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  1. Huh? I don't care about being banned, I already said that, but I do care about it showing on my profile, and I do care not having a properly answer for the reason I got banned. So, was Jason X released? Because a friend told me it wasn't and there are people using him. http://prntscr.com/jns2aa http://prntscr.com/jns48e If that's the case and it wasn't released how come they haven't been banned?
  2. What's the point of making a post right after another just attacking me? Do you feel better? Such a troll, aren't you? Am I playing dumb? You're just assuming I really exploited, anyway, I didn't and I'm fine, so whatever you say. Huh, what so? I made that before knowing this forum was a thing. Does it mean I care about it? I just thought it was likely to get answers here because of trolls there, but looks like here isn't any different.
  3. Yeah, I don't know if it'll work but I'm going to try and send them a video proof, as soon as my friend send me the video. But you're right, not paying another 40 bucks until they fix their shit. I wish it was a thing because there are a lot of people who exploited and abused this glitch for good and are still unpunished.While I did it only once and got banned. Lucky! Wow, I'm totally standing in a corner because I got banned, you don't have to hurt me even more, I'm so so so sad.
  4. Oh, that's true, I might be able to do it, a friend who was playing with me was streaming and he was dead by the time I tried to glitch, so he was watching me all the time. Can dead spectators hear what alive players talk? If they can, this friend has it recorded. How can I contact the devs?
  5. Could you please show me where, in the ToS, it says anything about glitching? There's this link, too: http://f13game.com/f13game-tou/ Honestly, I'm not proud of doing what I did, but it's not like I abused that glitch, I did it only once, I asked to be killed and that's it. Even though it's not a good thing to do, and, as you say, bannable, a permaban without a warning is overkill, I have barely played the game, I was still a new player, level 16. Did I say, at any moment, I didn't deserve a ban? You know, I could really have played like a dick and kept healing myself instead of asking Jason to kill me. Yeah, I got your point, I should've never done that, but I did and got stuck there unable to get out, I never intended on abusing it the whole time.
  6. Oh, I missed that, sorry, PC. There isn't anything mentioning glitching in the ToS: https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/2579854400752466921/
  7. No one would ever exploit that glitch if it was fixed, we aren't talking about a glitch that just happened to come with the last update, it's been there for months. I tried it once, I got pernabanned without even a warning. I'm neither, I did it out of curiosity, I did it only a single time, I even asked Jason to kill me. If they fixed their shit no one would be able to exploit a glitch.
  8. Damn awesome, honestly, I couldn't care less about being banned, what bothers me is being banned without knowing the reason. If glitching was the reason, I want them to, at least, tell me that was the reason. Glitching there was my fault, I'm not denying that, but fixing this kind of glitch is their job, and not doing this after 7 months shows how seriously they take their job. Again, I'm not even asking to have my ban removed, even though I'd like if it was removed. I exploited that glitch only once and got permabanned which is kinda harsh, but not having a single word from the devs about the reason isn't good, plus, having that ban on my steam profile isn't something I'd like to have.
  9. How am I supposed to know that was a bad thing? Everyone said that this glitch's been there since the map was released and looking even further Jarvis House map was released on October 13th, so It's been 7 months and it hasn't been patched yet
  10. I know, right! I saw a few dudes doing this and I tried it out myself, but what I didn't know was that once you get there you can't get out, Jason tried to grab me and didn't work, I asked him to kill me with throwing knives because a player said he'd report me. Jason did so and I didn't even try to do that again.
  11. I didn't cheat, the only thing I could possibly think was this: https://prnt.sc/jmsena Game.
  12. So, I'm not complaining, to begin with, I just want to know the reason since the warning message doesn't say anything.
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