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  1. I like the challenges and the looks that came from the new engine. First issue is the cutscenes can be skipped, but not too big of a issue i have. I always liked friday the 13th the game. I can say now that I honestly hate it. They ruined the way jason works for grabs and his hits are way to low now. Its not as easy to break a window anymore being jason part 5 anymore due to him swinging too low. His biggest issue i go back to us his new grabbing. His grabbing sucks and is very horrible now. Due to this makes me not even want to play the game anymore. The changes and ad ons are good they made to everything else. To me nothing was really wrong with jason and liked how he played and now he sucks. I dont even want to be him anymore and dont see myself even playing the game hardly at all anymore until that bull crap grab he has now is gone. I play this game every night and now I for sure will not play it every night anymore if any at all.
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