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  1. Oh so now I’m a troll because I don’t agree with you? I think it’s fine the way it is that’s my opinion ,you have your opinion
  2. Ok tell it to gun media hopefully you and the other couple members here can get them to change it to your liking
  3. I see you disagree that’s cute, I believe this is what @mattshotcha was talking about when he said lots of people do voice their opinions here as to comments as useless as this.
  4. So basically you can’t show me the posts where I said these thing because you made it up? so because people are disagreeing with you about a mask point increase they are cry babies? But you are not? Ok nice logic You are giving us older gamers a bad name again killing Jason is a challenge to some people you can post all the clips you want and scream “one hit demask” till you are blue in the face
  5. I agree redo the rage buff 1st and foremost it’s killing the player base
  6. This is the point!!! There are FAR more “trash” players as you call them[i like to call them people with lives aside from playing Friday the 13th] you do realize there a WAY more players that don’t have accounts on a game forum then people who do and play all the time. and I’m sorry for the double post I’m not to sure how to put them together
  7. I think everyone is missing the point, I’m sure there far more clips of high level Jason’s mowing through lobby’s where he don’t get damasked or anything even close to being killed. The game is supposed to be balanced toward the WHOLE player base not just the vocal minority of players.
  8. Fun fact for you... when players are saying the opposite of what everyone else is seeing, chances are, they are full of shit. Being I am actually an honest person and just call it like I see it... there are more than enough people seeing the same things I am for me to know who is full of shit (not just on this platform)... I fully understand how situational everything is... but when some people are stating the polar opposite of what is actually happening consistently for so many... I tend to take the word of the honest few. There will always be more crybabies than not... and at this time in history, there are WAY more crybabies than every before. Some of these things they say I can see being consistent for some of these people IF every single match they have ever played was with lobbies full of do nothing and completely incompetent players... and they took absolutely no time to learn any other aspect of this game other than beating on Jason... and never even tried to use dodge... Then, and ONLY then... maybe... and if that is the case... and I am not part of the "git gud" community... but they need to git gud. Another fun fact for you... the rage buff made Jason even easier to kill. Reasons for this have been stated MANY times already so I won't bore you with more facts than you can handle. Many players just do not know this... and if they choose not to look into these things for themselves, then that is on them. After speaking with MANY players that came here to complain about the rage buff it was made clear by MANY of them that they were the ones using Jason as a piñata and wished for this behavior to continue... all of these conversations that happened on these forums are still there and easy to find... Listening to the people that were responsible for causing the issue that the buff was put into place to prevent is counter productive. Another fun fact... Matt also said in a recent stream that the rage buff is not going anywhere... But adjustments may yet be made. Face it, piñata parties are a thing of the past and are going to stay that way... If so many people think Jason is invulnerable in rage, then why do they insist on bringing it on quick by beating on him for shits and giggles?... Sounds to me like this is just the idiots that liked to use Jason as a piñata making the game more difficult for EVERYBODY ELSE that is still in the game. Indeed... and here are some more fun facts... just for you. It is MUCH harder to find honest people than it is to find people who are full of shit... dishonest people quickly become apparent through even a short conversation with a few simple questions about the subject.... And crybabies will be crybabies... Listening to crybabies is the wrong way to go... for ANYTHING. The devs vision of this game is simple.... ASYMETRICAL horror survival game... The killer is supposed to be overpowered, but the potential victims are just that... "Potential"... With the concept of an overpowered killer, the potential victims need to work together to survive, and not all of them will survive... in general. Sometimes, all of them will die... and other times all of them will escape... and everything in between. I think they were going with a 5 out of 8 as an average... If you understand how averages actually work... the number of games I have seen with Jason players getting zero kills alone would be enough to bring the average down to 6 even with all of these people saying every game they see is 8 of 8. There is no horror if no one is dying... There is no fear of a killer that is being used as a pinata for ANY length of time... There is no slasher in the slasher game if no one gets slashed... and very little fear of dying at all if 4 or more players are escaping in EVERY match... If you cannot do math... 4 is half of 8 of Jason's possible victims... and you can take four players out in one car. If there is zero concern for one's player, then how can it be a horror game?... People complaining about the rage buff are showing their brand new fear for Jason instead of their utter lack of fear AND respect for him. It did its job, whether others can see this or not. I just happen to like the whole "asymmetrical balance" thing... It is different. This game, like any other, is simply not for everyone... Players that cannot handle dying a lot in a game will not like this game, or the balance the devs are going for... and there is only one reason for that. We ALL die a lot in this game... some of us escape far more than others, but everyone manages to escape at some point... Out of ten matches you play... how many do you survive?... Take your next ten matches and keep track... and I will give you my own average. Yes, it was. Yes... you have said that... and you have also said in the past that you were one of the people using Jason as a piñata... and again... Why exactly should the opinions of the people that were the cause of the issue that the buff was put in to deal with matter at all?... Everyone knows exactly why they are complaining... and when you are complaining about anything put in place to prevent the behavior you are responsible for... you will find it falling on deaf ears... unless it is a fool doing the listening. Though I won’t post a novel on here as I have better things to do I do wish that you point me to even one instance that I remotely claim to have beat Jason silly all match.... I’ll wait..... and I’m not gonna argue with someone who seems to say everyone who doesn’t agree with his vison of the game is a troll or stupid, but please show me these post of mine where I circle beat Jason because for someone who claims FACTS all the time you sure are full of shit here. I got a fact for you not everyone agrees with you deal with it
  9. Here’s a direct quote from page 2 by Matt “It's not that we aren't listening, it's that we're trying to account for ALL of the player base, not just some of it. Do you honestly feel that the ENTIRE player base finds it too easy to kill Jason? Because we can show ten times as many reports from players saying he is unstoppable post-Rage.” So my numbers are pretty spot on I’d say
  10. I have said before that I think it could be tougher to kill Jason but I’ve also said the rage “buff” was the dumbest thing they have done to this game and 10 times more people complain about him being unstoppable after rage then they do about him being easy to Kill so that’s what should be addressed 1st
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