirm. PC. The game closes with a fatal error.
  11. I used my another acc . I can't play from my main account because hackers have blocked my profile. I have the same problem as you. With another account (not main), I play without any problems.
  12. So, guys. Just finished playing. I played for 4 hours. There were no problems with the game on my side. EU server, PC.
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