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  1. Nah. If I'm the last one, I'll do my best to survive the 20 minutes. If Jason is competent, he will kill me on a 1v1 easily.
  2. In January 29th, Shifty Samurai made a post about how they were going to be reducing the amount of weapons, knives and medsprays, though he left the exact numbers vague.
  3. If I'm working together woth more than my bullying specialized buddy, we're definitely going for a kill, as killing Jason will never ever get old :^)
  4. Remember the pocket knife nerf? Counselors had to learn to overcome it. They had to learn to stop relying on knives to survive. Same applies now. I'm glad for the nerf nowdays, a few months after the nerf, because it forced me to get better. Jasons will now have to do the same. Stop relying on the old grab, and learning the new one. Jasons will go back to getting all those cute 8/8s when they get used to the new grab. The patch is recent. Give it time, and it will get better, believe me.
  5. The "go back to the 12 knives" comment is out of context. I agree with having a small amount of knives. But if we're going back to the time where grabbing counselors was easy, then we need more pocket knifes. Buffing Jason and buffing Counselors at the same time. I like how the game is right now. It takes skill to grab them, but there is a small chance of them having a pocket knife if you do grab them.
  6. No. An average Jason should and still ends up with 6ish kills. And yes, we do need counselors running around and stunning Jason, because of the way the game was built. That is the only way to survive a direct confrotation. You meeting Jason should not mean you're dead. You should always have the possibility to outskill your oponent. Not being able to outskill your oponent is what makes someone too OP. Jason should be OP. But not that OP.
  7. For me, a Counselor win is a personal win. That means I trolled the Jason long enough for objectives to have been done. It's the only way I can have fun in this game.
  8. But again. Insta kill mechanics are extremely overpowered in games. In order to balance them, you need to make them hard to pull off. We don't need Jason grabbing counselors easily. If they make it so it's easy to grab survivors, then bring back the old pocket knife numbers. 12 per game! Because you're expected to get grabbed, so you need to balance it out so you can defend yourself from a Jason that can easily pull off such a powerful ability.
  9. "tHe DeVs DoNt CaRe AbOuT tHeIr OwN gAeM" You're doing a good job, Devs.
  10. You can easily catch the survivor in a swinging spree (especially if you're running +Weapon Damage) and kill them before they can heal. I've seen it done to both me and other counselors.
  11. I don't think so. No insta-kill mechanics should be easy to pull off. NONE. Because if they are, it's no fun for the one in the receiving end of it. (I'm being so hypocritical here lol)
  12. The grab should've always been like it is now. It's an insta-kill mechanic. It should be (and finally is) high risk/high reward. Grabbing should not be something you can easily get. Even if everyone complains about it, slashing is a viable technique. Grabbing shouldn't be something you do constantly. You shouldn't be able to spam it. You shouldn't be able to miss it in order to bait counselors. The grab is now something you can't always pull off unless you're very good. I recommend slashing. Doesn't matter if you don't like it, as it now is the only low risk option in your arsenal. The grab shouldn't be buffed, because it's powerful results should not be easy to accomplish, and that is a thing I feel a lot of people don't understand.
  13. AJ was the whore, while Deb is the true pure girl. And besides, it's obvious that AJ is a dev favorite, even if she's one of the weakest counselors when it comes to stats-
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