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  1. That's actually pretty impressive. Particularly the fact you also have all the tapes. I'm not sure what to say.. well done?
  2. The mechanics are the game are extremely delicate. The game is balanced enough as it is now. Medic should say. More focus should be given to making a new stat.
  3. How can you escape virtually? They'd have to make it like the film or put a spaceship there.
  4. I hope we can escape from space in the typical blue car fashion.
  5. Is Grendel actually confirmed though? For when? Also when is Jason X (the worst kept secret ever) coming out?
  6. It's a great idea though. They should continue with it. The game's good but can become repeitive, a new game mode like paranoia would be massively popular.
  7. This has been on the backburner for like, 6 months now. Is it still happening? Yuge potential devs, yuge.
  8. It's never been this biased before. I wasn't exaggerating. Every match = CL
  9. Every game I have played where the map was set to random today has been Crystal Lake.. Anyone else having this problem?
  10. Why not let us design our own characters? It could be an unlockable feature or released as a paid DLC
  11. Bad news - none of those solutions worked. Even after my second time reinstalling. Good news - I found a fix. I plugged a headset in and it works, but only on headset. I still can't get chat voices via stereo like pre update (definitely a bug related update feature) but at least now it works in some form.
  12. Probably not. There won't be a big revival in terms of the film franchise. They were having problems trying to reinvent in the early 2000s, they even put Jason in space it was that bad.
  13. Yeah it's always the noobs who do this. After you get the perks/lvl you want. It actually becomes pretty funny. Now if someone is blocking me, I'll just run them over. There isn't an alternative.
  14. It's weird. You always get sad people like this on these forums who try to troll.
  15. Can't be chat banned - I've never used it via mic. I actually thought this might be a salt mine issue, but it's not. I'm using a wireless controller. I don't tend to switch profiles etc - but really this shouldn't be an issue. Nothing like this happened pre update. I'll keep trying when I've redownloaded the game. If I can get a fix, I'll genuinely give people who've tried to help savini. I bet you can't
  16. Yeah I don't have push/to X - I also don't use mic. It's purely receiving game chat audio. Ok ty
  17. I've fondled the voice chat settings many times. I get every sound possible apart from proximity chat voices. I can see they're talking (on my screen the voice icon activates) yet there are no sounds. If I may ask what are your audio settings?
  18. I'll do this with one of my other XB accounts. I've deleted it (game and data) and reinstall it should have the same effect?
  19. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled. I have the option of deleting my saved data, but obviously I'm not going to do that because it would delete my save.
  20. In general though, there is no hype over legendary perks. The added reward is not a massive incentive to keep one motivated to earn CP and roll the dice. It's not even proprotionate to the increase between tiers such as Common>Uncommon etc. Really badly done.
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