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  1. Thanks for responding. I figured out what the problem is but do not know how to correct it. I am using a mouse plus my xbox controller. When I try to walk using the left joy stick, it stutters. (The keyboard works fine) I went into windows 10 and re-calibrated the controller with no luck. I tried it in steam and it made it worse. The controller by the way is new. Can you help me? By the way, when playing as Jason by myself, it works fine. Thanks, Ed
  2. When I play f13 game offline as Jason I am fine. (using steam) First time I went online I played as Jason, that was fine. However, when I go online as a counselor, I cannot seem to walk or run (it happens but very slow .....it seems to studder) and needless to say I cannot escape Jason. It is humiliating as everyone thinks I'm a dope! I am running windows 10 platform with xbox controller and mouse. Please Help!
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