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  1. His new grab, looks really cool. I definitely feel it makes for really good shiftgrabbing now but when getting surrounded it's a nightmare as you can only grab in a straight line, and the animation of the grab lasts so long no kills even activate before a counselor breaks them free, another problem with the animation lasting too long is you're guaranteed to get hit by a counselor if you miss your grab as there's no counter. It's not only the grab though, I'm still enountering many glitches that have caused me to leave a game before the update that are still occuring now, but I'm forced to stay due to the stupid salt mines system, so many glitches give ya no choice but to just let Jason kill you like not being able to do anything but walk and run as a counselor, pocketknife stuns getting cancelled by a counselor hitting you free with a machete making the knife useless and Jason just immedietely re-grabs you and kills you, or constantly getting snatched back to the car where you're yards away from it when getting out because you're still standing at it on Jasons screen. This game is a clusterfuck of bugs and glitches and the developers are so far up their own arses to call us salty for being remotely irked and hesisitent to stay in a match due to this, also as a host, I've often crashed matches due to trolls running people over or helping Jason etc, are you just meant to let them ruin the fun then, you'd think they'd want you to crash matches like that, if anythings bugged me about the new update it's the salt mines.
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