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  1. Okay that is it I have had enough. I am done with this forum and I just joined. To hell with the lot of you. This community is beyond toxic and I will have no part of it anymore. Good Bye.
  2. Yes please do visit this thread. I would love to know what an administrator thinks of people going off topic in someone else's topic with comments that are not relevant to the topic or its subject matter. I do not think they will find it very kind and rather rude to do such a thing. So please do visit my topic. Does no one have respect anymore? Is the community really this toxic now? I thought it would be different on the official forums because of how the Steam forums are. But I was clearly wrong it seems. My mistake. I will know better to post anything on here again.
  3. Well it is to me because you are cluttering my topic with off topic posts that have no relevance to the topic. I do not like people who do that. Learn to have some respect for others and not just post what you want on their topic and maybe people won't get upset with you. I honestly do not care what you think. Not everyone wants to play as Jason or escape. There are those of us who prefer to kill Jason and that is what this topic is for. To recruit members to a group for that purpose. Let me say it more clearly just so you know what this topic is about okay? This is a group recruitment topic not a topic to post whatever you want. So stop posting here. I have again reported both of your posts.
  4. What part of no more off topic posts did you not understand? Do not post in this topic again please. I will not ask nicely again. I do not want to become hostile but if everyone keeps posting off topic in my topic I will. I have reported both of your posts for off topic comments. Do not do it again please.
  5. I am sorry to hear that but I would kindly ask you to vent somewhere else please. This is a group recruitment topic and not a venting topic. Not trying to be rude but I hope you understand where I am coming from. And I would kindly ask that everyone else please stay on topic from now on. Unless you are posting about the group or are wanting to join then please do not post here. Thank you.
  6. Dear Players, If You Are Like Me. And You Prefer To Try And Kill Jason Over Escaping. And You Can Follow The Rules & Regulations. And Can Meet The Requirments. Then Please Join My Group. It Is Open To Everyone That Qualifies. All Information Regarding The Rules & Regulations And The Requirments Are Listed In The Group Summary. The Link To The Group Is Below. Thank You. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheJasonSlayers
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