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  1. PS button + Close application = The only way out is the blessed Dedicated Servers...
  2. It sucks, but no more a big problem if some people still doing Rage quit or just leave... BUT provided this thing of "salt mines" really works..... if yes, it's just a matter of time till this people gets assembled into a "filter" i suppose So, the question is: this method sure it works? makes a difference?? What happens literally when someone do this several times?
  3. Hello I had my code since Kickstarter but never used it... I have waited to learn, progress and reach a high level to use it, and now i think is time to give it a chance but i know that there have been many problems on this issue, so the question is: i'm still in time to use it?? Guess yes but not sure, and don't want to be banned or something like that If could have any inconvenience, also i have a friend that have it to, and could share me his account anyway... this way is better/safer? Thanks!
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