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  1. Hey i agree with you, i always thought they would add Roy, i just thought they'd add him and tailor him to play as something distinct from Jason, but i personally can't see how the devs can make something unique out of Roy, i mean to kill him like the film is very situational, the only way you'd be able to do it would be if you just stayed in the area where the spikes or woodchipper would be and if the person playing as Jason doesn't want to be killed they'll just stay away( me, personally i'd have at them just to see if they get lucky and kill me, but most players seem to find it humiliating to be killed) But i agree with you, right now Roy is basically just Jason wearing a Roy skin rather than a unique option as killer, bearing in mind wasn't Mrs Voorhees supposed to have been a stretch goal for being apart of the game? if so,the devs were prepared to add someone as killer who's play style would be very different to even a living Jason, so it puzzles me they didn't seem to take the time to implement that with Roy.
  2. Depleting Roys health to kill him would just encourage players to gang up on the player playing as part 5, it would look hilarious to see all 7 counselors ganging up and constantly wailing on Roy but it would make him unplayable. I like the idea of new cinematics for specified Jasons though, sounds cool
  3. Ultimately isn't his having ownership or not of the copyright about money? I mean Miller has made clear his feelings on the franchise, so i don't believe it's because he's suddenly in love with everything thats been done since the 1st film. Just stimulating discussion here and genuinely curious,not looking to rabidly scream that miller should be splifflicated or anything
  4. That'd be great, i'm all for movie maps and releasing film characters and i think there are some creative way's to use Tina Shepard either by making her a regular councilor with good stats or a bona fide hero character that allows us to use her psychic powers but i think it could be a while before we get either. Still i'm all for it!
  5. Tbh i'd rather they just added ALL the Jason's from the films (as well as film maps)that they can before adding in new concepts ala Savini Jason, but given that there's really only Pre Uber and Uber Jason left i guess it's a moot point( a man can dream that one day they might just get the rights to include Vs and Remake Jason) although i have seen people ask for Hallucination Jason from Part 5. I would really like some new kills, not just unique weapon kills for certain Jason's but new Non-Weapon kills. As for killers other than Jason a.k.a other franchise Slasher Killers, nah, this is Friday the 13th, it's Jasons time to shine and tbh i agree with lazerus_86 multiple different franchise killers is Dead by Daylights niche, though they don't have much going in the creative kill department I'd also like to see the devs include new weapons, i mean Part 2 Jason wielded a Pitchfork for a good portion of the final act of his film and Part 3 killed at least two folk with a Pitchfork so new weapons that aren't specific to a certain Jason that you can swap out with a new set of unique kills would be cool
  6. Well i was kidding about Ralph! 😆 But everyone else still stands
  7. I'm with you on Ginny, she needs to be added and Amy Steel voicing again! There is also a plethora of other well liked and/or distinctive characters they could add, i mean we have Tina Shepard(either as a hero character with perks she can use similar to Jasons' Perk Wheel in regards to her psychic powers or as a regular councilor), Megan Garris, Eva Watanabe,Jessica or Diana Kimble(whichever fans would like most) Creighton Duke(could be a new Hero character like Tommy, either randomly switch whichever one gets called in or if a Voorhees residence map is made Duke comes in when called instead of Tommy) hell there are some people who really love Sheriff Garris cus of the beating he gives Undead Jason in Part 6. There's a veritable expanse of choice for film characters but Ginny needs to come first! But we have to agree who THE most powerful and game breaking character addition to the game would be....that's right......Crazy Ralph!