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  1. Yeah or Tina Sheppard but i think programming her powers or Dukes dagger would be too much work for them
  2. yes I know quest6 although based on the Paul Holt campfire has sleeping bag kills a l some of the later movies. Just quest 3 that I cannot find a tie in.
  3. well I am pretty sure the ones I posted are based on those movie scenes. I mean you have Shelly, harpoon to eye, etc. One of the hidden objectives are even the wheelchair kill and another is called "revenge on Jenny" - clear allsuion to Jason getting hung by Chris (who looks like Jenny) at end of Part 3.
  4. HI all, [potential spoilers below[ I am loving the new challenges but having some trouble determining how all of them line up with the movies 1. Broken down - seems to be from Part V 2. Power Struggle - seems to be from Part III 3. Lights Out - I cannot figure this one out!!! 4. Stargazing - seems to be from Part III 5. Packanack Party - seems to be Part II 6. Snuggle by Fire - seems to be Part II 7. Strip Poker - seems to be Part I 8. Escaping - seems to be Part IV Have not attempted the final two. Is this more or less correct and what is number 3 based on?? thanks
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