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  1. gamer3000

    Bug problem

    I don't know wtf wrong with this game. When 2 harassing players, the last two tried to escape, my map bugged and couldn't do nothing to exit and they escaped with the car. Is that a cheat or fuck what? is it possible that happen just in a situation like that. They insulting me and escaped and couldn't do nothing cause the map bugged and couldn't exit.
  2. gamer3000

    Speed cheaters

    Hello, Please help me reports these 2 speed cheaters. They are crazy annoying laud at the voice microphone, even if I mute their voice they hacked you forced to listen to them putting music, screaming, talking loud. They used for sure speed cheat, when I was Jason. They really must be banned! please help me to report them! Thank you very much. You can look the screenshot!! thank you! [Omitted by moderators - No naming and shaming]
  3. gamer3000

    Game problems or cheats?

    Hello, it happened that as a Jason I went in front of a car running with the survivor inside and I had as a repulsion in the possibility to go in front of the car and block him. When I tried to lock the car with the teleport, my jason could not go in front of the car, and it trembled if I tried. It's really frustrating, I wonder if it's a mistake of the game, or it was a cheat. Thanks for an answer.
  4. gamer3000

    Graphic problem

    Hello, Can you please help me to figure out why under the light the hair of the characters are so unnaturally bright? It didn't happen before I decided with Trixx to overclock the voltage of my gpu to 124 mV. Even with stock clock and 0 mV I still have this problem. I updated the drivers, installed and reinstalled. Disinstalled and reinstalled the game too. Thank you for your help. Here the screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/V8hGCmD https://imgur.com/6CIcgXI https://imgur.com/a/V8hGCmD