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  1. My bets on a new glitch when the next patch comes out literally making your console/PC explode That or Jason is somehow able to use Dance emotes
  2. He used the little grey cells, no?
  3. There's a thread on this forum, can't quite remember the name, Millers response or something, where he basically lays plain that he was the one getting sued when he claimed his legal entitlement and seemed to hold no bones about the game itself. If someone less lazier than me can find the Link/Thread that'd be great Also, Tiffany(My Booty Waifu ❤️ ) is waaaay thicc'er than Jenny
  4. Tbh i just find it funny that GUN think they have any hope in hell of continuing in the gaming industry, i mean they did the smart thing and partnered up with another dev team(who managed to make a game with modest success, with no glitches) but do they really think people won't see their name and just think "Nah, don't fancy it" Dont get me wrong, they made fun game that i enjoy, but they have too many issues they've never bothered to deal with, communication and transparancy being the two biggest. They're more than happy to tweet about what ruddy film they're going to watch when they SHOULD be working or cherry pick questions from disgruntled people that suits them and answers very little, also never making much clear to the players and fans seems to have irked quite a lot of people. I mean, i've seen people with a big standing on this forum openly saying they'd go out of their way to turn people off of a GUN game becasue of all this,which in my opinion, they kind of deserve. It seems the more the silence goes on, and the broad genralised answers to questions keep coming, the less people care or the angrier they get. I'm just curious as to where this is all heading, GUN going around in ever decreasing circles until they disappear up their own diplomas or some such
  5. tpb1992

    How would you have designed the game?

    Well i'm not trying to say ALL side-characters/doomed characters are unlikeable, i do agree that Halloween has more consistant and better characterisation. I also agree with Myers having a spooky quality, more likely to just stand and stare at you to freak you out whereas Jason if he spotted you would likely march straight at you, though both are cerainly scary in their own way. I mean some Jason designs are more scary than others (Part 7 and 9) and if you saw them coming at you in the dead of night whilst you were walking in the woods you'd crap your pants, but i think Parts 3 and 4 have a spookier quality when they're being sly and sneaky, but then that get's into the arguement of Living Jason vs Undead Jason And i quite enjoy the debate between Myers and Voorhees, i like both FIlm Series and theres nothing like a friendly debate every now and then Tbh i never really got the feeling Jason enjoyed killing people, for him it was a job of work, he's doing it because he has to, for his mother and to protect his territory, though that doesn't mean i don't think he doesn't get some level of satisfaction when he manages to kill a particularly difficult or annoying person. I could see him getting satisfaction from killing Alice or those bikers from Part 3 and i always felt Jason was having fun toying with and beating Stephen from part 9 towards the end, that and i quite believe Jason himself has a sick or morbid sense of humour, i,e chopping off that guys dads head in Vs and just waiting until he noticed or when he scared the gang away in Manhatten by just lifting up his mask. But i do agree that you do feel for Jason when he gets killed/beaten at the end of a film, i mean sympathy doesn't excuse the brutal slaughter he commits but we, as viewers understand why he does what he does, like Ginny in part 2. From my experience, it entirely depends on what continuity a Halloween fan wants to follow, there are some that only accept the 1st film(and more than likely will accept the 2018 film when it's out) others that only accept the original and sequel, others that accept 1,2,4,5 and 6, others that only like 1,2 and H20 stuff and a few who like the Reboots. If you subscribe to only the 1st(and possibly 2018 sequel) Myers is a malevoelent being who appeared in Haddonfield one night to do what he did for the evulz and/or reasons we'll never know(which does make it a bit more frightening, some maniac trying to kill you and you don't know why) if you subscribe to 1st-6th films then Myers is likely an unwilling villain/killer doing it cus a curse makes him do it If you subscribe to 1,2 and H20 Myers is doing it to get the same sick thrill he got killing his older sister by killing his younger sister and anyone who gets in the way Point is it depends on the viewer and their preference. Also Myers commiting these evil acts doesn't necesarilly make him cooler, just eviler, you want to see him beaten, you want to see Laurie stab him in the eye or Loomis empty a whole revolver on him, you want to see Michael defeated, thats why it's so satisfying to see Loomis shoot him at the end of the first film or blow him up in the second, it's good triumphing over evil whereas with Jason there's a lot of mixed and complex feelings thrown into the mix, he isn't outright evil but he does do some horrible things. Not every F13 character is deserving of beeing throttled to death or have a Pig Splitter lodged in their face, as i'm sure yo know Also i'm just waiting for the Kodiak Instamatic Bear to burst into the topic and tell us off for going off topic
  6. tpb1992

    How would you have designed the game?

    Better off buying shiny new watches
  7. tpb1992

    How would you have designed the game?

    Whilst i agree Myers is more of an interesting horror experience, when it comes to the Halloween films i was never really interested in Michael, i was more interested in Dr. Loomis or Laurie or Danielle Harris' character. I feel Jason is more of a complex character than Myers. Micheal does what he does for the evulz, he gets his kicks from it. Normally thats fine for me, but it's more than like going to make me want to see Donald Pleasance levelling his revolver at Myers or beating the ever loving crap out of him with a plank of wood whilst having a heart attack or Laurie desperately fighting to survive. I kind of feel the"doing it for the evil kicks" is all Michael has as a character, he's more of a malevolent force of nature in a human body. Jason is either a Tragic Villain or an Anti-Villain, and for me thats more interesting even more so if he's Tragic as that creates a foil in Tommy who is arguably a Tragic Hero, two sides of the same coin so to speak. And at least there are clear things Jason will and won't do, it doesn't make him much better than Michael but it certainly adds more to his character whilst still keeping him firmly rooted in the role as Antagonist. Doesn't help most Friday the 13ths are full of un-likeable figures you would quite like to see Jason kill creatively, but hey ho thats the series staple. What i mean to say is, that whilst you might find yourself rooting occassionally for Jason to "axe that bitch in the face" or to give a certain undead dream killer a good thrashing, i can't quite see most fans of Halloween rooting for Michael to tear Laurie Strode to pieces, and even in the first film i never really felt the victims were unlikeable in any way, which i feel adds to the horror but not so much to Michael himself. I spose the TL;DR of what i'm saying is i prefer Jason as a character and whereas i like Michael as a foe to fight, for our Heroes to triumph against at all costs Also never cared much for Jumpscares it's quite cheap horror and doesn't work on multiple viewings when you know it's coming and as for chase music, F13 Part 4 has pretty damn good chase music though admittedly it's only in the one film. Also also, sorry for off topic, but Deathbat sums up my feelings on the topic quite succinctly!
  8. I gues there are people with entitlement on the board but i think a good few people were just hoping they'd had in all possible maps, some of us are just completionists that want everthing possible, it's almost a mental tic when you see that Part's 6-9 are in the game and they don't have their corresponding map. I mean i don't give a monkeys toss about Grendal or Uber, but i still wouldn't mind if they were there to add content to the game. I don't EXPECT the devs to do anything, i just hope that they would.
  9. tpb1992

    Future Content

    Nuuuuu, you have called down the wrath of the vengeful Kodiak Instagram Bear with Kung fu grip! He'll be here to munch on our giblets mark my words!!
  10. tpb1992

    Future Content

    Can YOU explain the Ui/Hud stuff to me? I'm genuinely curious! Also the 3 weeks QA/Testing would be laughable if it weren't insulting, given Wes himself clarified that they don't even test the Game with people, just simulations, before each patch!
  11. tpb1992

    Future Content

    I've never seen unseen kills for Part's 3,5,6,8 and 9 unless i haven't been looking in the right places! Tbh i think most people would buy them just to get more out of the game, i know i would anyway
  12. tpb1992

    Future Content

    That's something i've always been curious about, are the other Kills already in the game? if so, that's another thing for fans to cry out for even though GUN won't release them because they can't monetize them as kill packs.
  13. tpb1992

    Future Content

    Other than whatever the Ui/Hud stuff is(i'm ignorant on that and happy to be enlightened), most of what he said can be dealt with by simply using already exisiting music and SFX, but tbh considering the game itself is in an unfinished state(and what happened with Part 9) getting prissy over releasing unfinished content is quite hypocritcal, at least in my opinion.
  14. tpb1992

    Future Content

    I'm with @The Doctor here(Though the Completionist in me would have prefered Pre-Uber to be released Simultaneously with Uber or before for all the Jasons we could have), my opionion has been soured by the Devs, though i don't COMPLETELY subscribe to the views of the likes of Pappus and so on, i feel there was a level of incompetance at GUN or at the least, and more kinder view, they simply bit of more than they could chew with this IP
  15. More like 15 pages of us getting off topic and pissing around