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  1. Loved this post @The Wolf with that Toast I literally get the same thing ? Playing as Jason is so different than playing as a councilor, when I see those two knife circles and "Morph" my heart starts a beatin' like crazy. Amazing that a video game can give you a rush of adrenaline like that just by looking at the back of a cabin wall haha. What I can say helps me is when you're picked as Mr V (or any other stressful life situation) is to get your breathing under control. If you're controlling your breathing, then you are in control and you're breathing isn't controlling you. While playing as Jason, keep aware of your breathing above all else and everything else will fall into place. Breathe in for four, hold for four, breathe out for four, and wait for four! Diaphragmatic is best, hope that helps!
  2. I understand people are angry that their investment in the game (whether Kickstarter or store bought) appears to have been frozen. But that is in no way attributed to IIIFonic or Gun Media who poured their hearts and souls into this. If people want to throw in the towel and let lawyers dictate what they can and can’t play then march on down to your place of purchase and say you were unsatisfied. It must feel so good to be right! (Clerks) While taking cash away from the creative teams that are actively trying to keep the game alive, great strategy! The amount of fun I’ve experienced through this incredible game has already well paid for my admission price. I’m going to stick it out in this funhouse and keep playing until the lights go out.
  3. I think the developers of F13 game did what no one else had been able to do, re-create the look and feel of the movies and make them fun. But where there's a startup trying to create something for the benefit of a large fanbase, there's an opposing side trying to get their cut. Here's hoping Victor Miller will rage quit mid lawsuit and end up in the salt mines.
  4. Hi NthnButAGoodTime ! I haven't received the invitation yet, is there anything special I need to do? Thank you
  5. Hey all, PS4 - Frostybass Just say you're from the forums (or reserving a table for 8 for Jason) ? Thanks,
  6. Thank you so much Truth and DamonD7 for the great advice and links! ?
  7. Hey everyone, New Zealander here in NYC, I bought F13 the game when it came out on PS4 and have been having a blast every since. Such a haunting yet enjoyable atmosphere, even better when you're winning Amazing that it started as a kickstarter campaign, that must be wild for those $10,000 backers to be in the game. For counselors I usually play as either Deborah, Vanessa, Tiffany, AJ or Adam. For Jason I usually pick the non-Jason Part V version. I've only played via quickplay which can be a crapshoot at best! Wouldn't mind finding some like minded individuals to work together. (also I play bass if anyone in NY wants to jam lol) Thanks.
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