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  1. There are 2 sides to that coin...if the devs didn’t listen to all the whiners about getting beat up as Jason they wouldn’t have implemented it either
  2. So if that’s what they want why does it matter? You want the rage no stun on get in a lobby with that selection
  3. If the devs actually cared what anyone thought they would just put a toggle on quick play to turn on/off rage melee stuns then everyone could play the way the want @mattshotcha
  4. How many hits does it take to kill Jason when he’s blocking?
  5. All you have to do is kill them before that, . If someone think that’s a challenge they’re either not good or they have no common sense/knowledge about proper game balance.
  6. So people that don’t agree with you have no common sense? Guess you are right🙄, and if you haven’t noticed this forum isn’t the “majority of the player base” but I guess that takes common sense
  7. Well I think the thing is that “entire forum” doesn’t agree with you
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