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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyRqAweKa2c
  2. Premade policity is a big problem in this game! But i can‘t think of a solution for that, so i didn’t bring it to the table.
  3. @HuDawg This guy brings it on the point. But kicking System isn't required, since i think hosts will abuse it as "kick Jason if he kills me"
  4. English grammar and German grammar isn't the same. "you died" would be simple past, describing an Act, which has been completed. When you are finished with dying, the correct sentence is "you died", because you're dead. 100%. ^^
  5. Edited. I misunderstood what he was trying to say.
  6. Hey, thank you!! Sorry, but „Du überlebtest“ would be wrong. You would use the „Präteritum“ and the first form of past is not correct, because the second form of past is also considering the „tempus“ (or „tense“ if you ask google translator). Präteritum could be also used on the unfinished form of past. When Jason kills you, you are 100% dead. This is a finished form of past, so we have to use „perfekt“. Präteritum would be used for example: “Er lachte los“ (he started laughing) Someone who says this, could mean a person, who is still laughing at the moment where he said it. But if you say „Er hat losgelacht“ (He laughed) you mean, that someone was laughing, but is finished with laughing, then you have to use perfekt. So, when Jason kills you: „Du bist gestorben“ When you escaped and Jason has no Chance at all to be still able to kill you: „Du hast überlebt“
  7. Oh. I‘m playing on PS4, if that‘s important. Maybe there are more options for microtransactions on PC, i wouldnt know. But then please bring them to console, too. ^^
  8. I would like to see some more microtransactions options. Nothing like buying CP Points, Levels or other things, which would give me or someone an actual advantage in the game, but why not release some skins? The Skins for the councelors yet on PS4 are..well, personal, i dont like them. I already bought the kill options for Part 7 and Part 4 Jason. That would be anothet Option you could do. But it would be nice, if we can get some stuff to buy, like actually good skins for the counselors, maybe something with more coolness instead of funny skins, like bathsuits and Halloween costumes. Dont get me wrong, I‘m sure everyone would be pleased, if new Stuff would come for free and we can achieve it for playing the game. And that would be ok. But i want support you guys, but i dont want to spend money on skins, i dont want to have or something like that. I want to buy COSMETIC ONLY content, so i can get the feeling: „okay, they‘re doing stuff for us and we can support them for that in exchange“ you know? Like i said, you can do that also for free, but here is a customer, who is willing to spent money on the game. Just for your Information.
  9. Aha. So it's not just me, who have this problem. Thank you!
  10. Jesus Christ, sorry guys, but i have to make a whole Thread for this. I have so many Questions about this game. First of all, why isn't there a Host Migration System? I know, you made now some point-system, punishing players, who leave the game too early. But honestly, this isn't enough. If i get to play Jason and i kill the Host, he immediatly vanishes all of the game progress i made in this lobby, with leaving and preventing any player in the lobby to get anything he collected. Like XP or Pamela/Tommy Tapes. Why does Modern Warfare 2 (from 2009) got this level of technology and Fr13 from 2016 and 2 years of support doesn't have this? HOW THE **** do i become host of a lobby? There's no Option for "Host a public Lobby" or anything like that. Games, where i join in are hell. I have pings from maybe 100 to 300 and this is horrible to play with. Sometimes, when the game takes to long to find a lobby, the game just puts me into a lobby just for myself. I thought "Alright, now i have to wait for others, i guess". nope. nothing. After waiting half an hour, nobody joined and i highly doubt, that the lobby, where i'm located is public. I have a stable 100K Internet Connection, i pay very much money monthly to get the best internet i can get in my area, so i highly doubt, that i'm to bad for the role of the host. Ping: 8ms / Upload: 30,76 Mbps / Download: 46,99 Mbps (Connected to Bremen, Germany) Ping: 94ms / Upload: 23,84 Mbps / Download: 62,36 Mbps (Connected to Washington, DC) Why are we even using a host system on PlayStation? I pay good money every year to get the online servers, please don't tell me sony is charging you for the use of the servers! Just use them and then we have dedicated servers on PSN, the game will work perfectly, no lags, no nothing. Or Why isn't there a tutorial or any explanation of how you get to be the host of a game?! Just tell me please to make a public lobby of my own, so i don't have the problem of bad hosts. How do other people get host of a lobby? WHY are the most important part of the games those, which get the badest translation? I am a German player, i play this Game on german. The tutorial is perfectly translated. The Grammar is on point and no mistakes at all. And then i play the game, and when i die, or survive, or the game as jason is over, my screen is filled with this disgusting: "Du gestorben, Du überlebt, Du getötet 8/8" I understand, that in english it's probably: "you died, you survived, you killed 8/8" But why is the tutorial perfectly translated and in this important part, the grammar is just awful. And it's every game. After 53 levels it's not funny anymore to see this insult every time on my screen. For the sake of god: "Du BIST gestorben, Du HAST überlebt & Du HAST 8/8 getötet" or an alternative for the last: Spieler getötet: 8/8 (Players killed: 8/8) You just have to fix these Problems and the game will be perfect. At this point i am willing to even ignore the 80.000 bugs, which are in this game. Come on, the Bug report in this forum is a joke, just play the game for yourself, dear developer. In every third game, there is a major bug, destroying your game experience for a good minute at maximum. All in over the game feels inconstisted. The Car driving is a mess, bad controls regarding door's and windows, the list is endless, all of this i am willing to ignore, if you fix these three (or two) things. This is a great game, you made a lot of work. You can feel just how much love went into making this game and friday the 13th is the best multiplayer experience i got since overwatch. It would make me so sad to quit playing this game, just because host's are ruining this game or premate politics are just destroying the complete fairness of the game. But that's another problem i can't blame you for. I really love playing this game and i appreciate you still giving this game support and not just let it die, you made a masterpiece. But this can't keep going to be the general situation for everyone for a game, that exists 2 years. After 2 Years problems like this shouldn't exist anymore. Every other bug/Problem can be fixed afterwards, but this is really destroying the game.
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