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  1. Actually repair is more overpowered for low repaired stat councelors. If that Vanessa is one skill check away when the mess up they can still easily get the part in quickly. Jason could've already used shift just before the mess up is heard and the morph quite often in favour for the councelor. If less time to the end of the repair is less time for Jason to close them down. I have tested this tons of times, with the timing in high tier lobbies and got the part in and survived. Also when all good repair councelors die quickly from a good player playing as Jason. Especially when there can only be 4 to 5 skill checks for that Vanessa. I also think that 99% of the time is inaccurate, I have repaired and seen lots other experienced players as a Vanessa etc, repair the entire car and boat without messing up once. Including no choice situations. So assuming that councelor will make a mess up is an underestimation. I have also seen people being suprised by this and wanting to be friends for that reason. Theres also another window at the very start of the game where a less than 2 minuite escape is possable in high teir game, its been done on both Crystal Lake and Packanack. Even with a very good Jason because the Jason abilities at that time. Combined with knowledge of spawn places, timing it right with Jason's abilities and other reasons.
  2. Im talking about making it a standard, (making the game moreof a challenge) fighting competition not knowing your competition is harder than knowing who you are up against when it comes by. Information is power. Its like a fight, the more you know about someone else, the easier it is too find a way to win. The unkown is more challenging often. Plus I dont really care for tournaments, I've been top five in the world in another game and not bothered about it. but at the the end of the day the game for councelors needs to be more challenging in different ways. How many times has someone boasted this that or the other when competing in competitive sports including gaming only to be blasted away by someone better and previously unkown before. Then everyone flocks to observe and check on how this person plays the game to better their skills. Plus im not on Playstation anyways.
  3. I play solo and have done during this game, when I find myself in lobbies with parties of people. They allways go for the person they dont know first and team me as a councelor. Last night I had time to play only two rounds. The first was Higgens Small. Two level 150s in a clan Jason councelor tag team.
  4. @Somethin CoolYour all over the place, no need to be agressive towards me. My point is the whole balancing needs an overhaul. The gameplay isn't representitive at the momment of the origonal concept of making surviving rewarding. Every game Its to easy to survive and its boring, no challenge often. I want to die more from Jason as a councelor, I like challenges and at the momment their ins't enough frrom Jason. I probably die more by other councelors trying running me over with the car. That doesn't make you less skilled, it actually means more skilled at the game. Your clearly dont read posts properly. a) You make arrogant assumptions about me. People have difderent opinions about things, but theres no need to insult them to try to gain domanace. By labelling in your post at the bottom 100% agreed. Also you say im one of three options trying to label people, in fact they are all wrong. No one is allways correct on opinions. To be straight, if I was a moderator on this forum and you said that last section of your post to me. You would convince me to ban you. b) Your techniqual breakdown of my suggestions and opinions is incorrect of what im trying to say on certain points. You jumped to conclusions. c) You jump too conclusions about peoples skill who you haven't even played a game with, your certainly agressive. As for the techniqual points. • I never said stalk without sense, stalk earlier but obviously not before sense. Just more time to use the ability. • If repairs take longer, but killing Jason is harder. People will more often go for the easiet win option as killing Jason would be a much bigger risk. High risk high reward. Jason is supposed to hunt not get surrounded by every councilor in alot of different lobbies the majority of rounds played. Im suggesting this needs breaking down somehow. • As for the specific mechanics on sense I disagree with you on the effects of changing it. @Slasher_Clone. a) The only nerf on sense in my opinion is seing cabins red at the start of a round. b) When councelors are red outside its easier to close in the for the kill. The colour red is naturally the strongest colour other the tones black and white for the human brain to process and think. Therefore having it so earlier in the round is with the power on is too powerfull. c) Movement circle are in my opinion less reliable that the red during sense. Jason gets stronger later in the round, it makes sense that the strongest aspects of sense appear more later on more than it is already. d) It makes power boxes more important for both Jason and councelors. • For repairs being longer would be better. It would discourage players with councelors with bad repairs stats from repairing as often. The repair ratio for Vanessa is ridicolous given her repair is a 2 as an example, its too quick with only four to five skill checks if done right. Same some other councilors with bad repair. As for the good repair councelors its fine now the way it is, but the like I said the repair ratio compared with the repair stats of each councelor needs changing. a) Councelors with bad repair will be the decoy more often and Jason need to remember to keep an eye out more for diversions and when being distracted chasing someone. b) Aslo it will make hiding more important to ninja in the the car parts etc. c) If a trap if is by the car for example, it will make it better for decoy councelors to lead Jason away from the car while a stealthy/repair councelors ninjas in the part. When coming out from hiding. d) Item sharing will be more important. Say the Vanessa sets off a trap by the car but is hurt by it and doesn't have a spray on inventory to heal. The stealthy/repair councelor does. Then for example the Deborah would be more inclined to give the spray before setting off the trap and alerting Jason. • Forcing people into game chat would be better for Xbox One, Playstation and PC. a) People would be more carefull in planning team killing as they will be overheard by others in the lobby. b) Even if its not possable on every platform, the more game chat is used the better the experience. c) Its been done before on other games.
  5. •Jason gets stalk earlier. •It makes sense that when Jason gets rage, thats when he can only see people it red. •The first half of the round when Jason has sense you only see movement circles. •If the lights are on then cabins aren't red during sense in the first half of the round. •Increase slightly the detection circles in the first half of round during sense only. •Then decrease movement circles during rage. But cabins in red during rage stay the same. For councelors. •All repairs take much longer. Keeping the same ratio between councelors with good repair with the ones with bad repair skills. Incourages teamwork and more strategy. Also making councelor selection more important to consider. So the whole lobby is less of a spam of everyone being nearly the same type of characters. Everyone has more responsability for their councelor skills. •If a councilor kills another councelor with the front of the car it stalls the engine and the car needs to be started again. • Also private party chat disabled, forced into game chat.
  6. At the momment most rounds in where all people do is try and kill Jason. There is often no other tactic of surviving that councelors use. When playing as Jason its annoying nearly every lobby is trying just trying to kill Jason. People will say, thats just the Jason playing bad. I never die when playing as Jason, but the games mechanics are still unbalanced. I love the unstunnable Jason in rage mode at the momment, its awesome. Jason still needs buffing however. The whole origonal idea of it being extremely hard to kill Jason is nott present in the game. I want to suggest a few changes that should correct this. •Atleast increase the total hit point pool of each Jason by 50% to 75%. •Increase 10% to 20% to stun resisstance to each Jason for the whole round. Also while keeping each strength and weaknesses of each Jason. In return for councelors. •Nerf sense abillity so Jason doesn't just kill everyone in four minuites. But obviously keeping sense better for Jasons with sense as a strength. There are far too many people as councelors running around thinking they are good when they are not. I dont die over 90% of the time as a counselor and its completely boring. Whatever happened to the whole idea surviving the round as a councelor was rewarding. I want it to be a fight for life at the momment as a councelor even more. •Maybe even make hardcore quick play mode where every Jason is buffed up to give betrer players as councelors a challenge for once. I know which one I would choose if their was an option between quick play and hardcore quick play. I would choose hardcore quick play even if I was a councelor.
  7. Hello. Friday the 13th game is currently my favourite game. However just today I have been in around seven rounds were numerous people have been abusing and ruining it for others. Gun Media have a rule in their code of conduct saying no councilors are allowed to team up with jason to betray other councilors. It is a permanent bannable thing to do in a quick play lobby. I have countessly have video evidence of this and abuse over mesaaging saying we dont like people like you trying to play the game. I have consistantly reported these people on separate but multiple times. Nothing has been done as they are still playing the game. Gun media has its own report system, but i dont know how i can upload my video evidence to mircosoft edge. Can someone help me to get this done please? I have an xbox no pc. Can anyone instruct me please on how to upload my video evidence to show you to this thread please.
  8. Hello, i am so angry i threw my controller aross the room. I'm decently skilled player at the game. However im sick and tired on these BUGS. I'm furrious at you Gun Media, everytime I die because of a bug for example: - Certain buttons glitching out like the a button and not working at all. ITS BEEN THERE SINCE LAUNCH! It still hasn't been fixed. - Getting out of vericles when Jason is near me. I run away after getting out with a safe amount of time and distance only to be teleported back to the vericle for Jason to get a free kill. This one has been a bug before this patch, but has got even worse since this patch. - Having to activate first aid spray three times before they actually heal me.
  9. yes I agree, im just angry the fact that Gun Media listens to a few players who have an a issue with something in the game like door combat. When thoose players dont see common sense physics and get Gun Media to implement it by complaining about it in the wrong way.
  10. I said we need it where you can hit through the hole, not through solid wood. Your not listening to the wording Admiral. Gun Media have changed it in the wrong way.
  11. Bandit got it, im bad with remembering names. But my point still stands, this update changing the door combat is a wrong step in the way its been executed.
  12. Cool update i have 602,000 cp to spend on some perk. However I think its a big mistake changing the doorway combat situation in the way you have done. Im saying that the players who complained about it are likely the ones that aren't good Jason players. If a door has a hole in it while Jason is chopping it down, its more better the you can hit through the hole in the door as a councilor. The throwing knifes should be fixed so that they can go through the holes of doors. Throwing knifes get stuck on a invisible barrier on the door which is weird. As well you might at well take half the weapons out of the maps if you have already decided to change the door combat. Before this update the door combat is not one sided in favour of councilors. I have no problem with the door combat even against other level 150 players who know how to play the game. The players who complained about this door combat are silly. In Friday the 13th part 4 throws a weapon through the guest house killing the councilor we are going to call Victoria in the game.
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