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  1. How many posts about this do you need? and what is a crowfunder?
  2. Yes that’s right I wasn’t wondering how they could just add that in
  3. I’m not trying anything, it was just a question but a typical response on here I guess. Where did it already exist if that’s ok to ask?
  4. I actually like this, but it seems like it would take some work, and judging how they just went straight to “no stuns in rage good ideas like this just get ignored
  5. Isn’t the fact a red mask flashes in rage mode now be content?
  6. Went back to playing call of duty, I’ll be keeping an eye of future patches but have little faith.
  7. I could go find a video of a decent player mowing down 8 people in 5 minutes, if that supposedly proves anything
  8. Not really sure what the putting Jason in a speedo has to do with anything I don’t recall ever seeing that mentioned in the suggestions, most of which were actually good ideas and would have kept the game more enjoyable for all play styles not just the style that you guys invisioned. players are adjusting to the change because the have to not because they want to. But I have noticed a lot more teaming with Jason to beat him into rage mode right off that bat I would think if you rolled thru the comments on the twitter and Facebook they paint a very different picture of what people think, as opposed to the 30 or so people on here that think Jason should be unstoppable. But again it’s Gun media’s game So I guess that’s all that matters.
  9. Yes I’m basing it off quikplay, the majority of people play quikplay, not everyone has a bunch of people on the friends list playing this game and I have even fewer now, that’s how many of the games go on there and how I feel the balance should be based on.
  10. At some point you need to figure out the money you paid for the game or that anyone paid for the game should all mean the same they shouldn’t prioritize anybody’s opinion over the next person. It shouldn’t matter if they just “showed up” they could have been playing the game just as long as you and had no reason to complain until now, and why is everyone’s go to around here to say people who don’t agree are “trolls” you could just say you disagree like an adult.
  11. Yes I do remember, I also remember being new to the game and how hard it was and thats when all the Jason players were new. Now with a lot of players being max level especially when it’s the Jason player I rarely see any survivors even with max level councelors and can imagine how much this new update sucks for them. It’s really disappointing that they couldn’t even go through all the suggestions that were on this forum alone to buff Jason instead of just taking the lazy way which in my opinion is what they did.
  12. Shouldn’t it kinda matter what the players think, I hope “the team” isn’t opposed to changes simply because they like it and think it’s great. But it does seem more like that’s the case seeing as the 35 pages of suggestions that were on this forum alone got looked over for an easy fix for circle stunning Jason
  13. Counselors are escaping in droves, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Thank you for the laugh Almost invincible Jason, yes when he is in rage the shotgun, traps and the sweater are all that slow him down that’s seems almost invincible I’d say. All of what you say is an opinion everyone has one ours are just different on this topic. and @Risinggrave if you meant to quote my name in your post I have been playing since day one and have seen all of the changes.
  14. What was the counter balance giving to counselors last patch? And how was the almost invincible after rage and hitting multiple counselors at a time not a hard swing in one direction?
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