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  1. Do have the luxury of trying different headsets? (Turtle Beach vs. basic XB chat-mic vs. phone earbuds+mic). Clearly it’s not your hardware, but perhaps there’s something in the game code now that has issues with separating voice from game sounds. ie; basic chat-mic only has voice-chat coming through earphones leaving game sounds coming out of your TV speakers, where a Turtle Beach or earbuds have EVERYTHING coming through the earphones... something worth trying I suppose.
  2. I’m also on the Xbox one and I’m confirming that this does indeed work. Saturday night the game was fine, then Sunday my game bricked on me; intro screens then BAM! Dashboard! Tried reinstalling multiple times and deleted save files from “console only” in fear of erasing ALL of my progress and perks. but nothing was working so I gave it a shot and erased saved files from “EVERYWHERE” and it worked. Granted , it wiped all your customized preferences for councilors and Jason (had to reassign perks and kills) but all your progress and earned perks must be saved on THEIR end cause it was all there when my game finally loaded...
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