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  1. @Cristiano They just want to bury a good game with all these hacks.
  2. I thought you didn't know. My friend was cleared a couple of hours ago on PS4. I just warned you about the problem.
  3. @Cristiano Btw, hackers can delete your CP and perks on PS4. Be careful. And u`re right about Tgames. But he`s not alone %)
  4. @999enits These are not russian hackers. I`m sure the devs know or guess who these hackers are. My team was involved in their bans %) But everything will be fine. We are waiting for a solution to the problem.
  5. Yeah, sometimes it`s fun Jumping `The Pamela` grab-kill :D (June 21, 2020)
  6. @mattshotcha Btw, I forgot %). Is there any chance that your team will fix `STALK` ability deactivation when Jason enters the Battle Stance (Combat Stance)? I used to be able to play very stealthily for Jason, but after a patch that came out about a year ago this mechanic was broken and still hasn't been fixed.
  7. Sadly, but thanks for the answer, Matt. I'll keep that in mind.
  8. @mattshotcha Hello, Matt! I already wrote your team my offer on your YT channel many months ago. And you took my suggestion well, but you still didn't apply it. I'll say it again. Can you place an icon Jason on the interface, talking about that Jason has Rage? I don't mean the moment when Jason's Rage is activated. I mean when he's already has Rage. (And let the icon with Rage not disappear until the end of the match). Many players either forget or don`t know that Jason has Rage. Including the case when a player returns to a match for Tommy Jarvis. Being in the spectators, the player can't always tell if Jason has Rage. Please do this. It will be better for all players. Thank you.
  9. I hope you will test the patch before releasing it. 😏
  10. Hackers can set any value. I hope it will be fixed in the upcoming patch.
  11. Believe me, man, there is no point for rolling perks for him. If hackers have this player blacklisted for clearing perks and CPs, he will be cleared again and again after a while. He will just waste time rolling perks. Me and a lot of my friends had the same thing for 1.5 months. There is no point for rolling perks. First should fix this hole in the game and only then anyone can roll the perks. I have been playing for 1.5 months without perks and CPs. I'm waiting for the developers to fix it and then I'll ask the developers about my 2.7 million CPs I had before my first clearing and get my perks back. Easy! But the report should be sent ofc.
  12. Only those who are new players, who do not represent anything in the game (noobs), and who do not report cheats. Even those who are just friends of a very good player (or reporter`s friend) are cleared.
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