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    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    I just wondering for PS4 what about the shaking councillors as you're killing them?
  2. Robert sidway

    Just a question

    Seeing that we're not going to be getting any more content can we at least get all Legendary perks free?
  3. Robert sidway

    Suicide bug

    Anybody else Escape driving the car and instead of saying you survived it says suicide? On PS4 happen twice already
  4. Robert sidway

    People cheating

    I've been playing a lot of games with people cheating working with Jason if I leave the game do I still get salt? If so that's kind of stupid
  5. Robert sidway

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Patch for PS4 is downloading now I apologize for my previous statement lol
  6. Robert sidway

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Yeah makes no sense the majority of people play on the PS4 and Xbox but are ones that have to wait that's ridiculous
  7. Robert sidway

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Who even plays PC seriously hopefully it PS4 patch coming soon was hoping today but yet another disappointment from Friday the 13th the game
  8. Robert sidway

    Patch coming today?

    Anybody know if the patch is coming out today? Or tomorrow? For PS4
  9. Yeah but I mean come on everyone bought this game and it has way too many problems I get that the updates are free but still we spent money on the game so it shouldn't have these problems
  10. Maybe if everyone reports this bug they will fixed a quicker I hope
  11. We waited all this time for the update and this is what we get smh
  12. Oh ok yeah it seems like the game is worse now than it was before smh
  13. is anyone else having a problem when giving Jason a different weapon like part 5 a machete that the kills are looking glitched-out like the body is vibrating while you're killing them? For ps4