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  1. Basically in widescreen, Everything becomes too close to the monitor . Causing headache.
  2. http://www.wsgf.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=32671&p=172388 good news. might worth to try.
  3. Dev . Hear us . Give us solution .
  4. Sundul gan
  5. And most games dont cut the top and bottom view and zoomed in the camera view so much. All of these problems solved by adding fov .
  6. Yea me too. All i see is counselors back in half of the screen.
  7. Super weird and gives headache.
  8. Wow that sucks so bad . No wonder some of my friendlist on steam not playing the game anymore.
  9. The update was actually good. Swapping weapons make the game more fun by using the favourite jason attribute and the kill anime we love. Thing is the FOV is now stuck. Its a deal breaker for widescreen users out there. We literally cant play anymore.
  10. Definitely yes. Millions of widescreen users have half of the screen filled of counselors body. Literally can’t play .
  11. Dev please make an official support for us 21:9 users. I’d definitely pay for it as a $100 DLC . Without it i literally can’t play. The screen was cut top and bottlm, and filled with counselors body almost half of the screen. And it zoom too much. Please give us fix. Thanks