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  1. It was somewhere near the cabins behind the main lodge I think. I can't quite remember though.
  2. Yes, one time I was in a match where a Lachappa was OoB on top of rocks on Higgins. It caused the Jason to rage quit since he couldn't get to him. Another time a counselor was floating around mid fall animation, and another was floating around while sitting. One time while I was Tommy one minute I was standing at a campsite and the next thing I know I get shot into the middle of the water. Those were definitely just bugs but the Lachappa might have been exploiting.
  3. There's been times where trolls purposely put bear traps below windows on the inside of a cabin to kill someone. If trolls know it counts towards salt they'll probably do it more often. So I disagree, but I definitely agree with it counting as a kill for Jason.
  4. Rose

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but it's like an even worse version of rubber banding without the actual rubber banding part. Basically someone else was driving the 2 seater and I was in the passenger seat, she crashes into a fence trying to avoid Jason and we get out. I run to the main lodge ( on Higgins Haven ) and the 2 minutes run out and I live. Except I got a "YOU DIED" screen, I was the only one who "died", and it said I was skewered. I never teleported back to the car or anything. Didn't get xp for surviving either. Very unfair.
  5. I haven't played as long as most people here, I'm only level 32. I'm absolutely trash at this game lol, but it depends on the day. Sometimes it goes great, and I escape almost every single match. But the last 2 days have been pretty rough. I play with randoms since none of my friends play. I'm the worst Jason on planet Earth. I've only got him twice, first time I ever played I was chosen, and I only killed 3 people. Second time was my first time playing after the update because all of my stuff reset, only managed to kill 4 people. Today was the worst day I've had on this game. Barely managed to escape the few times I did. I've been ratted out from where I was hiding, sacrificed despite doing most of the work, spawned in a bad place and killed instantly then have to watch a Tommy hide in a tent for the rest of the match, etc. I always give the keys to someone else as I'm not confident in my driving skills, the only time I ever drove was once, but we all just ended up getting out and killing Jason instead. Playing with randoms sucks, but I still love the game even with it's problems. Anyways, my name is Rose and I'm a pretty big fan of the franchise. I wish I found this game sooner!