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  1. I'd definitely like for some kind of reason to choose one of the guy counselors over a girl one with similar stats. I've had a lot of similar situations where a lobby will have only female counselors, and with the better stat line-ups and sweater, there doesn't really feel like any reason not to choose one of the girls.
  2. This is how I feel pretty much. That and I might be one of the only people who prefers characters to forgettable generic character creation systems.
  3. I pretty much came to say something similar to this. If a game is going to support and encourage all regions of the world to participate, only moderating English just seems lazy. According to the response I read, it seems as though it's totally acceptable to behave this way in any other language.
  4. I feel like something like Lana's outfit from Part 5 could also work as an "alternate costume" for Victoria. The shoes, dress, belt, and pearls all seems very fitting to me.
  5. I mean, Victoria's clothing makes her pretty easy to spot as Jason, regardless of stats. I think her stats fit pretty well, being that Melissa was the 2nd to last girl in Part 7. I think it all comes down to composure, Jenny is fearless and Victoria gets scared pretty easily.
  6. I feel like being able to alter existing counselor stats would also be confusing. Certain counselors are known for certain traits, so it'd make things more confusing to have Deb or Lachappa running around and juking with Vanessa's stats. I can't speak for everyone, but my approach varies notably depending on which counselor I'm going after.
  7. I like all these ideas. If an alternate costume for a specific counselor was unlocked through a larger amount of CP I think it'd add more incentive to grind and keep playing as well.
  8. I think it'd be helpful if they included a link to go over the details of the patch/update as opposed to vaguely stating changes were made. I only play on PC though.
  9. Do you have any type of firewall up that could impairing your ability to connect? Have you participated in any behavior that could get you banned?
  10. As someone who likes to cycle through a specific set of counselors, being able to decide on who is included in my random pool would be nice.
  11. Honestly, this counselor brings a unique trope that isn't already fulfilled by any other female counselor. I'd be for her being incorporated some how.
  12. Everything about what you described revolves around manipulation and getting what she wants, not just trying to be sexy. And I don't think anyone is saying she has to be totally covered up in every outfit, but just dressed appropriately for the trope she fulfills. Like with Melissa's swimsuit, even though it shows skin, it includes the elegant touches (the hat and sunglasses). It shows skin, but is still tasteful and makes sense for the character.
  13. My assumption would be it's based on the salt level of the party leader, but I can't find anything about how salt affects parties.
  14. I don't think it'll happen, but I don't think it'd matter much to me if someone wanted to pay money to skip the grind. I'm only level 44 and I've had this game since release. I like playing with some since of reward being worked toward. That said, I'm sure plenty of other people would gladly put forward the money to unlock content that otherwise would take too much time to reach if they began playing now. The amount of grind alone that it'd take to even unlock all the counselors level 0-42 is pretty daunting.
  15. I don't think a sequel would be very profitable considering the current reputation of the game. I feel like what you described could hypothetically work in this game anyway.
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