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  1. Jason1234

    Great game

    Grabbing people through a window if they were close enough or being able to ram through a wall in the last minute of a match would be cool.
  2. Jason1234

    Great game

    I have the ps4 version my problem was didn't know how to stop. I would got by my target lol. Had the game not to long now.
  3. Jason1234

    Great game

    Not a huge fan of the small maps because the experienced players escape very easily. I also would like better control over the warp. Can you stop instantly while warping maybe I just don't know what I'm doing? I would also like more things Jason can do like maybe leave body parts in cabins to scare people. Without unbalancing how hard it is to capture counselors don't want Jason to op either.
  4. Jason1234

    Great game

    Just wanted to say thanks to the developers of this game. I have been playing video games for over 25 years and the fans here are awesome and you guys made a stellar game. Sorry for my previous thread if it ruffled feathers. I have never seen a game that this long after it's launch everybody still cares so much about what is added and what the future holds for this game as far as content goes. Alot of games they have updates and patches and nobody really cares but this game is different good job to you guys for a good title.
  5. My other question is for those of you saying the posts are meaningless do you have the skin already? Also if it went on sale how many of you who don't have the skin but bring up this moral issue of the game backing would refuse to purchase it ?
  6. Got.those of you who feel it's pointless if it went on sale would you feel like we were pointless even if it was stated it had nothing to do with fans requests.
  7. So let me ask what was everyone's expectation when they saw the title of my thread. Just to try to persuade me from not speaking or did you think I was a developer with some new news lol.
  8. This thread gets alot of negative attitudes. But thanks for taking the time to comment even if it's a salty topic for you. You could have went somewhere else and commented. Maybe you guys have the skin or don't want it. But I would buy it if it becomes available.
  9. Some people have not purchased any of the content they have now but they have the savini skin. Who loves the Jason game more than someone else is hard to debate. Because I could have spent more on it than you does that mean I like the game more than you ?
  10. I am having an articulate conversation on the topic. Never once was I like pleassssssse give it to me. That's begging. Just brining up a topic and if it goes on the network and you would rather spend your money on counselor clothes that's everyone's right.
  11. One poster said he is worthless now so give the fans the number one requested item in the game. Besides locking a thread because to many people asked for the same thing defeats the purpose of the thread. If it was something you wanted and alot of people commented on it would be like hating because your thread got no attention to block fans in that manner.
  12. I didn't have a ps4 when the game launched and alot of people said there wasn't alot of promotion for the backing of this game in the beta version. What's your guys opinion of the people who share accounts did they violate something by giving it to one of their friends. Remember when they sold it by mistake on the network the plan was broken already. And x box one people got it for free. I think why not sell it now ? The money could help the developers fund future updates and keep the game alive longer.
  13. On a side note Jason x is already starting to go viral with leaks and maybe made up gameplay of people having the skin already. This game has a huge demand for skins and I hope the developers continue to make new ones.
  14. Anything not worth fighting for is not worth having. Until the fans get what they want why give up ? Think of the mindset of someone who has the drive to be promoted. Apply once and give up if you don't get ? I'm not the that type of person. Lol
  15. For those of you who are apposed to the idea give your reason. All other games release the bonus material after a while how is this different than the exclusive content you were able to get for other games after a period of time. It's been a year this character was introduced. I think it's time to move on to new versions of Jason and let this one be available.
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