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  1. Friendly hamburger

    So when can we expect...

    Horror inc filed an appeal so the lawsuit continues
  2. Friendly hamburger

    Known Issues for 5/24 Update

    Atleast you guys pay attention
  3. You can basically find his dll file or share it if you have and let people know you shared it and bam everyone has savini which is a shame it was backer exclusive i don't have him but wouldn't steal him
  4. According to my friends screen i own a part 2 savini jason mix with aj mason's halloween dlc pants
  5. I knew this would happen when the update finished downloading on my ps4 i immediately checked the jason room in virtual cabin and uber jason looked more complete compared to the last update but his machete was still the normal machete
  6. These screenshots aren't mine the person that took these screenshots told it to shiftysamurai on twitter but i still think it needs to be posted here as well
  7. Uber jason is a playable bug on pc right now