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  1. Also i didn’t know I was gonna be ran over until it happened car came out of nowhere
  2. Quick play because not enough friends to do private matches I only have 2 other friends who play the game
  3. This needs to stop being killed and betrayed in matches by other counselors we were killing Jason when two counlors ran us over in the car my friend hasn’t got the secret achievement yet for killing Jason yet as Tommy and our friend was Jason had his mask off was about to kill him when were betrayed ran over it wasn’t just us two they ran over any living counselors
  4. There’s times people jump through the window not knowing if they’ll die just to get away from Jason so I don’t agree it should be a penalty but as far as penalties go it doesn’t stop the host from leaving even knowing the point system now
  5. We need new host after one leaves Iv been in 5 games today so far the host left I know there’s other ways to make xp ? but I like playing online better than any other mode I know the new point system was added in but is not helping to deter people from leaving as frequently also there’s too much team killing going on with the car
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