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  1. All I’m saying is they ruled that Jason the supernatural killer in the hockey mask is NOT in anyway tied to the ruling in favor of Mr. Miller, who in my opinion deservedly won. That said to me means that Uber Jason and Grendel should not be off the table as they are not part of the original film.
  2. PS4 Patch: I nocticed this too after the update. Thought it was my eyes at first. It was slight but noticeable enough to really mess you up.
  3. I gotta say the news yesterday was a big blow. That said I too really love this game, and would love it even more with far less bugs. I’m a huge fan of the F13 films so when I heard there was a game rolling out that wasn’t Nintendo’s throw rocks at Jason, which I love too. I was sold. I couldn’t afford to back it at the time but most certainly would have I was finally able to buy this past December and have played almost daily since. I’m not an online gamer, never cared for FPS or any of those. This game however I really liked the online feel. I liked the co-op with other players and the trash talking in the lobby. I truly do hope the game lives on as I love to play it. Hoping the devs show up the pessimists in whatever ways they still can and fingers crossed the lawsuit is resolved but most litigation takes ages. Here’s to the game, the devs, but most of all the Players and making online play something fun for me.
  4. Ran into this problem on PS4. I set a trap and then it locks up, I can’t pick up weapons, climb in or out of windows. Also played several matches today where the game just ended sooo yeah that’s a new fun problem. Thought I saw that mentioned from a couple of others. I’ve been a big proponent for this game ever since I purchased it, but really I’m kind of reaching that point where the bad is outweighing the good.
  5. It amazes me everyone complains about bugs. They issue a comment about fixing bugs and everyone complains about what they aren’t fixing. Thanks @ShiftySamuraiand all the rest of your crew. I’m sure you guys will get it all worked out.
  6. Played two days straight was selected as jadon 3-4 times in two eight hour sessions. Playing for 3 hours today, still have yet to be Jason. The ticketing system is majorly whacked.
  7. Ohhh glad to see I’m not the only one, started feeling like the kid picked last for dodgeball.
  8. Didn’t see it mentioned in the list or on anyone else’s post, but did anyone else have a problem with Jason ticketing? Spent all Sunday and Monday playing and can count on 1 hand how many times I played as Jason. I’m on PS4 not sure if the platform matters but thought I would share.
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