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  1. Hello. Friday the 13th game is currently my favourite game. However just today I have been in around seven rounds were numerous people have been abusing and ruining it for others. Gun Media have a rule in their code of conduct saying no councilors are allowed to team up with jason to betray other councilors. It is a permanent bannable thing to do in a quick play lobby. I have countessly have video evidence of this and abuse over mesaaging saying we dont like people like you trying to play the game. I have consistantly reported these people on separate but multiple times. Nothing has been done as they are still playing the game. Gun media has its own report system, but i dont know how i can upload my video evidence to mircosoft edge. Can someone help me to get this done please? I have an xbox no pc. Can anyone instruct me please on how to upload my video evidence to show you to this thread please.
  2. Hello, i am so angry i threw my controller aross the room. I'm decently skilled player at the game. However im sick and tired on these BUGS. I'm furrious at you Gun Media, everytime I die because of a bug for example: - Certain buttons glitching out like the a button and not working at all. ITS BEEN THERE SINCE LAUNCH! It still hasn't been fixed. - Getting out of vericles when Jason is near me. I run away after getting out with a safe amount of time and distance only to be teleported back to the vericle for Jason to get a free kill. This one has been a bug before this patch, but has got even worse since this patch. - Having to activate first aid spray three times before they actually heal me.
  3. yes I agree, im just angry the fact that Gun Media listens to a few players who have an a issue with something in the game like door combat. When thoose players dont see common sense physics and get Gun Media to implement it by complaining about it in the wrong way.
  4. I said we need it where you can hit through the hole, not through solid wood. Your not listening to the wording Admiral. Gun Media have changed it in the wrong way.
  5. Bandit got it, im bad with remembering names. But my point still stands, this update changing the door combat is a wrong step in the way its been executed.
  6. Cool update i have 602,000 cp to spend on some perk. However I think its a big mistake changing the doorway combat situation in the way you have done. Im saying that the players who complained about it are likely the ones that aren't good Jason players. If a door has a hole in it while Jason is chopping it down, its more better the you can hit through the hole in the door as a councilor. The throwing knifes should be fixed so that they can go through the holes of doors. Throwing knifes get stuck on a invisible barrier on the door which is weird. As well you might at well take half the weapons out of the maps if you have already decided to change the door combat. Before this update the door combat is not one sided in favour of councilors. I have no problem with the door combat even against other level 150 players who know how to play the game. The players who complained about this door combat are silly. In Friday the 13th part 4 throws a weapon through the guest house killing the councilor we are going to call Victoria in the game.
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