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  1. Hello ! When i play the Virtual Cabin and specialy when i go outside ( around the lake, cemetary etc... ) i notice that the framerate is very low. A big slowdown since the two previous update. It is possible to fix that issue please ? For information i play the game on Xbox system ( fat console ). I really hope that one day the game will be follow his roadmap again with new content. It's a great game and he deserve it so much. Thank you all , cheers
  2. Hello ! I would like to tell to the Dev. Team that i see an issue after this last patch. When i play " Virtual Cabin " especially going out of the house, the framerate is very, very low. I saw this problem playing the game on Xbox One system. Others players have seen this too ? Another one : Sometimes councelors disapears just after being killed in a fireplace. Thanks very much for reading and considering this and congratulations for this great game ❤️
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