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  1. I'm not the only person who mentioned it being unnecessary for you to offer anything other then help.. your color commentary isn't necessary using words like "realistic" and "less hyperbolic" proves my point. you're being problematic...go deal with something that pertains to you and stop hounding people on the boards with a fine tooth comb...let it end here and like I said before.. stop writing on things that pertain to me...pretty sure it says "harassment won't be tolreated"
  2. i've tried everything suggested and listed.... it's simply my account... it's a bug that happened after the update.. they've addressed such issues before and I'm not the only person this effected..I'm just one of the FEW that stuck around in hopes of getting at least what I paid for. a working game that I can communicated with the players because 95 percent of the game is communication and teamwork based... I shouldn't have to grind to get back my max lvl and my achievements and character content on a new account so my mic can work.
  3. I'm an xbox user and I've purchased two new mics, both different types, uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I even have a second controller that I used and it still wouldn't work. My friend logged into there account from my same xbox, used my same mic and my same controller and everyone could hear them in game... it's my account specifically... what's so messed up is that I've submitted over 20 tickets over the last 3 months with no reply and I actually bought a hard copy before the release... I feel slighted
  4. I've been complaining about mic not working in game chat for 4 months and still no resolve
  5. completely reset the xbox to factory settings including game downloads... new controller... new mic... re-download of Friday... different account on live & I still can't voice communicate this bug is the definition of HIV/AIDS!!!
  6. people like you are the problem... there are real issues happening within the game and you bring up this nonsense...go into video settings and adjust the gamma
  7. I hope they make the voice chat issues a priority. some of the other bugs seem minor in comparison
  8. Ran Into 5 users now who can't get mic to work in game chat for the xbox one.. wtf
  9. same exact issue... why isn't this being made a priority???? I could care less about item glitches or Jason's new grab... I just wanna play the damn game the way it was intended to be played and that's with communication. it's frustrating that my mic has never glitched out UNTIL I downloaded the update and now I'm removed from every single lobby because my mic lights up but doesn't pick up what I've said
  10. same! my game always crashes on the first and sometimes second launch... I was assuming the crashing is what caused my game chat audio to disappear but I crash so much you would think at some point it would have restored itself... I see people complaining about "skins" or not being able to pick up a med spray... meanwhile some of us can't even enjoy the game we paid full price for
  11. my xbox account is bugged and I'm now forced to restart over with a new account.. since the update my game chat hasn't worked... I've deleted the game from my xbox...purchased a new mic and a new controller and removed my profile from my xbox... nothing has worked... it's complete bullshit that this update has caused my Friday account to glitch out and all of my hard work since the games release amounts to nothing
  12. the fact that you find it necessary to clarify that says a lot about you. my point still remains.... your COMMUNICATION IS F'D UP and instead of being a smarty pants you should be happy someone else is reporting the COMMUNICATION issues as well
  13. they are the exact same...you can't communicate properly during gameplay
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