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  1. I can't find a match anymore in Northeast US except 1-2 other people. This was actually starting up as a problem a few days before the patch but it went over the deep end since. I give up. Whoever is doing this wins. I will just move on to other games for a while, if I can ever play again, fine, if not oh well. No game is worth this frustration and this has to be the most frustrating game I've played in 30 plus years as a gamer.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing this problem on PS4? I have been trying to 15 minutes to find a lobby, it almost never took longer than 1. This seems to have started since the game went free, I assume our new dedicated servers are overloaded with players or something but wondering if I am alone in this problem
  3. I think the problem comes down to what it's been all along, this was simply too big a project for Gun. When it was envisioned as a tribute slasher game with no in movie characters, they could have handled that but it became too big and see that again, servers doing whatever because of large numbers of new players. They just can't handle their own game, try as they might
  4. So far unable to join a lobby. I literally can't play the game online any more. What the heck happened?
  5. Kind of unrelated but NECA's part 2 deluxe Jason is arriving in stores and this is most definitely not January or June. I asked them and they said the suit had no impact on that merchandise.
  6. I have the game on PS4. Recently while playing a game I got a network connection timed out and when I returned to the main screen I was back to level 1. Reset the system, data back, but happened twice. My internet has been off today so likely that is it but is there any way to back up my data?
  7. So I am playing tonight with a party of 6 and search for Jason's cabin. Find it and here's there but not moving. Put on the sweater and grab the ax. I find some fellow players who are either dumb, stoned or both and cannot understand a simple direction like put down your axes, get in this ready to go car and two of you leave (I also called Tommy) so we can get a kill and end the session early. None of them can even figure out how to drive (wearing a sweater, I can't) and instead only succeed in running two people over before time runs out. Sometimes Jason should just stay in bed.
  8. I have seen more glitches tonight than in the 2 weeks I have been playing. Among them, while watching Jason chase Tommy, I see a second Tommy just standing at one of his usual entrance places. Jason comes over, hacks him a few times I think to make sure he's real, then grab kill as no one "was" that Tommy. Then the game ends just like that with the real Tommy running away but time left. Then we get that Tommy is alive but the fake Tommy kill is added to the number of kills which no longer match the people alive or dead. I have to say, this is entertaining in a strange way.
  9. Amusing I was playing as VII Jason against some bots, had one by the neck and just before the kill Tommy blew their head off with the shotgun. I guess that's one way to ruin Jason's perfect score.
  10. So I just bought the game and have been playing with bots and have a basic dumb question I could not find after searching online. So I figured out how to upgrade Jason and buy more kills. Is there any other sort of upgrades for Jason? Are there upgrades for the counselors and if so how do I buy them once I have the points? Also, how do I select any other counselor but the default first one in the customize menu? Is it possible to alter counselor stats and such?
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