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  1. Robert sidway


    Any news on when they're going to fix the last update? Cuz it's horrible environmental kills don't even work anymore on PS4
  2. Robert sidway


    There should be a way to band The cheaters I played two lobbies in a row where people were working with Jason stuff like that completely ruins the game in my opinion
  3. I think one thing they should have fixed it is that Jason can smash through the furniture tables and chairs for the people that like to run around the table the whole game.
  4. Just got another update on Friday the 13th the game PS4 says bug fixes but it seems like dedicated servers are gone anyone get the same thing?
  5. I was wondering if anyone has rolled a legendary Marathon perk? Or what is the highest Marathon perk? the highest I've seen is 14%
  6. Anyone else having issues finding a game today with dedicated servers? Saying verify internet connection when I'm already connected
  7. Yeah same here database login failure. Kind of ridiculous games getting worse and worse
  8. On PS4 I'm getting a database login failure when trying to play Friday the 13th it's not my internet my internet is fine it's the game itself anyone else having this problem?
  9. Something wrong with dedicated servers on PS4? Taking like 5 minutes to find a game and then hardly nobody in the lobbies
  10. Anyone know when the new patch for PS4 is coming out?
  11. On PS4 for games in a row lost connection to the host or connection timeout can't even play full game what the hell is going on?
  12. No more content but selling a game in which most of us already have and have all the DLCs no thanks
  13. Robert sidway


    Does anyone know when the next patch is coming? Because these bugs are killing the game
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