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  1. I never got a chance to comment in the last thread though I do love that fact of Matt called you and dontzzz for being babies, you guys dont speak for everyone ask much as you think you do
  2. Um have you happened to look at countries like Italy and the death toll there? I’d say it’s a bit worse the sars and h1n1
  3. Do you have proof of those numbers? Please post it when you have a min. Back to the topic that I was actually asking about @mattshotcha is it a possibility to have the “rage buff” removed as an option in private match so all the people that hate it can play and enjoy the game again?
  4. You sound like you speak for everyone, would you say that everyone likes it?
  5. You do know I meant as a private match option right, why does that bother you so much
  6. Ok I won’t I would hate to start sounding like you whining about how Easy the kill is
  7. Why is there no “disable rage buff” mode? Don’t want people to see how much better it was? For something that is considered 50/50 on the dislike to like ratio
  8. And here is on of the problems with today’s society, how the fuck is that harassment
  9. This is wrong, muting works both ways just like every game
  10. This is really a good idea, as much as I think the rage update ruined the game this would definitely make some people hate it less and stop people That play together from just beating their buddy into rage right off the bat(which let’s face it teamers seem to be in at least every other game anymore)
  11. Are you not the one who says you destroy and clear pretty well every lobby you are in? Or that you have died like 5 times total in the history of the game? Then say jason is to weak or easy to kill
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