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  1. In the keybindings menu, I can't keybind the up and down mouse wheel to anything. It seems to be stuck on the default key settings of "Previous small item", "Next small item". Is there anyway you keybinds you mouse wheel to anything else?
  2. All I want is for them to fix BASIC game-play issues. I mean. Were not getting high class bugs. Just standard, base game-play ability issues. Like simple interactions with items. Without the basics. Your GOING to go out of business.
  3. Not being able to interact with windows after hitting Jason. Suicide after leaving in car. Match ending early. Stuttering when killing counselor as Jason. These need to be fixed ASAP. How much money have they lost because they can't fix BASIC game-play issues?
  4. Try doing all that while being caught by Jason and you have to fight. It's a game breaking glitch. There's no way you can fight off Jason and escape to a house. What kind of people made this game man? I mean. I just can't believe the amount of amateurish glitches this game keeps having. These aren't the normal type of glitches either. These are like game-breaking...
  5. Well. I guess they didn't get rid of the glitch were you can't interact with windows. You have to swing to get out of it, so you can clime through. Of course it's game breaking. It happens when your fighting Jason. I think it might be a lag issue? The Jason had over 200 ping. It never happened before the update.
  6. I just got into the game after the patch. They've fixed the darkness issue! It still is dark. But not the "impossible to see dark" that it was before. I play on epic, and don't know if this has anything to do with it. Has anyone else noticed the lighting is better?
  7. Another thing I hate about rolling legendary perks. Is that they can be worse than the darn Epic Perk you have already! So on top of the time you spend rolling the perk. You get slapped in the face when you do get one.
  8. All these bug fixes are great! But the "shaky counselor" during death animations is one I wanted to see the most. Oh, well. It's the only one that's missing. Please fix that soon. Oh please.
  9. The reason you need to nerf Vanessa, isn't because of Vanessa. It's in the hands of an EXPERT Vanessa player, that she's overpowered. When you master hitting Jason and getting your stamina back. She is impossible to kill. SHE CAN ONLY BE KILLED BY AMBUSHING HER. Chad and Victoria are also is in this category. The Devs knew this. And they put the fear mechanic in to counter-act being able to run from Jason forever. But. Expert players have learned how to see through the fog, and not lose track of were Jason is. Players with high speed are also harder to shift-grab. Only shift-grabbing is not how you kill a high speed counselor. Counselors with 2 repair also need to be nerfed.
  10. 100% agree. They should take the stamina gain off hitting Jason. It makes games last 10 times longer running away.
  11. Basically. The way you roll perks now is just keep hitting space bar. Till you hit that .05% mark to see what you get. Does Gun Media know how lame it is rolling these Perks?
  12. Vanessa, Victoria and Chad are overpowered in experts hands in endgame situations. Characters with 2 repair can roll too easy of a repair roll. But they can't do a balance pass, because there busy trying to fix all the bugs. Adam and Jenny are the most balanced characters. But their for advanced players.
  13. Title says it all. This slot machine system they have implemented for rolling perks is just soooo repetitive and just not fun. ESPECIALLY when you have to roll 300K worth of perks. The tedious repetition is just mind blowing.
  14. Ive had the health spray bug since the patch. It can be game breaking. I'm surprised they didn't mention it here?
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